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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Schandmal" is a German crime thriller movie from 4 years ago for television, which runs for the usual roughly 90 minutes. A man is in the mountains, dead and the police not only struggles with finding out who killed him, but also with recovering his corpse. The cast is pretty good. Flint, Riemelt and Knaup should be known to German audiences at least. And as the story develops, we realize that Knaup's and Riemelt's character are involved more with this whole case than they actually should be.

    The crime story is okay (the final twist was surprising to me), but there are quite a few flaws with this film. Why does Riemelt's character have to develop a love interest in Flint's. And the way Knaup's character explains everything at the end to the audience feels truly rushed in. Apart from that, I have to say I am not the greatest fan of Riemelt. I cannot really see why he is considered one of the most talented German actors around 30 right now. Also, he has played police detectives so many times now that it is really getting a bit too much. Looks like he has found his niche and comfortably sits in there right now. Also the whole story with two different police authorities struggling with each other's responsibilities as usual is nothing new and innovative. While it was a good film at times, the general analysis of one cop being a killer and his partner being the prime suspect is pretty unrealistic. Underwhelming effort looking at how long the careers of the filmmakers here are and that they worked on prestigious projects such as "Bang Boom Bang". All in all, not recommended.