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  • Norwegian sitcoms are not exactly the hottest thing on TV, at least not since they cancelled "Fleksnes", which was an adaptation of Hancock's Half Hour, only much better, back in the late sixties. But "Dag", about this very improbable dystopic loner of a couples' counsellor is right up there with the very best from anywhere, like Curb your enthusiasm or The Office (no similarities apart from the quality).

    All the pieces of the puzzle fall readily into place: Very witty scriptwriting, and original concept, great casting, superb acting, clever directing and well-paced editing. The fact that it's done in Norwegian makes it twice as funny; it really is the funniest language in the world – especially to us Swedes.

    By the way, the very lovely Tuva Novotny is not Norwegian, but Swedish. You're forgiven for thinking so though, since her accent is 100 percent perfect.

    In short, don't miss this little comedy gem!
  • kimmi888 October 2011
    Dag is the marriage counselor who embraces a life in solitude. A lifestyle he eagerly conveys to his patients. He goes about his anonymous way of living, dealing with the slightly psychotic secretary Malin (Agnes Kittelsen), and his numerous weird patients.

    In between the occasional blind date, setup by his sensitive sister Marianne (Silje Torp Færavaag), Dag also has to guide his best friend Benedict (Anders Baasmo Christiansen) through the many affairs and comical screw ups he encounters.

    Dag's entire view of life begins to shatter however, as he meets Eva (Tuva Novotny), who is just as lost as he really is.

    The entire cast does a brilliant job, portraying their respective characters very convincingly. In conclusion, this is the best series I have ever seen come out of Norway. And if you enjoy black comedy, you will surely like this.

  • I am almost at a loss for words. Usually Norwegian television likes to follow the usual script, which is either reality (which is a prime example of human de-evolution), or a soap which almost always ends with someone crying (badly), or a "hilarious" comedy where every second is filled with some sort of a "witty" punch-line (usually leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth).

    But in this show, the television network must have left the decisions to the the writers, producers and actors, and it shows. From start to finish the tale devours you and please, for your sake, don't resist it.

    I really cannot describe the show, with a word that would encapsulate the essence of the greatness this show deserves. Brilliant? Marvelous perhaps? From the acting to the script, everything is superbly put in place so that you and me can be swept away into the drama and the really tragic but so disturbingly funny comedy the show displays. Undoubtedly the best Norwegian series I have ever seen, and I would at least rate it as perhaps among one of the greatest shows out there.

    I think perhaps it looses some of it's greatness if you are not Norwegian and have to watch it trough subtitles, but I still think that this is definitely a show which should be watched at least once, no matter the audience.

    Original, great, tremendous. I do not believe I can run out of good words to say about this show.

    Actors Atle Antonsen, Tuva Novotny, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Agnes Kittelsen, scriptwriters Øystein Karlsen and Kristopher Schau and of course the rest of the contributory staff, I salute you. You have rekindled my faith in Norwegian television.
  • 'Dag' is definitely the best drama to come out of Norway. The writing of this superb drama is exceptional, especially by Norwegian standards. As much as it saddens me to say so, most of the television to have come out of Norway has usually been average at best. Once in a while, however, a gem of a show may appear on your screen. 'Dag' is one such case.

    I most certainly feel that the comedic elements go hand in hand with the dramatic ones. Were you to look plainly at the story, you would see it is a rather dark and cynical one, yet 'Dag' is told from a very light-hearted perspective.

    Dag Refsnes, the protagonist of this story, is a marriage councilor who prefers a life of solitude and anonymity. A life of which he freely recommend to his patients. He genuinely believes that people will be a lot more happy living such a life, and does a damn good job at convincing you it is.

    You see, what I love the most about this show isn't the great overall writing, the wonderful acting, the beautiful cinematography or the perfect choice of music to amply just about all of the above. No. What I love the most about this show is the magnificent use of philosophy. Each character goes about their lives following their own philosophies of life. Some are more 'creative' (in terms of writing) and more notable than others. It creates this beautiful and hilarious, yet dark and tragic universe I have never before experienced in a TV-show. And I have to admit, as much as I don't want to, that the overall beauty of this show brings forth a tear in my eye.

    If I were to criticize show for anything, it would have to be the length of each episode, and the choice of genre the universe is portrayed in. I rarely ever complain about the genre of any form of entertainment. And it's not that I disagree with the genre itself. I just feel like the universe would come even more alive, and feel even more immersing if the story had been written as a full on character drama, instead of the black, comedy drama that it is.

