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  • This movie made me feel like I had the flu at Red Lobster. This is an abomination, the animation is crude, the voice acting is terrible, the story line was illogical, and the talking spring fish with the Broad Way Techno Music was more than an abomination, I felt nauses at the sight of the musical number. The whole series was a failure, being a complete slap in the face to anyone who dies aboard The HMS Titanic. Somehow the director who I am assuming was either drunk or high came up with this crazy story that somehow everyone AND I MEAN Everyone survived the worst passenger ship disaster in history. The story begins with a research vessel lowering a byth-something into the water honestly I cant remember what the heck its called however I do know that this thing was invented in 1925 but this movie takes place in WWI which means this whole scenario is inaccurate. The point is, its a submarine of some sorts that is tethered to the surface via ropes and air tubes. It involves the characters from the last movie but all with different voice actors. For some reason a rapping shark hates the color yellow which is why he cuts the tethers to the sub thing, they all suffocate and pass out, which would have been the end of it, but some stupid massive dog octopus thing, the size of an oil platform cant get the sub from getting back to the surface because reasons, but it attracts the attention of some Atlatians who cant mind their own business, and unfortunately save the characters who aren't memorable enough to remember the names. They take them to Atlantis and give them elixirs so they can live forever, bla bla bla, whatever. And then the spring fish gives the a musical number in a ball room full of life size living toys with techno music and CLASSICAL MUSIC. It was so bad I think they just gave up. I also think this is what the Italians think we Americans are into, trashy techno. And for some reason there is a battle with the life sized living toys and some whaling dudes from the last movie or something. And then for some reason WHEN THEY ACTUALLY GET TO FINDING THE TITANIC it is not broken in half even though it did in the last movies. And another musical number, and the movie ends. There is probably some explanation for how bad this movie was, maybe it was a test for some subliminal torture being tested on us by a neo-fascist group trying to overthrow the government. OH YEAH the rapping shark scene.
  • rain_bow9520 June 2019
    Judging the from the title and the animation shown on the cover pictures, it already screams "DON'T WATCH OR IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY!!" It is exactly like that. This was the hardest movie I ever sat through in my life. The movie has an awful story, bad animation, annoying characters, terrible Shark rap song, and it severely, and I mean SEVERELY lacks continuity of it's also awful predecessor, The Legend of the Titanic. An hour and 30 minutes is WAY TOO LONG for something truly awful. Avoid this disrespectful trash at all costs.
  • Okay, look, we all know about the movie that came before this. So if you saw that and you're honestly interested in the sequel, there are only two possible explanations: A) You are trying to plunge yourself into the depths of hell by finding the worst movie ever, or B) you love to laugh at incredibly bad movies.

    If it's the former, don't bother, this isn't it. But if it's the latter, you're in luck. This movie is so bad, it's hilarious.

    The predecessor was most critically panned for relying on ridiculous leaps of logic to move its plot along, like magic moonbeams and a giant otter-faced octopus. "In Search of the Titanic" is NOTHING BUT that kind of craziness -- it begins only five minutes in, and it just gets crazier from there.

    The first one was insulting. But this one is just too stupid and random to possibly be taken seriously. It's like the crew WANTED this movie to be as laughably crazy as possible.

    And they succeeded. If you do watch this, watch it with a group of friends; you'll have a gay old time mocking it together.
  • ProjectAnomaly18 September 2019
    0/10 Synopsis: Your guess is as good as mine. Just think of absolutely anything, no matter how crazy, and this movie will find a way to make it happen.
  • Before I begin, I'd like to say that there are probably worse movies out there, but this is the worst movie I've ever seen. If there are worse, please don't let me know.

    With that said, THIS IS THE WORST, THE ABSOLUTE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN. MY. LIFE! I've seen Son of the Mask, Mr Popper's Penguins, Garbage Pail Kids, Manos: The Hands of Fate, Biodome, North, Starchaser, and the other Titanic movies, but this tops them all!

