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  • This show has standard ingredients and actors (measured by their credentials thus far) but some how transcends the specifics of its parts. By mutual agreement, the cast and production crew have created something with love and it shows. All on screen are well suited to the piece, they mesh well in the unbelievable yet credible plot strands and whilst the laid back soundtrack comfortably surrounds their antics, the overall effect is that of watching a cast enjoying the joke as each episode blossoms under their collective care. Of particular mention is Naomi Bentley who is entirely smoking - this may be my only subjective opinion on the work. Overall it's lovely. Peace x
  • reedy2809-127 March 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Finally a new comedy that does what other comedies struggle to do and that's to make you laugh out loud. Will Mellor is brilliant as the hapless Ollie, struggling to make a living as a handyman with his sidekick Darren. The first episode is fast paced, well written and genuinely funny. I challenge anyone to watch the office scene and not laugh uncontrollably and continue laughing to the end of the episode. The rest of the cast play their parts well and add to the feel of the show. Hopefully the series continues at this pace, it is repeated on BBC1 and the BBC commission another series. Everyone I know who has seen it has loved it. Go on- give it a go.
  • I couldn't stand Two Pints..., and unfortunately thought of Mellor as a one trick pony. how wrong was I!..This was funny, light-hearted, and not afraid to laugh at itself, but above all, it was well written (take note, budding scriptwriters, and those idiots responsible for Lunch Monkeys. If you start with good material, it makes everything work that little bit better)! I thought Mellor did a wonderful job, remaining the focal point while all around him descended into chaos-we've all met a Darren in our time (I don't know Joel Fry, but shall watch out for him in the future). Nice to see Clive Mantle back on the beeb as well! I especially loved the music...Somebody was obviously a big Ska fan...So I finally have something for which to thank the producers of Two pints......Bringing Will Mellor to our attention! Set your TiVo for next week!..

    Time to regroup and reassess...We're nearly through the second series, and where's the sparkle gone?..Someone else on this board has speculated that the writers have changed, but I'm not sure I can be bothered to find out!..It's now degenerated into a series of too-carefully contrived overly silly situations, too much screen time given to Joel Fry (I love him, but less is more), and sexual tension played off between Liz & Emma...Nothing new here, we've seen it all before...Pity, it showed great promise...
  • beresfordjd24 April 2011
    I have only ever seen clips of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and it looked OK but not enough for me to watch it. Will Mellor is great in this. I first saw him in The Street series playing a builder who realises he is gay and he did a really good job and impressed me as an actor. He has a good supporting cast in White Van Man particularly the meant-to-be irritating Joel Fry as Darren. The situations are bizarre but believable and the script is well written too. it makes a pleasant change for a comedy to hit it's stride straight out of the box. I just hope there is another series as well done as this one.