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  • I liked the movie a lot. I've always loved both Dolly Pardon and Queen Latifah. I don't know who thought to put those two together but for my money, it worked. Yes, Dolly has had a lot of work done. SO WHAT? She's a sweetheart and still feisty! The plot has some definite misses, it was predictable and cheesy at times, but it was fun! Yes it was a bit of a "Sister Act 2" combined with "Footloose" rip off but again I say: SO WHAT?? I enjoyed the movie. Is it going to win an academy award? Nope. But it was nice way to spend an afternoon. It had me dancing in my seat and left me feeling good. And that's exactly what I wanted it to do. We have a winner!!
  • bwayluver14 January 2012
    I originally had no interest in seeing it. The reviews were bad, the trailer looked just 'ok'. But a friend of mine wanted to see it and asked me to come along. Why not?

    I'm glad I went. It was very enjoyable. It's not a masterpiece, but is a light hearted feel good movie featuring some very talented singers. Although the plot was relatively simple, it worked well and was easy to follow. The relationship with Queen Latifah's character and her family was touching and emotional. I found myself tapping my feet to the music and wiping away tears at the end.

    So when I looked it up on IMDb and saw a 3.4, I was quite confused. I thought it would be in the 6,7 range. I don't understand.

    If your looking for a fun enjoyable movie, see this. Ignore the rating and reviews. Guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.
  • Yes, the script was mighty thin in places and tried to tackle way too many subjects in too short a period of time (the poor economy, marriage struggles, death, teenage angst/rebellion, teenage love, etc., etc.), but despite its flaws this movie provided some fine musical entertainment, and pretty much delivered on its goal of being an uplifting movie-going experience.

    I attended this movie with my senior citizen mom and my tween daughter, and all of us found some things to enjoy about this flick. There were some laughs, some moving plot points, some great musical numbers, and some fine performances, particularly on the part of the younger cast members. Some days you are just looking for some softball, "feel good" entertainment rather than a darker or more weighty film. This movie fits the bill if you're in the mood for some harmless, mostly mindless, fluffy entertainment.
  • nybroadus13 January 2012
    I enjoyed this movie with my 12 year old son and 17 year old daughter. The gospel music and contemporary pop made it appealing to all ages. The movie was funny and not too heavy but delivered a good wholesome message. Dolly has been a long time favorite of mine and I had almost forgotten how funny she can be. The entire family could take away a message of hope from Joyful Noise. Who knew Queen Latifia could sing so beautifully? This is an all star cast of talented young people with a witty twist and a great upbeat mood from start to finish.

    I would suggest seeing this movie with someone who could use a good laugh!
  • I went with friends to see JOYFUL NOISE, the film starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. What can I say about it?

    Predictable? Yep.

    Formulaic? For the most part.

    Manipulative? Definitely! One particular segment had me sobbing in my seat.

    But the music rocked. The film also had unexpected flashes of humor that were laugh-out-loud funny. Though it wasn't a masterpiece (for one thing, editing was sloppy in places), I enjoyed it and thought it was well worth seeing.
  • Storyline was a bit familiar, but it is presented in a new, fresh way. There is a strong main storyline and other small background stories which link back to it. The stories are touching and show great sensitivity. Very well played. Even though it takes place in the south, there is a rich diversity in the movie. It paints a lovely picture of the new south. Dolly Parton is charming as always. Queen Latifah is perfect in this role. They play off each other beautifully. Kiki Palmer and Jeremy Jordan are fantastic and fresh. The singing and choreography are top notch. Constant flowing entertainment. Never a dull moment. Well worth my time and money.
  • My review of the Joyful Noise Movie: Every single solitary, gimmicky, tired, old, wore-out, overdone movie cliché that's ever been used in any contrived, family-targeted movie in the history of cinema... and yet, the music was solid, the characters given some genuinely funny material to work with, and therefore there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes of your life. It was fantastic to hear new material from one of my favorite vocalists and lyricists, Dolly Parton... but it was worth the ticket price alone, to see Dolly "poppin' and lockin' for Jesus!"

