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  • Two of Wicked Pictures' leading contract artistes Jonathan Morgan and Kirsten Price simply go through the motions in this forgotten rom-com made around the time the market for this sort of Adult Cinema fell apart. All I could salvage from the proceedings was a fun acting role for the great gonzo star Priya Rai.

    The set and story set-up are very much reminiscent of another minor Wicked movie Morgan shot two years earlier: "Moving Out". Both films open with the lead players moving in (or out of) the same loft space with freight-size elevator, used as a framework scene on which to hang the individual sex vignettes. It was lame the first time, and I didn't appreciate JM regurgitating it here.

    Kirsten and boyfriend Kris Slater are the happy new tenants, having split from their former roommates, who figure in the flashback scenes to add up to the requisite sex content. Gimmick is a journal that Kirsten kept with her reading entries that jog the memory of 3 or four years earlier, when they were in high school or college (whichever qualifies for the porn requirement of characters 18 & up). Uncredited screenplay has Kirsten working in an office in one flashback, either a mistake or perhaps "working her way through school".

    Two of porn's greatest jail-bait superstars appear, though make little impression as incidental characters: Marie McCray and Sunny Lane. But as a drunken date for Kris at a Christmas Party, Priya Rai is magnificent, her inimitable big boobs pure showstoppers as she gets to hump Johnny Castle. Kirsten as a cheerleader with pig-tails is a stretch for the talented actress who I felt sorry for - this was like one of those '30s or '40s vehicles at a Hollywood studio like WB or Paramount that forced contract talent (think Bette Davis or Ann Sheridan) to toil beneath their dignity, or face suspension.

    Of course the two leads eventually hook up forever, including an extremely cornball engagement ring & proposal scene that is even more sentimental than in a Mainstream rom-com for Julia or Heigl. I enjoy watching Wicked, Vivid and Adam & Eve story films as a necessary respite from the gonzo morass of recent porn, but when they are as boring as this Morgan misfire (or "Moving Out" for that matter) it gives one pause.