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  • Jiminy Cricket is in a bit of panic. You see, his journal has a strange message ("Thank Namine") in it and the ol geezer is swearing he didn't write it so Mickey and his batch of chums gather round the table to check it out but WHOOPSIE, looks like the book is filled with bugs and glitches up the wazoo. So they create a digital version of Sora to help clear up the mess and maybe find out who's causing the problem.

    If you can't already tell from the plot alone, then this is indeed the most dullest the franchise has ever been in terms of story and content wise, it follows the same route as well containing many of the same Disney worlds we've already trekked through about a gazillion times. Wonderland, Agrabah, Olympus... You've seen them all, you've heard them all and I'd be damned surprised if you don't have any of the themes drilled into your brain.

    Not to mention the main characters aren't the same ones we've been following with since Day One and while Data Sora and Riku do have some nice moments here and there, it's quite frankly hard to get invested in just about everything else.

    The game itself ain't anything to write home about either. The gameplay sees the Command Deck from Birth by Sleep making it's elegant return like it's Cinderella riding a coach and the game throws in some randomly generated rooms that make up a pretty big bulk of the game. Shame then that said rooms get tiring after a while because everything there is same old, same old.

    Much like the whole of Re:Coded then. The whole thing feels like a retread of a retread, the story is guff and there's really not that much to keep you coming back.

    Not the franchise's finest.