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  • vnklinger200311 September 2012
    I would have to disagree with some of the posts.. Its not like the mentalist.. It reminds me of A beautiful Mind. I think its fascinating and the there is a story line. After watching last nights episode, I'm hooked, I already anxiously awaiting for next weeks last episode. I think that Eric character is extremely convincing. I predict that he will win an Emmy for this role. I also, like how the other characters are convincing enough to allow Eric role to be completely revealed. I think there is more to this storyline and we will find out next season.. I also predict that due to viewers ADD the series will only last about 3 or 4 seasons. I could watch it forever because I have always been fascinated by the human mind. I love it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i never thought this show had a chance, specially with the bad pilot reviews and comparisons. but after the first season, i should say this show seems to be pretty well written, and the actors do a pretty good job as well.funny thing is how they makes the audience care about a character, which on paper looks pretty much boring.what i find most entertaining is the way they opens up with Daniel doing a lecture about something which ultimately is all about the case he's going to be involved, and warping up with the same one.

    anyone one who haven't seen this and are interested in this kind of shows, should give this a chance. the show is unique in its own way and it's one of those shows that makes you a little bit smarter at the end of each episode.
  • Very informative crime series (even though not all the neuro-scientific theories are true), it contributes a lot to the destigmatization of the schizophrenics while being very entertaining. Good acting from all the main actors, although Rachel Cook doesn't exactly look like an FBI agent. One of the good series out there right now, it is refreshing to see a crime show without all those super expensive lab tech or superpowers to solve crimes. Neuroscience is a growing field and the more we talk about it in the media, the better it is. People not liking this series simply doesn't understand the meaningfulness of this drama. Must watch if you're into psychological series.
  • Pierce's character is well written, so well that it resembles some people who are actually suffering from some kind of mental illness, people i know. No, i'ts nothing like "A Beautiful Mind", in which the character had these hallucinations, and other episodes not related to reality at all. On the contrary, Pierce's manifestations are connected to reality, to his perception of reality. So this show is about the quite interesting relation reality-perception, not even about madness. And that is one of the most interesting subject of psychological and philosophical history. I've never seen a show like this, entirely from a so called "crazy" person's perspective. And, i insist, his own, unique form of perception. It reminds me of English idealism, a philosophical theory about the way we access reality and more important,how can we determine what reality is.
  • I really like this show. The way things are perceived by Daniel and the things that I am learning from the neuroscience point of view are intriguing. I can't wait for a new episode to learn more!

    The one character/actor I am not particularly fond of is Scott Wolf. I am not sure if it is an useless character or I just don't like the actor. A combination of both perhaps. The other character which is needed but could be written differently is the FBI agent. As well, I find Rachel Leigh Cook's acting quite dull. I am just not drawn in by her at all; whereas, Kelly Rowan is fabulous in her role.

    A good part this show is fascinating and Eric McCormack is extremely convincing. He plays it beautifully! A little tweaking on Agent Moretti and Donnie Ryan and some better writing and we'll have a real winner!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A neuroscientist who's apparently afflicted with BOTH schizophrenia (he sees imaginary people a la A Beautiful Mind) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (he can't stand his routine being disrupted a la Monk) who is fascinated by puzzles and can't leave one unsolved (a la House) works as a civilian adviser with an attractive FBI agent (a la Bones) to solve crimes. But despite the fact that it's so obviously derivative and so obvious what it's derived from, I've seen two episodes so far and like it well enough to tune back in.

    The highlight of the show is the charming, likable and vulnerable portrayal by Eric McCormack as the brilliant but reality challenged, Dr. Daniel Pierce. The murder mystery of the first two episodes was reasonably well written with a combination of "that was obvious" and "I didn't see that coming." And it's a delight to see LeVar Burton again in his guest star role of the dean of the university. However, Rachel Leigh Cook as FBI agent Kate Moretti is nothing special. She's pretty and perky and obstinate and will defy her bosses to finish a case; therefore, she's completely standard TV fare and Cook's portrayal doesn't lift her beyond standard TV fare.

