Lindsay Felton was cast in the film after responding to a message on Twitter sent by writer/director Travis Legge.

Lindsay Felton was offered her choice of roles. After reading the script she chose the role of Tammy.

Jake Skiba was a grip for the first week of production. When the actor originally cast in the role of Edgar did not show up, Travis looked around set, saw Skiba and asked if he could act Skiba's response was "I can try." Travis was unaware at the time that Skiba had harbored a longtime desire to act, and was fortunately quite skilled.

The house used for the Rourke family home belonged to a crew member, and was in the process of being remodeled when production began. The later scenes were shot first, to make the house look aged and battered. Then three crew members worked seven days in a row, remodeling and repainting the house to look "nice and suburban" for the early childhood scenes.

A tree fell on the Rourke family home during filming. It was cleared away by crew within a few hours, and fortunately no one was injured. Some damage to the gutters is evident in the wide shot as the kids leave to go to the park.

Actor's wages and per diem's were paid via a crowd funding effort through the Indiegogo website.

Paige's apartment was actually a hotel room, in the same hotel where actors and actresses stayed during production.

Jessica Palette was cast after a recommendation from Lindsay Felton, who appeared on VH1 Scream Queens with Jessica. Lindsay recommended Jessica for the role of Paige, but upon reading the script, Jessica felt she was best for the role of Jayme.

Elissa Dowling was cast after Travis found an interview with her displayed on Horror Society's website,next to an interview with him about Raymond Did It. He looked at her body of work and immediately reached out to her, offering the role of Paige.

Ty Yaeger was evicted from his apartment and fired from his day job during filming. Despite this he was never late to a single shoot, and frequently filled in in a crew role when not in front of the camera.