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  • I went to this movie because I remember this contest as a kid and thought it would provide insight into the actual events. In the end other than it being a radio station hosting a billboard sitting contest there is not a single thing relatable to the original contest. So you are not surprised as I was here are some things that seemed off to me: 1. This is based in 2016 and not 1982 as it originally occurred. 2. Four contestants instead of actual 3 and they were a very small part of the movie and from Nationwide rather than local 3. Acting was poor and camera work often dizzying. 4. Changed the timeline in the movie as one point suggesting they were four months into the contest which would be January but yet it was sunny and in short sleeves and green leaves on trees followed by a scene where they say its Halloween. 5. Adding a fake Mayoral election for the City of Allentown when locals know the location of the billboard is not even in Allentown. 6. Several scenes where they make Allentown seem to be run down and suffering from poverty which may have been more accurate in 1982 but does not fit the current timeline. There are many more issues but if you see this and have any recollection of the original events you will be disappointed.
  • shavedbikerslut10 April 2019
    I watched this movie knowing about the history about what happened and living a mile from the actual billboard. The acting was ok, but I just didn't have any feelings for the characters. When the people that went up on the billboard were shown very little and that's what I thought this movie was about. Apparently there's a web series about them but I just don't want to invest time into all of this. I will say the shots of the LV were very nice and shows the area well. The rest it just felt like it could've been a 30 min tv show if they cut all the filler out
  • I remember as a child the Billboard sitting contest the occurred in the valley. This movie allowed me to remember that fond memory of watching as my mother and I drove by them on the way to the mall. I really enjoyed the story and loved that many local back drops that were used. The product placement in the movie made the scenes more relatable and authentic. The characters were realistic and believable. I plan to see Zeke Zelkers other movies, In Search Of, and Loggerheads in the near future.