Brad Sterling: [Laura pointing gun behind him] You're supposed to be on a plane.

Laura Colton: [terrified] Step away from the safe!

Brad Sterling: [stands up; turns to look sideways at her] You even know how to use that thing?

Laura Colton: Do you wanna find out?

Brad Sterling: Easy, now. We don't want anyone getting hurt.

Laura Colton: [breathless] Move!

Brad Sterling: Let me ask you something. What has your father ever done for you?

Laura Colton: What the hell does this have to do with my father?

Brad Sterling: Oh, come on. I've seen the way he treats you and Tia. And Catherine. Please. She's a prop. Something to make him look good at parties.

Laura Colton: Why did I ever believe you loved me?

Brad Sterling: I do. Laura, why do you think I'm doing this? It's for us!

Laura Colton: You're pathetic! First, I - I mean, I know you were gonna leave but to steal from my family!

Brad Sterling: Steal? That's almost funny. You think this is any different from how your father made his money? He stole it just as easily as I have.

Laura Colton: Shut up!

[as she is distracted talking, he knocks Laura to ground]

Laura Colton: Ow!

Brad Sterling: [knocks something] Damn it!

[puts side of gun against face, turns to her]

Brad Sterling: You could have killed me. You couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? What am I gonna do? I can't let you live.

[kneels down to her]

Brad Sterling: It's just a shame.

[begins to thumb her cheek]

Brad Sterling: 'Cause for a moment there, I really thought there was something between us.

[stands; points gun but she digs his drill into his leg, making him yell in pain. She gets up and runs upstairs and he limps after her]

Brad Sterling: Where are you going, Laura?

[heads up the stairs]

Brad Sterling: You know, with your money, and my brains, we coulda made a hell of a team. We can still do it, you know. Laura? Laurrraa.

[she hides in the bathroom as he goes through hallway with the gun looking in rooms]

Brad Sterling: It's okay to come out, you know. You don't have to be afraid, Laura. You know I was just trying to scare you, right?

[slight laughter in words]

Brad Sterling: Come on. I could never kill you. Baby, I love you. Laura? Laurraaa? Laura?

[with readied gun, looks in what he thinks is a closed door; yells and takes out linens]

Brad Sterling: It's too bad about your friend Ava. I didn't want to have to kill her. I mean, I don't think I could have planned it better myself. You in here, Laura. Aw, come on, Laura! You know I'm gonna find you eventually. Come on out! Lets talk about this.

[her face is visible in table mirror]

Brad Sterling: Laura? Oh, Laura?

[she thinks it's safe to come out]

Brad Sterling: There you are.

[Laura gasps in surprise; grabs her hair and Laura softly screams]

Brad Sterling: Where are you going? Huh? Huh, Laura?

Laura Colton: [struggling] You killed Ava and Jacques, whyyy?

Brad Sterling: It's just business. Nothing personal.

Laura Colton: Oh, you're crazy!

[she says this on his arm that he's holding her captive with, which she bites and then she proceeds to grab the gun]

Brad Sterling: Okay, okay. I wasn't supposed to fall for you the way I did.


Brad Sterling: But I know how much you hate this place. Run away with me.

Laura Colton: [pointing gun] You're heartless!

[fires gun twice in hallway]

Brad Sterling: Wait, wait! Don't you want your own life back? Huh? I mean come on, think about it. We could have everything, you and me.

Laura Colton: Shut up!

Brad Sterling: Come on, come with me.

Laura Colton: No, get down on your knees!