    It's only been two episodes, but I don't think that Perception is going to shape up to be great TV. However, so far it's been a decent show and has a higher level of intelligence than a lot of the shows out there. It expects the viewer to pay attention and doesn't dumb things down. If it keeps up at this level, Perception will be worth tuning into for an hour of week if you're fond of the TV genre of "socially inept genius investigator."
  • I must confess, before I even watched the show I wanted to like it. I was rooting for Eric McCormack to succeed in this role as his successes have been few and far between since Will & Grace ended. You also have Rachael Leigh Cook who has been plummeting since she first starred in the teen hit She's All That. Then finally you have Kelly Rowan who played Kirsten Cohen on The O.C. and hasn't been in much since. All three have been in generational hits and watching Perception leaves you with a feeling of nostalgia. You want them to succeed so you can get a second round of weekly viewing from them.

    Well good news. The show is actually very good and definitely worth watching. It will never be loved by the masses but they have created an interesting crime drama that will keep you intrigued. It seems to be based on scientific theory instead of criminal investigation but with a weird twist. You never really know what's real and what's not. It really is all about perception.
  • invister1235 August 2012
    First of all, if you hate the same old crime TV shows where there's a guy with a girl solving puzzles and the story is far-fetched to 40 minutes of run-time, yes, you'll be disappointed to watch this show and probably rate it 5-6 stars, which is not the case for people like me. I think comedy and crime don't mix; so the TV series like castle and white collar are overrated and I've hardly seen an another episode of those.

    What different in this TV show is that it is quite focused on the Professor who needs his mind kept busy with riddles and cases that eventually makes him go more bonkers and makes the show interesting.

    The actor is a simple guy, he doesn't have flair and styles like Dr Lightman from Lie to Me or the Sherlock Holmes actor (these two shows are the top rated in my list). What I like about him is his simplicity and crazy behavior in public that most of us can't afford to have.

    The FBI agent is a good actor too, but too cute to look like an agent. I enjoy her character as well. The other interesting character is the Professor's assistant who throws mild tantrums too, which is quite fun to watch.

    I love this show and everyone else should too. Thanks.
  • Solrosen23 August 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have watched and enjoyed this show for a few weeks now. I really like Eric McCormacks truly crazy professor character, he is surprisingly believable and interesting. This show also has a bit of "Lie to me" in it, a show that I loved and that was canceled to soon. The stories are good, but familiar, no real surprises there. But well-made. I liked the episode with the woman who had memory loss, had spent most of her adult life in a hospital... The only real draw back is the female lead character; we are supposed to believe that she is a FBI agent, a fragile, cute, little girly girl... I wish they had chosen someone else for that role. But otherwise good, I hope it stays for a while.
  • manja200529 June 2014
    As I write this,there are quite a lot of detective shows spread across various TV Networks,each with an unique premise.The catch of Perception is,the protagonist suffers from 'Paranoid Schizophrenia' which comes handy to him to solve cases for the FBI.Well,there's nothing new about the premise,but here's what makes the show worth watching.

    1.The Episodes.Episodes per season are less,fluctuating between 10-13,as compared to other detective shows,which can go up to 22-24 episodes per season.Lesser episodes means,the show qualifies for binge watching.

    2.The show had a good first season,and an even better second season.Some of the episodes in Season 2 were excellent and Season 3 is off to a great start.The show is constantly improving.Episodes 9 and 10 of Season 1 remain my favorites of the show.The twists provided in each episode are quite fascinating.

    3.Eric McCormack,playing the role of the Vulnerable,lovable,paranoid Neuro psychiatrist protagonist shapes up this show to what it is now.

    Finally,if you stumble across the Perception page at IMDb,do watch this show and you won't be disappointed.Here's hoping there are more seasons for this one.
  • Ewslavens7 August 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Iove this show for many reason first because it has a nice mix of real science and mystery my favorite example of this is when Daniel is talking to a man in a coma and tells him to think about throwing a baseball for yes and then sing the national anthem for no and then almost solves the case until of course the man has a seizure just one of the reasons I love this show. The second reason is the humor Dr. Pierce is always witty when it comes to his comebacks in one episode agent moretti's partner is making fun of Daniel when Daniel says to moretti "have you ever requested a different partner" and for some reason I just find stuff like that really funny. Reason number 3 is the mystery my favorite episode is cypher when there is a code in the news paper and Daniel tries to communicate with the killer through that. This show is always really interesting to watch and to see the different methods used to solve crime, but is also interesting in the sense that Daniel is crazy and has hallucinations and you never know if who he is talking to is real or not
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watch a lot of TV and have this show DVR'ed and watch it as a filler show when nothing else catches my fancy. The concept is outstanding but not original. Its as I say typical TV filler. The problem with this show is casting. It uses a lot of big words and fancy medical jargon to make Eric McCormack seem really smart but times sounds like he just googled it off wikipedia. It was posted on the internet it must be true.