    ...and I am personally convinced, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Dolly Parton was manufactured by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

    ~ <3
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just watched this movie with my movie theatre-working friend. This is a musical drama with the leads of Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton in conflict over the budding romance of Latifah's teenage daughter and Parton's just-arrived troubled similar-aged grandson. Well, actually there's also the matter of the just deceased choir master played briefly by Kris Kristofferson and Latifah replacing him...I'll just say that while the story and characterizations are just devices to hang musical numbers into, they're enjoyably slight enough that one does feel some connections to them when they're showcased. All I'll say now is I had a pretty good time watching Joyful Noise especially when the Big Final Number came on. So, yeah, that's a recommendation.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    don't bother going to this one. There is exactly one actual gospel tune in the picture, beautifully done by Queen Latifah.

    The rest of it is secular music done in a very flashy way, with the words 'Jesus' or 'God' or 'Him' substituting for 'baby' or 'woman' or 'man' by people in choir robes. And what obedient choir member tailors her robe to fit her enormous chest? And gets away with it? Not once do you see the choir pray together, the pastor sits in the congregation while the choir is fact, I don't recall there being a pulpit at all. I don't believe that anyone who had anything to do with producing, writing, or directing this picture has been within a hundred miles of a gospel choir within last twenty years - maybe.

    The story itself is a mess as well. All sorts of loose ends are left hanging around.

    I gave it four stars because:

    1. the Queen herself was fantastic - flawless, in fact. 2. One of the kids in the film is listening to 'In Walked Bud' on his car radio at the beginning, and you can never ever have too much Thelonious Monk 3. Kirk Franklin 4. Sly Stone mash-up

    Dolly Parton, whom I was prepared to love, was lackluster if you can believe such a thing.

    Save your money and wait for it to come on streaming Netflix, if you must. What a disappointment.
  • an awesome mix of comedy and music it has a very glee feel to it and Dolly is in top form as is Queen Latifah though they are over shadowed at times by the younger stars. Touching at times and funny too! Jeremy Jordan is best known for the musical Newsies and he adds an enhance essence to the movie. yes at times there is corn in the comedy but you have to expect that with Dolly. This is a great family film if i was rating this as a family film it would get a 10+. The musical numbers are awesome with Kirk Franklin in the cast who could go wrong? Keke Palmer is just awesome as Latifahs daughter. And Jeremy Jordan is a gem as Dollys Grandson "Randy" Take your family or your girlfriend a great time will be had by all!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Joyful Noise" is a harmless, well-intentioned movie that was clearly made with no goal in mind apart from being uplifting. It's easy to see why the critical response has been largely negative; in its innocence, it leaves many questions unanswered, whitewashes a number of harsh realities, and repeatedly sidesteps plausibility for the sake of entertainment. While I cannot argue with these observations, and while the film is ultimately too flawed and predictable for me to recommend it, I'm not inclined to be ruthless. Writer/director Todd Graff has his heart in the right place. And because the subject is a gospel choir, he treats us to a number of well-arranged musical interludes that showcase some real talent. Regardless of whether the songs are Christian, pop, or country, passion pours off of the screen each and every time.

    The plot, while paper-thin, is easily understood and admirable in its efforts to be inspiring. Taking place in a small Georgia town hard hit by the economy, it begins with the sudden death of Bernard Sparrow (Kris Kristofferson), the choir director for the local church. Chosen as his replacement is choir member and second in command Vi Rose Hill (Queen Latifah), who makes ends meet as a registered nurse. Bernard's widow, G.G. (Dolly Parton), who's well off and one of the church's major benefactors, believes she should have been chosen as the next choir director, as she too is a member and believes it's what her husband would have wanted. She's not the bitter type, so if you're thinking she becomes evil and vindictive, you've got another thing coming.

    Because times are tough, and because the choir has consistently lost in the national Joyful Noise gospel competition, the program is under constant threat of being cut. If they can finally win this year, it would give the people of their small community something to believe in. The stern Pastor Dale (Courtney B. Vance) wants their music selection to reflect the traditional gospel style. So too does Vi. G.G., on the other hand, has come to believe that a more contemporary sound will give them an edge. This puts both women at odds with one another, which isn't all that shocking since they were never the best of friends to begin with. There are many reasons for this, although it seems a combination of class division and their own egos are the major contributing factors. The film never wastes an opportunity to show how headstrong they both are; Vi is a hardworking single mom resistant to change, whilst G.G. can't go five minutes without dispensing an obscure Southern proverb.

