During Casturelli's hallucination of a deer in the airport the actual deer on set relieved himself in one take. Alberto Rodriguez himself helped mop up in order to shoot the next take.

A subplot involving investigative journalists is completely cut out from the final film

When filming at the famous Ritz Hotel in Madrid the film crew was notified that the actual ex Minister Belloch was currently renting a room out in the building. They never came into contact however.

Carlos Santos gained 10 kilos and shaved his head partly, for the role or Luis Roldán

For the dust to be visible in Paesa's office, chocolate powered was used.

Except for some exteriors in Paris, Geneva, and Singapore the film was mostly shot in Madrid.

Most of the interior airport scenes were shot either in university buildings in Madrid or in abandoned malls.

Shooting in Madrid took 53 days

More than 30 mins were cut from the final film

Since they couldn't afford stand-ins, the camera trainee would be used instead. He normally doubled for Marta Etura and other women in a scene since he was the youngest crew member.

As a wrap gift to all crew members the production design team gave out fake bills with the Alberto Rodriguez's face and the name "paesetas" below.

Filmed between August to October 2015

Some scenes got to be filmed in the real Ministry of Justice building in Madrid. Notably Belloch's press conferences

Cameo: the AD and Still Photographer dressed as French police in the background of the passport control of the Paris airport scene.

All the cigarettes smokes by actors are real tobacco cigarettes. Some actors would go on to smoke 3 cigarettes a scene.

Director of Photography Alex Catalan is known for having many takes. This resulted in some shots having 12-14 takes.

Film debut of Alba Galocha

The snow seen in the film is just powdered paper cellulose

Alberto Rodriguez retained most of his crew from his previous two films La Isla Minima and Grupo 7

The title is a slight variation from the book the film is adapted from "Paesa, el espía de las mil caras" (Paesa, the spy of a thousand faces)

Premiered at the 2016 San Sebastián Film Festival, where Eduard Fernandez won the Best Actor Award.

The subsequent polítical scandals involving Roldán and Belloch ended up costing Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez the presidency in the 1996 elections, where he lost to José María Aznar.