    Eric McCormack as a one man show this is about all the show has going for it. His teaching and executive assistant Arjay Smith play well together but everyone else is dismal.

    The young FBI agent is flat and in my opinion to young to be seriously considered anything more than fluff and adds absolutely nothing to the script. Even the guy that plays her bar tending father adds more to the show.

    I really found that having Lavar Burton play a complete moron was not only stupid but offensive. Lavar as an inept college dean give me a break that really JUMPS THE SHARK.

    I really have nothing invested in this show and if its renewed I may or may not watch if my DVR continue recording it or no. It concept seemed intriguing for the first couple of episodes but by the 3rd week its kind of depressing and sad. Its a mash-up of "bones" meets "monk" meets "law and order" at "general hospital" while "Joan of Arcadia" solve mysteries all while talking to them self.
  • missmomosa10 September 2012
    I love Eric McCormack and as Dr. Daniel Pierce on this show Perception he is great. I love him in this role. . it's a different thing for me to see him like this and I believe it and like it. The only thing I do not like is Rachel Leigh Cook's, Agent Moretti character. Rachel cannot act, simple! Period! She is bland and as dull as a plastic butter knife. She has no emotion, no conviction. Her voice is monotone. I can't take her seriously and that ruins the show for me. She makes it SO hard to get into it because just when a scene is good. . here she comes in her 3 quarter length lamb skin dark brown/maroon jacket with her blandness. She was definitely a miss-cast.
  • At the moment when I saw this New TV series I actually doubt a second to struggle whether I want to watch it,And in the end of the day I watch it then strange things happens,I start to following every next episode.

    Sometimes..Okay I must admit I do this very often and that is take some note or word or sentences or even little stuff that can inspire me or motivating me.

    In my mind,If some TV show that can be motivating or inspire people to understanding whatever the viewer connected at the moment then I can say it out very very loudly THIS IS A FREAKING DAMN GOOD SHOW!

    And You Can't miss it!

    Although in this TV show there's a lot actor I don't know before,but I knew it now and I actually likes them.

    But I think the most important man who made this Awesome show that man must to be who wrote this script and who found the right actors.
  • This is one of my favorite shows and I am so glad it got a second season. It is kind of like A Beautiful Mind. Watching the main character on screen never gets old and I look forward to new episodes more than any other show at the moment.

    With that said, why not a 10 out of 10? One reason. the character Kate Moretti. yes, this one character is so bad that the show drops 3 stars. I do not know who to blame for this as the character is flawed in so many ways. She is quite possibly the worst character in any currently running show. The Actor herself has only one facial expression. She tightens one cheek and smirks. surprise? smirk. frustration? smirk. concern? smirk. she literally looks exactly the same no matter what the situation is. Now for the character flaws. The character brings nothing to the show other then her credentials as an FBI agent. Yes, the show is about Dr. Pierce and not Moretti but look at sub characters from other shows: Mentalist - Lisbon controls Jane. Sherlock & Elementary - Watson provides medical expertise. Bones - Booth is street smart. Castle - Beckett is equally smart and tougher than Castle.

    but Moretti...after the pilot episode she brings nothing. she doesn't even try to solve the cases on her own. she follows him around like a preschooler letting him solve the case while she stands there awkwardly. she could at least take out a note book or cross her arms once in a while. Shes more like his chauffeur. her entire character from the screen write to the actor is horrible. the character is so bad she should be tapered off to once or twice a season instead of every episode.
  • Review for Seaoson # only! I prefer and mainly watch British & other European dramas, mysteries & police series or mini-series. Although, there have been a few (vey few) US shows that have caught my attention. Perception being one of them. Although silly and not very good police procedures, it "had" an intelligence about it. But, that may have over-the head of most US viewers. Now Season 3 has started and as usual, the "creative" writers had made an inane mess of an another good series. Why, must American TV be so stupid? So many programs that have had good concepts, plot development, and some very good actors, will eventually be screwed over by the writers, but mainly by the network execs. So, I'll try one more episode, before I dump Perception into the scrap heap of American TV dramas. It's a shame!
  • Truth is a very complete series and interpretation of Dr Pierce is excellent. Despite his illness as his performance is very the personification of good mental state. The group accompanying aptly complements the series characters without standing to the teacher, but giving a homogeneous group of characteristics of everyday life that aim to protect the integrity of the protagonist. It is unusual to see 10 to 11 episodes but there is a desire second season. Honestly not finished a season so serious All right, since there are still loose ends that should be closed from what I understand and wish to continue. I have caught this series as all that have to do with psychology. In Treatment was for me the most important.

