Chris Cleek: Can you say "anophthalmia"?

Chris Cleek: That is not civilised behaviour!

Belle Cleek: I never condoned what you did. Never. You just can't keep putting one thing on top of the other and expect to keep getting away with it forever. I've had it.

Chris Cleek: OK. So what are you gonna do, I mean what is your plan, what? I just would like to know, what the fuck you think you're going to do about it.

Chris Cleek: [Introducing The Woman to the family] Can't have people running around the woods thinkin' they-re an animal... its not safe.

Chris Cleek: You can't! You can't! I am so fucking sick of "You can't!" All the women in this family! Your mother, your idiot sister and now you.

Chris Cleek: [to Brian, before leaving him alone with the woman] Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Chris Cleek: Dry her off.

Belle Cleek: Is it safe now?

Chris Cleek: Yeah. Don't worry!

Belle Cleek: Says the man with nine fingers...