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  • Hardly among Penthouse's top directors, Cisco Lamessi phoned in this ho- hum exercise in outdoor sex, seemingly improvised and far worse than the typical time-killer from the label. Its major departure from form is the lack of name talent in the female cast, compared to Penthouse's usually starry firmament.

    Top-heavy segment comes late, with the uber-fleshy pair of Bridgette B. and Kelly Devine uniting to service MILF-bait supreme Dane Cross, his oddball earrings and all, when the fool goes camping in territory reserved as a nudist trail. The sexy femme campers object and quickly strip the lad before tag-teaming him into submission, in this case a thorough exercise in anal sex, big-butt Devine's specialty but a form in which BB proves to be no slouch. Devine's deep-throating is also impressive.

    The rest of the 5-vignetter is forgettable, with lovely Kiara Diane unable to save a sinking ship as she doffs her cowboy hat to service Justin Magnum. Her scene, and others, have almost no set-up: just putting a couple of Adult Industry sex workers together and letting them hump to fruition.

    One attempt at creativity falls flat, as Evan Stone in his shoulder- length hair period rides up on a horse, dismounts and makes love by a tree to blonde damsel Briana Blair. I though this might be a period piece taking us back to an age of chivalry, but it's merely generic sex, as pointless as the rest.