    There's another, more character-driven side to the story, although that doesn't prevent it from being just as conventional and easy to see through. Vi is the mother of two teenagers. Her son, Walter (Dexter Darden), has Asperger's syndrome, a trait that's likely to divide audiences as it's debatable how seriously Graff takes it. He provides Walter with reliably odd personality quirks, such as constantly wearing sunglasses, spontaneous singing, a repulsion to being touched, an inability to tell whether or not someone is joking, and a superfluous mental database of one-hit wonders (none of which, he informs us, can be found in gospel music). He also makes Walter keenly aware of his personality defects; at one point, he tearfully admits that he's angry at God for making him the way he is.

    Her daughter is sixteen-year-old Olivia (Keke Palmer), who's at just the right age to start acting out. She doesn't sleep around or become an addict. She does, however, begin hanging around with G.G.'s rebellious and outgoing teenage grandson, Randy (Jeremy Jordan), who has returned to Georgia from New York after his mother kicked him out. While his past is never revealed to the audience, it seems he has a reputation for being a bad kid. Vi disapproves of him, which will inevitably create friction between her and Olivia. Our instincts have already told us that he's not bad, but has merely had a tougher time of it than others and is at heart decent. He will join the choir and, with his amazing singing voice, prove himself instrumental in pushing for a new sound that will hopefully win them the upcoming competition in Los Angeles.

    I mentioned earlier that I wasn't inclined to be ruthless. I'm still not inclined, although I do feel it necessary to point out a few of the more overt missteps in "Joyful Noise." It's established that Olivia's father (Jesse L. Martin) is a military man who was forced to rejoin the army after losing his job. While Olivia is willing to see past this, Vi clings to the misguided belief that he knowingly abandoned her. I would wager that, if he stayed in town as an unemployed man, she would resent him even more. In addition, we have a small subplot involving two choir members who fall for each other; apart from the fact that both are one-note typecasts, their story is so unfunny and badly strung together that it actually ruins part of the final scene, which had the potential to be very sweet. Finally, we have a painfully contrived scene in which Vi and G.G. get into a slapstick catfight at a restaurant. If there's one thing a movie like this doesn't need, it's two grown women acting like children.

    -- Chris Pandolfi (
  • tinpumpkins14 January 2012
    What we have here is a confusing mess of pretty young people recorded over, a failed attempt of comedy between Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton...with a soap opera script, and some of the worst acting to grace the silver screen this year (yes, it's only January, but way to go guys)! This has "Lifetime Original Movie" and "High School Musical" written all over it. Those two make a foul tasting time at the movies.

    I refuse to write anything more on this film - This is a real stinker.

    1 star out of 10. If you liked this movie or you would like a better recommendation on a similar sort of film... check out "Sister Act" or... my God, just watch anything else...except "Catwoman" doesn't get much lower than that.

    Over and dead,

    Fox Rain Matthews
  • MasterChiefrei21 May 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    A friend of mine and I were watching this movie together so she and I could both confirm how awkward a lot of the scenes were. We started the movie with a positive attitude and couldn't wait to see how Latifah and Dolly handled together. The beginning started out OK but got awkward fast. Spoilers start here.

