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  • Warning: Spoilers
    An enjoyable unambitious modestly budgeted historical action movie.

    The limited budget is apparent in the small scale of the scenes requiring extras. Otherwise this movie looks good and some of the costumes are excellent and none appear too tawdry. The story is in the genre of romantic action hero along the lines of Robin Hood.

    There are multiple side-threads woven into the story, involving relationships, tragedy and comedy. All the cast turn in a decent to excellent performance. The principle continuity figure throughout is neither the hero nor any of his adversaries but the classic "fool" of a servant somewhat reminiscent of Sancho Panza in Don Quixote.

    A good length but not overlong. Would be suitable as family viewing except for some elements (such as graphic fight scenes) that might make it unsuitable for the younger viewers.

    The comedy element was sharp enough to get some laughs out of me even in sub-titled format (I don't speak Spanish).
  • Kirpianuscus31 December 2017
    I love the serie. And I hate the film. Because all seems forced, fake, predictable and artificial. Sure, the prize is the meet with the heroes from the serie. But it seems be the only good point. And the low budget or the desire to use the succes of serie are not the reasonable explanations. Something missing. But, maybe, the bitter taste is only result of the enthusiasm for the adventures of Aguila Roja who, in this film, remains only a Robin Hood prisoner of a too naive line. conclusion - it is a wise thought to not transform each serie in glory in a film with poor succes.