• WARNING: Spoilers

    (Synopsis is exclusive to main story line; no side quests, sub plots, etc. are elaborated in detail. (Spoilers) After a courier (you) is stopped on the way to deliver a package of a "platinum chip" to the new Vegas strip is shot in the head and buried at "goodsprings cemetery" by a group of "Great kahns" and a man in a checkered suit (Benny) who made a deal to use them to help him. A robot known as "Victor" from nearby town of goodsprings has found you and dug you up and brought you to the towns doctor "doc Mitchel". The game starts when the player awakes and the doctor examines you and the player assigns perks skills and doc tells you to talk to "sunny smiles" at the saloon because she may help get you started. The player makes their way there and she proceeds to do a (optional) tutorial. After she tells you to be sure to introduce yourself to "Trudy" the saloon owner. When arriving back a man named "Joe Cobb" from the "powder gangers" threatens Trudy to hand over a man named "Ringo" that they want but that goodsprings have been protecting (this goes into side plot). Trudy later tells player the kahns and man in checkered suit (Benny) were last seen headed south to nearby town of "primm". When player arrives to primm player is warned by n.c.r. solider of the ex-convicts that have taken over the town. The player goes to the Vicki and Vance casino and talks to the owner of "mojave express" that you worked a courier for. Quest to rescue the towns "deputy beagle" from the ex-convicts and restore primms government by n.c.r. support, an ex-sheriff, or robot. Player is then told that the men who shot him said they were going to "Novac" through "Nipton". When crossing through nipton player is introduced to the legion who burned the town town full of bad people and cheaters down. When arriving in novac the player is directed to "Manny Vargas" who is in the "dinosaur" tower keeping watch over the way and agrees to have the player help them handle their ghoul problem at a nearby rocket facility (sub plot) in exchange for information on where the men who shot the player went. After he directs the player to "Boulder city" where they were headed. When arriving in Boulder city n.c.r. solders are outside with news that 2 officials are being held inside captive inside by Great kahns. When going in player discovers the great kahns were the ones who were in a deal with "Benny" (the man in checkered suit). They explain how he cheated them and now they were stuck in boulder city by n.c.r. They tell you to seek vengeance on Benny and he went to "The tops casino" on the "New Vegas strip". (Continues in sub plot where player chooses for n.c.r. to fight kahns in or kahns fight n.c.r. out or peaceful agreement). When arriving on the new Vegas strip the player first runs into "Victor" (the robot that dug you out of the grave(after couple other random encounters before) and he tells you "Mr.House" his leader (and leader of new Vegas) wants to see you at the "Lucky 38". Mr.house orders you to get the "platinum chip" back from Benny. When arriving at "The tops casino" (which can be before or after talking to Mr. House) the player confronts Benny and has a variety of actions to choose to get the platinum chip back. Upon leaving player is confronted by a messenger from the legion who says "Caesar" (the leader of the legion) want to see him as well as a n.c.r. messenger who tells player an n.c.r. general wants to see player. The plot from here vary from choices and descions player makes. From here the platinum chip is a tool and there is 4 main sides to choose the fate of new Vegas. "Mr.house", "N.c.r.", "Legion", and "self rule/independent Vegas". Several other quests are played based on which one player chooses. Which eventually leads to the battle of hoover dam where the player fights the n.c.r. and/or legion. Afterwards the game is completed and the fate of new Vegas is explained in ending cut scene depending on choices and actions done by player there are a near endless amount of different combinations.