    The funeral didn't feel like anyone had a strong attachment to the chorus lead and was tossed away quickly once a new one was appointed. Then the random one night stand between the two choir members and him dying felt pointless and unnecessary. There wasn't a feel of remorse or care for the people in the church. We felt sympathetic to more and more of the shops closing but didn't see where the church winning at regionals would solve the problem. The relationship between Latifah's daughter and Dolly's grandson was also awkward and their actions didn't feel appropriate. Not as in adult but their attitudes didn't come off as natural. The only character we felt a connection to was Latifah's son who was quirky and adorable. Otherwise the plot and characters were very weak. Time after time we turned to each other in discomfort from all the awkward scenes the movie felt was necessary to move the "plot" along. I'm glad we didn't go see this movie in theaters like we wanted because it would have been a waste of money and chances are we would have walked out. The "fight" scene we had looked forward to was sort of funny but was extremely fake so it fell short of expectations. Eventually we decided to skip to the musical scenes because that's really the only reason to watch this. Latifah sings beautifully and Dolly didn't disappoint but the director needs to examine their mistakes because this was not a good movie. The choreography was also very laughable in a bad way. We even predicted the choir was going to pull a "Sister Act 2" by pulling off their robes and singing an updated song in order to survive. It made us want to turn off the movie and watch Sister Act instead since that actually was well done music and character wise. Can't really compare the two. All in all if you're bored and nothing is on t.v then by all means watch this film. It was a big disappointment and I'm surprised by the reviews who were way more generous than needed. Normally I'm not very critical and do like dumb movies but this is one I don't really want to see again, even for just the music.
  • cmatsumoto70216 January 2012
    This movie inspired me to create an IMDb account just to review it. I am so angry that a movie that should have been a sure-fire hit with Dolly, Queen, and (surprise! Kris Kristofferson in his first singing role in decades) was such an abominable dud. Not any of the actors fault, just poor directing and editing. I don't think the director understands how to tell a story. Instead of clearly defining the plot, developing characters, and building up a climax, there is just a whole lotta "stuff" going on that contributes pretty much nothing to the central plot. I'm not even sure what the plot is! Was it: a. The choir encounters several challenges to win a contest, b. Queen Latifah needs to spend time with her daughter and help her mentally challenged son c. Dolly and Queen need to get along, d. the supporting actress needs to stop sleeping with Asian men, e. Dolly needs to get over her dead husband and help her quasi-troubled runaway grandson, f. Grandson and Queens daughter need to get jiggy wit Jesus? Everything is so cheezily and sloppily thrown together in this movie, it doesn't really make sense. And why, Why do all the characters speak in stale platitudes??!!
  • Marc_Action6 January 2013
    Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! Where to begin? It didn't take me even 5 minutes of viewing this dreadful film to see how bad it is. The acting is beyond bad, the dialog is elementary, the plot is hardly believable, and worst of all, for a movie about a gospel choir, it should be a sin for there to be such obvious lip-syncing going on during some of the singing scenes.

    Dolly Parton as G.G. Sparrow and Queen Latifah as V. Rose Hill, two prominent, vocal (literally) members of a church choir, battle it out to see who's musical style will win out. Sparrow wants a contemporary sound and V. Rose Hill favors the more traditional gospel style. Of course, all parties involved will come together just in time to save the choir during the choir competition near the end. Yea right - in what alternate universe does this occur? Even their names tells you how utterly ridiculous this story is.

    Also unbelievable is the subplot about love between Olivia, V. Rose's daughter and Randy, Sparrow's grandson, played by Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan, respectively. Jordan and Palmer have negative (-)100% chemistry. Zip-O!!!! And the dialogue and interaction between these two are flat. Oh, and if you've never heard of these two,don't worry. You're not alone. Many viewers haven't. To her credit,Keke Palmer has a decent resume of work as an actress, and definitely was not as stiff as Jeremy Jordan, but she wasn't much better.

    Courtney B. Vance has a supporting role as the pastor of the church where the choir is based. He is clearly making the best of a terrible script. Dolly Parton also puts in a commendable performance, with her quirky but Southernly charm. One of the more touching parts of this sterile film is Dolly Parton's performance of "From Here to the Moon and Back". Otherwise, "Joyful Noise" runs like a 118-minute rip off of the Sister Act films, except Latifah's no Whoopi Goldberg and Keke Palmer's no Lauryn Hill.
  • Worst movie I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing in my entire life. I saw this at a drive in theater that was $5 for two movies- and i would have rather spent the $2.50 on some soda and chips. Completely terrible. The script was poorly written, the acting was painful, the story was unbelievable, unrealistic, and weak. It barely developed anything, I became bored and frankly disgusted by its unrealistic and sad portrayal of the Christian church and what it is like. Before the end of the movie i was barely paying attention and was begging for it to end. It dragged on and on. If you are looking for a movie to make fun off, this is perfect. You'll be "Booing" before its even over.
  • Patmarie11 June 2012
    Joyful Noise did have a some good moments, and tried to give a positive message. Felt a lot like a Disney Channel movie and there were things that seemed disjointed or just didn't make sense.