    With that said, however, I would very much recommend this title to anyone even remotely interested in it. 'Dag' gives me a feeling I have never before known, and never since known. I do not know what it is or why it is there, but every time I watch this tiny gem of philosophical art, it is there.
  • From the land of Ibsen, comes DAG. A comic hero/philosopher in the shape of marriage guidance counsellor Dag, whose philosophy of life advocates living alone to that of being married. This comic incongruity is played to maximum exaggeration when he confronts his startled clients with observations that marriage 'represses' your true self, and that divorce is better than marital misery. As with all comic caricatures there is a degree of truth in a philosophy that chooses to ignore such fanciful ideas like love and friendship. Of course, Dag practices what he preaches in his high security 'man-cave', where his solitary pleasures, after spending his day advising clients, are eating junk food, drinking, and listening to music. These are occasionally disturbed by his cuddly 'friend' Benedict whose inability to keep his fly zipped constantly lands him in hot water. Whereas, Dag appears to be more choosy in his sexual partners, as his well-intentioned sister (who sets Dag up with blind dates) is always finding out. That is until Dag meets his sister's friend: Eva.

    After only two episodes I'm hooked on this dark and satirical take on the comedy of the sexes. Can Eva find out if 'loner' Dag has a heart? Will she become the soul-mate that his sister craves for him? As I already have a crush on the elfin-like Tuva Novotny, who plays Eva, this is a no-brainer for me. However, it will be fun watching their verbal and physical foreplay as the series develops. Needless to say this ageing misanthrope loved it. More please!!
  • I am not sure how I came to spot this on Sky Arts the other day, but I am so glad that I did. I can't remember the last time that I laughed out loud so often during a 23 minute comedy.

    A number of other reviewers have commented upon it being the best Norwegian TV drama. I haven't seen enough Norwegian TV to comment on that, but it certainly beats the usual dross that the UK calls a sitcom.

    The acting and writing is absolutely spot on. I was trying to decide who my favourite character is but that is a tough task. When she gets enough lines, Dag's receptionist Malin is absolutely hilarious, but I think I need to go with Eva, played by the lovely Tuva Novotny.

    I do hope that Sky continue with this series beyond season 1 which is currently showing.
  • Well done Sky Arts for showing this brilliant TV series in the UK. It has got "cult following " written all over it but I am convinced that given a wider audience ,it would do a "Fawlty Towers" or "The Office " and become a big hit on mainstream television , The mixture of odd ball characters ,good scripts and fine acting has got me completely hooked . I am currently lapping up series two and note that there others to follow .I really cannot wait to see those future series and see how Dag,Eva,Malin and the other brilliant characters handle that damned puzzling ball of wool called life !! Scandinavia really has cornered the market for quality TV drama in recent years with series like "The Killing","Borgen",The Bridge ",and "The Legecy" gaining much respect -"Dag" certainly deserves to be in that superior company .
  • This programme is of such high quality that I can't believe I only found it by searching for a new comedy on Sky. The characters are superb and, when combined with the story lines, I am frequently swept away by feelings of horror, humour and fascination and find myself watching the screen open-mouthed. I'm half way through season 2 and it just keeps getting better. The female Russian drug-addict and Muslim convert are particular minor-character favourites. Highly recommended for fans of intelligent, quality, comedy. Yes, the subtitles have got worse in season 2 but it doesn't spoil my enjoyment, it sometimes adds to the humour. The only real problem with them is being distracted from the attractive actresses.
  • greg-7523927 October 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Good spot by Sky Arts with this left field comedy that just keep getting better. Though not for your average straight comedy lover more for those who like to get their laughs from more extreme subjects. The four main characters are all so watchable and interesting each endearing in their own right even though totally off the wall. They are brilliantly supported by number of recognisable Scandinavian actors from many of the successful drama series shown on BBC4, most notably Rolf Lassgard and Iben Hjejle ( remover her as John Cusacks lover interest in High Fidelity . The show also pays great attention to detail with lots of interesting props. Another strong feature is the Scandinavian Americana music selection in each episode.
  • I don't honestly know how Sky Arts managed to shoe-horn this into the endless Andre Rieu concert schedule (the schedule that has finally made me decide to do away with Sky for good), but it was a great find. Great to listen to, great to watch - sometimes moving, sometimes Twin Peaks-like in its weirdness, and often laugh-out-loud funny. My one reservation is that the male characters (though all charismatic in their own ways) are almost without exception overweight and not typically good-looking, in stark contrast to the female characters, who are mostly drop-dead gorgeous, in good shape - and considerably younger than the male leads. Not to mention that in Nuva Novotny you have one of the most delightful female actors of all time. But it's a beautifully written, shot, acted and directed series, thoroughly recommended.
  • Irreverent, funny and sometimes quite poignant, this Scandi-comedy makes me chuckle and think with the unfolding of each season. The chronicle of a marriage counselor who is more damaged than his clients, his secretary prone to fits of historical dementia and his best friend who just cant resist the wildest and least appropriate interpersonal entanglements are just the tip of this Nordic romp's story line. Great nods to global pop culture await the viewer. Some scenes can be a little raunchy, even uncomfortable, but try hard to hold back offense, its a bawdy but intelligent comedy. Watch it from the beginning and howl, if only for the bad English subtitles.
  • Dag starts of with us being introduced to the main character Dag. In the beginning the show seems like a comedy, however as the show progresses the writing gets deeper and touches on subjects like loneliness, relationships with your close friends and death. One of the best norwegian shows I have seen.
  • I just wish it was back on Sky Arts again. Laugh out loud funny with some bittersweet moments
  • bjornmortenskeide21 September 2019
    The actors fill the roles they are perfect for in this one. Might not a good show for non-Norwgeian speakers.