  • I got the series 1 DVD from the library and saw the first two episodes last night. It was watchable American fluff but kind of interesting at the same time. It was the same format as Castle with the smart detective needing the assistance of the even smarter non cop sidekick to solve the case. I liked the psychobabble at the beginning of the show. Whether it is current thinking or not, it was entertaining. Nordic Noir the show was not, not even solid real detective series like DCI Banks but something to watch when you brain is telling you it is getting time to close up shop for the night. If you want to see how the non cop lead in a detective series should be done then try Wire in the Blood.

    I have nothing against people with mental disorders, it is an illness just like any other even though they may sometimes behave in ways which others would consider odd. There are however many people today that are concerned about a lack of transparency from those above them in the hierarchy. There are many people that feel their world is somehow out of kilter and are trying to discover the truth about certain issues. The internet is full of conspiracy theories and some of them might even be conspiracies. What better way to debunk people who hold such views than to have these concerns declared as all true by a character that goes around clutching his possessions to his chest like Rain-man. I wonder who thought up that little piece of subliminal. For those who did not pick it up then it has done its job.
  • ZinQ4 June 2019
    Really enjoy Daniel and all his various connections. Why it only lasted 3 seasons I just don't understand. It had so much scope.
  • kefranklin31 December 2018
    I wish I was in that class!! I also wish I knew this was on. Such a shame it was cancelled worth watching 100%.
  • This series is entertaining from start-to-finish with lots of humor. It is also thought provoking while never losing a beat. It has plenty of twists and turns in each episode. And, the characters are people you learn to care about very quickly. I hope they renew this. One of the best shows ever produced.
  • ampsmarie17 April 2018
    I am majoring in Psychology and someone in a discussion just suggested watching this show. I was hooked instantly and love the concept behind the show. Never a dull moment on the show and I love that I continue to learn while watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is an OK show. I might watch it or maybe not - eh - probably not. There really is nothing new here - really there isn't. The uniqueness of having the 'smartest savant' in the whole-wide-world is very old. I guess every new show pumped out now-a-days believes it needs some kind of 'special' talented person for it to survive. The stories seem OK and the directing is alright. Sadly, I am not familiar with Eric McCormack, although he seems to be a very competent actor, maybe not lead material, but he could make a good sidekick. Of course, that may be the reason rest of the cast seem so flat and lackluster, it might be the only way he can shine. Anyhow, the concept is good – but somewhere along the way there needs to be a boost - maybe humor? OH forget it. Who am I trying to kid? This show is a dreadful fingernail scratch across the chalkboard of my consciousness. I don't know if there has to be a tweaking to the cast or an adjustment to script - or a complete flush of the show. Whatever is needed - I doubt I will take another look.
  • The concept had potential, but the story lines were typically so absurdly over the top and implausible that the only real demographic possible was teenage girls. "Teenage girl" also describes Eric McCormack – a teenage girl's mind in a man's body. McCormack's shamelessly self-indulgent method acting and tortured narratives were dreadful. To add insult to injury, McCormack sings and plays piano – and neither well at all – much like the deluded Mandy Patinkin when he played God in Chicago Hope. And, speaking of playing God: McCormack literally treats his loyal caretaker "Max Lewicki", like a black house boy in the Old South, expecting his sidekick to leap at a moment's notice. McCormack barks "Lewicki!" and Max appears in a shirt and tie ready fulfill to McCormack's every whim. McCormack may play himself off as a liberal, but he clearly has a serious Bwana complex. If "super agent" Mark Ovitz hadn't shoved this high-budget community college theater production down the network's throat, Perception would have died a quiet and merciful death after the pilot episode. Ovitz should have quit the biz after he was fired from Disney.
  • They should renew this show! It is smart and witty. The lecture scenes are very interesting way to start and conclude episodes. If you really take note in these scenes, you can actually learn quite a bit. It is like being in a fun lecture while having a case to solve. Eric McCormack is one of my favourite actors and does a superb in this show, super convincing. The addition of his schizophrenia hallucinations gives this show another edge and at times very comedic moments. I really wish it was picked up for another seasons, this is a really good show. The characters and cases have so much opportunity for further development.

    I highly recommend this show. It is like Monk and Psych came together.
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