    For example, almost nothing is said between Latifah's character and her daughter, when she forbids the girl to see her boyfriend, later, they have long blowup scene when the daughter simply wants to leave their hotel room because her mother is snoring. The mother, brother and others in town are frightened and worried for a long time - the daughter has disappeared and no one has any idea where she is. Her boyfriend had just taken her several hours away to see her father at his military base. Obviously the minute the father saw her he'd have called the mother, what, no one has cell phones? And the food fight between the two leads in a restaurant, extremely stupid.

    Kids who are Disney Channel/High School Musical fans would like it, so something parents and kids could watch together, and adults will enjoy the music much more, it was very enjoyable. My favorite part was Queen Latifah singing "Fix Me Jesus.", I hadn't been familiar with this old spiritual, and it really touched me.

    I love Dolly Parton, musically and in films like Steel Magnolias. Sadly, she's had so much 'work' done it was hard to look at her. Still like her, though, and other characters were likable, so...not too bad, not afraid to use spiritual music and had some good things to say.
  • Dolly Parton (in her first major film role in 20 years) and Queen Latifah star in this sincere, but not exactly joyful. A movie about redemption, forgiveness and country swagger. Similar to a Lifetime movie. It plays out like a really bad episode of Glee. A country singer and a hip-hop diva walk into a church. No, this isn't the setup for joke, it's Joyful Noise, the feel-good movie starring Dolly Parton (in her first major film role in 20 years) and Queen Latifah. My advice wait till it comes out to rent & don't waste your money,If you want classic Dolly watch you tube because this falls flatter than a pancake, The best thing about this movie was the credit song.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe I signed up simply to give an HONEST review of this movie! But, I looked here 1st, & if I had been warned, I would not have gone. I find it totally irresponsible, yet not surprising, that a one night hook-up takes place between 2 members of this Christian(?) choir. It was TOTALLY not part of the story line, & not frowned upon at all! HELLO!!! I can tolerate a few cuss-words (I gave it a 2 cuz no F-bombs were used, otherwise it would've been a 1) & I can let calling God your "homeboy" slide (reluctantly)... but if you are a follower of Jesus & the teachings of the Bible as the Word of God, which is NOT in favor of sex outside of marriage... I can't suggest this movie at all. And I really wanted it to be good.
  • Here goes - a partial review, because I walked out on this movie after 40 of the most painful minutes in recent movie watching history. Let's see, I winced when I first saw Dolly. I was a big fan, but not anymore. With all of her plastic surgery there was no emotion on her face, when she was singing or even when her movie husband died. More big winces soon followed from the stereotypical plot to the stereotypical characters. I'd also like to know how many small towns in Georgia enjoy the diversity in their church congregations as Hollywood foisted upon us in Joyful Noise.