    But for people apreciative of Antonsens dark dark comic abilities, this is probably the best you can get in technicolour.

    Going to binge it for the third time this autumn.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dag is me and his cynical look on life is me me me... But real life is not full of Evas. I recommend this for some insight into the Scandinavian culture and also some really good laughs combined with some deep insights in life, I have watched this series 4 times already, if I ever find someone who wants to see it with me, feel free to join me for the best show on Earth...Human interaction at its best AND worst!

    The new way of Scandinavian writing have become a fascinating thing, the Bergman, Strindberg and Ibsen shadow have lifted. We have stopped taking ourselves too serious. I hope this show will stand on its own whenever the Americans find it on their Netflix! No American version plix!
  • beruz5814 October 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of the best Norwegian series in ever. Can't even begin with explaining with how mush i recommend this drama/comedy. I love the tragic comic characters, and Atle Antonsen dos the role of his life. Tuva Novotny is the cutest thing ever to come out of Norway, after my opinion, and her and Atle are lovely together. Anders B. Christiensen character is also brilliant, a normal, well read man whit the problem of being a Horebukk, thats puts him in a lot of funny sexual situations. As with every other Norwegian movie/series it not 100%, i got the feeling that some thing could have been done better. But 2 thumb up any way. Norwagian score: 9/10 Internasonal: 9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this series because of the IMDb rating, after finding it in the sky box set section. Then I was unable to stop watching all the four series because of the unexpectedness of the plot, the characters and their predicaments.

    There are English subtitles but it didn't subtract any enjoyment for myself, actually improved it because some of their opinions made me think "Did he really say that!"

    Don't just take my word for it, watch it but please be aware that there are warnings of sexual antics, words that may offend, etc. at the start of each episode and for very good reason.
  • I agree totally that Dag is a terrific show. And series two is every bit as good as series one (so far). Benedict and Malin are as funny as ever and the counselling sessions still manage to be sharp, surprising and convincing.

    But the quality of the English subtitles has nose-dived. Who ever wrote them has little sense of English grammar or sentence construction. Words are missing, phrases just hang in mid-air. Often they make no sense at all. It's not a complete disaster because usually there's enough there to figure out what they should have said. But it's distracting to say the least.

    Series 1 was fine. What's happened?

    I note that there's no commercial offering of DVDs or Blu-Rays Dag with English subtitles - only the Norwegian original.
  • Like a lot about the serie but I'm not that fond of the standard male and female part of the Main characters that's a lot like Simpsons, Family Guy etc. The women, beautiful and also thin, the men overweight and quite disgusting behaviour and the women gathering around them.
  • I was very surprised and happy to see such a genius and funny Norwegian series. I laughed and laughed until the end of second episode. Here the protagonist throws a little dog with full force out of a closed window high up. I immediately deleted it from my list. It is psychopatic. You don't use animal abuse as something funny, something to laugh at.
  • ari-j7 August 2020
    Good entertainment while waiting for sleep to come. Many episodes will suffice for a long time.