• WARNING: Spoilers

    The movie opens with Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton) in their respective homes, relaxing. Adam lives in desolate Detroit, USA, and is a musician surrounded by instruments, old relics and outdated electronic equipment. He is interrupted by Ian (Anton Yelchin), who has brought him several guitars which he is very happy with, and pays him a large wad of cash. Ian asks if he needs anything else, and Adam replies that he wants a wooden bullet. Ian asks to use the bathroom but Adam says it's out of order and offers him to piss in the garden instead. Adam travels to the local hospital disguised as a doctor, to collect bottles of O negative blood from an understandably paranoid doctor. (Jeffrey Wright) On the other side of the world in exotic Tangier, Morocco, Eve walks through town to meet Christopher Marlowe (John Hurt), who has brought her some blood from a French doctor - "the good stuff". Adam and Eve return to their respective homes and enjoy their blood from ornate glasses. Eve calls Adam, who takes a moment to connect his computer, Tv and phone to be able to see Eve during the call. Clearly enamoured with one another, Eve enquires about Adam's life, his supplies, his music and is concerned as he looks tired and something is troubling him. He replies it's because the zombies (humans) are destroying the planet. Eve reluctantly agrees to come and visit him , reluctant because she hates the travel. Adam plays music while Eve reads books and prepares for her travels. When saying goodbye to Marlowe, he warns her to be careful of contaminated blood, and mentions he had a dream about her sister, Ava. Adam's music is interrupted by kids ringing his doorbell, who are possibly fans of his. He is then visited by Ian who has obtained the wooden bullet. Adam mentions the fans bothering him, and Ian promises to try and throw them off the track and spread rumours that Adam lives elsewhere. After Ian leaves, Adam loads his gun with the wooden bullet and holds it at his chest. Finally Eve arrives, and the pair lovingly, tenderly and passionately reunite. Adam and Eve share happy times together going out for drives, listening to Adam's music and playing chess, during which Eve playfully distracts Adam long enough to beat him ruthlessly, and they share ice blocks made of O negative. At one point the power goes out in the house, and Adam goes outside to fix his impressive home made generator, displaying his vast knowledge of science and electricity, and also disgust with the way humans use and abuse it. Adam mentions to Eve that he has had a dream about Ava, also implying he does not have a very high opinion of her. He then leaves to go to the hospital to pick up more blood, during which time Eve discovers his gun with the new wooden bullet. When Adam returns, Eve questions him about the bullet, and then points the gun on herself. Adam is horrified and scolds her for mucking around. Eve makes an impassioned plea that even though Adam has been around for ages, he still doesn't get it. She urges him to appreciate life more, especially dancing. She then puts a record on and they share a tender dance together. Out on another drive together, Eve reveals that she has also dreamt about Ava, as did Marlowe. When they return home, there are lights on and Adam's music is playing. Ava (Mia Wasikowska) is sleeping on the lounge. When she wakes up she is excited to see them, but Adam is less than thrilled. Clearly irritating him and disturbing their peaceful idyllic life, Ava drinks too much of their blood supplies, watches annoying YouTube videos and finally convinces Adam and Eve to go out. They go to a music club with Ian, who is thrilled that Adam has left the house, and who Ava immediately takes a shine to. At the club, Adam is enjoying the music until Ava produces a flask of blood, having discovered his hiding spot, and then suddenly Adam's music is played in the club, and Ava is dancing suggestively with Ian, so the foursome abruptly leave. Back at Adam's place, Ava tries to keep the party going, and get Adam to play his music, but he's not having it. He suggests that Ian leave, but Ava says he will just finish his drink first. Adam and Eve go to bed, and Eve agrees that she needs to tell Ava to leave. When they wake up, Eve goes to check on Ava and is horrified to discover she has drunk Ian and he is dead. Adam is also unimpressed to lose his only human friend. They kick Ava out into the street and she angrily swears at them as she walks away. Realising that they were all seen together at the club, Adam and Eve dispose of Ian's body in a pool of acid, and then book a flight to Tangier. Adam wants to bring his instruments but Eve assures him the world is full of them. He also wants to bring blood, but she says they will get some from Marlowe as soon as they arrive. They travel the long way to Eve's house which is exhausting, and they are unable to contact Marlowe. Finally they go to his house and discover he has drunk contaminated blood and is dying. He gives Eve a flask of the last of the good blood. They gather around his bedside and watch him take his last breath, and then mourn him. Adam comforts Eve who then decides to buy Adam a present. Leaving him to wait while she does so, he hears a female singer at a nearby club and walks over to watch her. He is very taken with her performance. Eve returns and has bought Adam a beautiful lute which he loves. As they drink the last of their blood supply, they ponder what to do next as they grow weaker. Just when it seems like all is lost, a young couple appear and are kissing. Adam and Eve decide they have no other option but to drink the couple's blood, while Eve suggests they don't kill them but just turn them into vampires. They approach the couple politely, and then finally show their true selves as the movie ends.