    Noteworthy is Dolly's cinched choir robe and how poorly the script included reference to it. Come on, take one for the team and allow yourself to dress in character. I'm just sayin... It was a big disappointment for a spiritual music lover like me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this one today at a sneak preview, and I enjoyed it. It was a predictable story but made for good entertainment. The singing was good and Queen Latifa played a very believable role as a parent. The scene where she puts her daughter in her place with a stern lecture had the audience cheering. The scenes with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifa sparring at each other were funny especially the climatic one in the restaurant. A romantic interlude between two of the choir members that goes horribly wrong made for a couple of funny moments also. The only thing that wasn't believable was the reconciliation between Jeremy Jordan's character and a romantic rival for Keke Palmer's character. It seemed a little too contrived. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the profanity. I thought the filmmakers could have left some of it out and made the movie a little more family oriented. But overall I enjoyed it, and it was nice to see Dolly Parton in a movie again.
  • Before going to this show I thought "Another movie where a music contest saves the day - we have all seen a few of these". This was one of the better ones because the music was great - these guys could really sing. There was enough variety in the music that it stayed fresh. I was surprised that the relationships between the characters was the main focus of the movie. This movie had a lot of laughs because Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah are so funny. Through all the songs and laughs there is also serious material - death of spouse, unemployment, single motherhood, Asperger syndrome, first love...the list goes on. Definitely and entertaining show.
  • tupolev-229 April 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Enough already! Sadly, the only slight shimmer of hope in this film was the opening credits - with names like Queen Latifa and Dolly Parton it was off to a great start and then headed south - fast. The acting is tired, strained and disconnected with each other. The current avalanche of singing competitions, reality TV shows and movies at the moment only serves to make this look like a poor (Southern) cousin - the public is just "idol-ed out". Having the Church as the background to this movie was unnecessary - the characters are on their own personal agenda and at the end of the day it turned into another "Look At Me I'm Singing On Stage And I'm Fabulous- Fest" Humility and Grace are not this movie's strong points - certainly not in line with the Christian surroundings. It also served to push a political agenda with the "returning serviceman" scene (who should have known better and taken his hat off 'before' he entered a Church) not to mention taking the attention away from the bride and groom! So many unnecessary additives just turned a promising plot into self congratulatory all-singing, somewhat dancing flop.
  • I love music. It might be the 45 years of performing it on one level or another or it might be that I just appreciate well-produced music, but the music in "Joyful Noise" is superb.

    I wish that I could praise this movie even more, but I've seen it too many times already. There are shades of so many films past in here, the ones that come most to mind are "Brassed off" about a coal mining town in England fallen on hard times and their superb brass band who wins the national competition despite the town's reluctance to continue financially supporting it (sound familiar yet to anyone who has seen "Noise"?) and "The Preacher's Wife" with Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington about upheavals in the local church's choir. BTW, another big role in that movie, the Preacher, was played by Courtney B. Vance, who played (wait for it..) THE PREACHER in "Noise"! Didn't Vance at some point think to himself "Hey! I've done this before!". Maybe he did, I don't know, maybe he didn't care. I expected more from a movie fronted by such lights as Dolly Parton, Queen Latifa and Kris Kristopherson.

    If you want to hear some roaring good music though, rent the DVD, crank up the bass, sit back and enjoy. Look past the movie and take the music for what it is, superb!
  • lamiaaos18 April 2012
    Joyful noise is a movie that lacks charisma in every inch of its cinematic aspects.

    First of all, we have Randy, the lead actor, whose acting skills were profoundly inadequate and the clichéd grin he wore throughout his performance didn't do him any good either. The lead actress gave the only decent performance during the entire duration of this movie, but it wasn't sufficient to make us overlook the innumerable flaws that this movie was apparently packed with.

    As for Queen Latifah, she succeeded in making us believe she was somehow forced to act in this movie, and we see the remnants of her tiresome efforts to push a somewhat sluggish performance through to the audience with every scene. Her character's story was implausible from the very beginning, and everything about her, from her marriage to the way she chose to raise her kids, was both unreasonable and questionable in every way, to say the least.

    As for Dolly Parton, she was nothing more than a mere ornament in the film. Her presence in the movie seemed to be for the sake of completing the cast, with her spark-lacking acting I may add.

    Then we come to Marvin, a kid suffering from Asperger's syndrome, whose attempts to win our sympathy were more often than not, futile. He could've had a bigger impact on the movie as a whole, but for some reason the director seemed to think otherwise. Overall, the camera and script never even gave him a chance to portray a single complete emotion to the audience, as every time we find ourselves immersed in his story some other random scene always stole the limelight from him and we are yet again struck with another random story frame within the movie.

    Overall, the soundtrack was barely satisfactory, the choreography was dull and the people in charge of this project obviously didn't put any effort into making this corny storyline any less tedious than it already was. The actors appeared like they were in dire need of a high energy dose, and the stories were all over the place, and we end up leaving the theater without the slightest recollection of what the movie was even about. It's 2012 and movies have yet to even come close to standards of those produced more than a decade ago.

    I did not find this movie pleasant in any way, and I highly doubt you will either.
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