Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Seldom are we exposed to the mastermind behind the publicity stunt, or the motivation for what they're doing; the lengths they will go to be successful, or what inspired them to conjure up such an unbelievable idea in the first place. Inspired by real events, Billboard lifts the veil, on an inexperienced entrepreneur who will do anything to succeed.

    Not your typical bombastic publicity stunt host, Casey Lindeweiler returns home to Allentown, Pennsylvania, after he inherits an AM radio station, WTYT 960, from his father. Upon Casey's arrival, he discovers that his dad was drowning in debt and the station is being kept alive by a small band of dedicated DJs who don't want to see the only independent radio station left in town fail.

    Uncertain of what to do to boost ratings, Casey pulls out one of the oldest tricks in radio, the wacky contest. Casey's grand idea is to host a billboard-sitting contest where four people will live on a catwalk, in front of a billboard. Whoever lives up there the longest will win a mobile home and "nine-sixty" thousand dollars.

    WTYT 960 becomes the laughing stock of the community. The mockery of Casey's contest drives awareness beyond the main stream to the fringes, stirring interest in the contest, much to the chagrin of his local radio market competition. As the contest begins, Casey's lack of preparation becomes apparent as he feels the weight of responsibility for the lives of his contestants. What he thought would last days, ends up lasting a lot, lot longer.

    Over time, the contest begins to spiral out of Casey's control, causing him to dig deep within himself to uncover the true catalyst of what's driving him to save the station. Is his sheer determination enough? His competition mounts a smear campaign influencing the press and local authorities to turn against him just as Mother Nature takes a turn for the worse, inciting public demands that he put an end to the contest.

    John Robinson (Elephant, Lords of Dogtown), Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids, Gotham), Independent Spirit Award winner Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Princess Diaries) and Academy Awards nominee and Independent Spirit Award winner Eric Roberts (Cable Guy, Dark Knight) star in this truly independent film, about a maverick entrepreneur who attempts to overcome hurdle after hurdle as he fights to save his independence. Yet his success is in the hands of the media whose reporting of events affects the public's perception of his intentions, and ultimately, his fate.