    The movie is a sequel to the almost equally abominable movie The Legend of the Titanic, though it's a sequel in the same way Halloween III was a sequel to the rest of the franchise. None of the characters' voices are similar to the original, most of the personalities are either different or nonexistent, and they changed the gender of one of the main characters... The entire movie is also a contradiction since the first movie was told in a flashback that was completely different from what we see here. It's clear that whoever made this movie didn't even bother to watch the first movie(not that I blame them.)

    To call this bad would be an understatement. To call this awful wouldn't cut it. To call it an UNGODLY ABOMINATION OF MANKIND AND IMAGINATION wouldn't even scrape the tip of the iceberg! The movie rapes your mind, destroys your intelligence, and smashes any sense of sanity or reality you may have had before watching. You will want to stab your eyes out and pour bleach into your skull to try to forget this crap!

    I could go on and on, but this is a review, so what's it about?

    In short: The main characters go searching for the Titanic, end up in Atlantis, and fight a swarm of mice and sharks.

    In long: The main characters go searching for the Titanic, end up in Atlantis, and fight a swarm of mice and sharks.

    Yes, this movie has the barest excuse for a plot, which becomes more nonsensical and disjointed as the movie goes on. There are side plots about love interests that go nowhere, villains from the first movie that appear out of nowhere and return to the inky blackness they came from, and an amazingly unnerving atmosphere created by the hostage cult known as Atlantis and the characters which instantly develop Stockholm Syndrome.

    Oh yeah, the main characters are brought to Atlantis against their will, experimented on, and told they can never return... and they take this news as if told they just had to stay with at a friend's house overnight. ...Did I mention this movie is devoid of all logic and emotion? What else happens? They get in a war with rats and sharks... for some reason. The bad guy from the first movie joins in... for some reason. The rats give up but the war goes on for another 20 minutes... for some reason. Finally, our heroes are rewarded... FOR SOME REASON! They should just call this "Bland Characters Doing Random Things."

    Oh, and if you don't think any of that sounds too bad, I didn't even mention Pengo and the other "aquatic friends", the toys that come to life without explanation(a la Toy Story, but creepier), the god-awful musical numbers with one featuring a rapping shark and the other continually changing genres, and the horrible HORRIBLE ending that will make you question if life is even worth living any more...

    The characters are bland, stiff, and lifeless, as if they're puppets in a very bad kindergarten show. The songs are ear-rapingly bad and thrown in at the last minute. The animation makes Hanna Barbera look like a Miyazaki film. The backgrounds are murky. Even the voice-acting sounds like they dragged random people in the studio into a recording booth and gave them 30 minutes to ad-lib something. This is probably the only movie where I can say every frame of animation and every line spoken physically hurts me...

    Overall, if I haven't made it clear enough, THIS MOVIE IS A TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRENDOUS, GOD-AWFUL, PATHETIC, WASTE OF TIME! I would give this movie -∞ stars if I could. No artistry, vision, story, or anything redeemable at all. You will walk away feeling unclean and it'll take days to recover from what you've seen. This is a movie that hits rock bottom in the first minute and somehow manages to drill through the Earth's crust as it continues on, finally ending in the molten center of pain and suffering. I wish that every copy of the movie and everyone involved was burned in one massive bonfire! ...If you're a glutton for punishment, watch Bobsheaux's review of the movie to get an understanding of just how bad this is. And don't forget the eye-bleach...
  • This is not as bad as Titanic:The Animated Movie(or The Legend Goes On), but it is worse than its predecessor Legend of the Titanic, which is also really bad. In Search of the Titanic does have a rapping shark which is even more disturbing and anachronistic than the rapping dog, and it was such an embarrassing scene in every way, but that is not the only problem the film has.

    The animation is sloppy with washed out colours and backgrounds, flat character designs and all-over-the-place editing, and the music is both awful and forgettable and completely took me out of the period. The dialogue is just horrid, I have actually got a headache from banging my head on the wall over 100 times, while the story is rushed(again not helped by its scant length), predictable with some insulting(to the intelligence) scenes such as everyone surviving which took away from any poignancy or accuracy. The dubbing is abysmal, the voice work is wooden once again and the characters are stereotypical and devoid of any sympathy or likability.

    All in all, really poor and problematic, and like its predecessor and Titanic:The Animated Movie I had my intelligence insulted again. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • I cannot believe there would be a sequel to the god awful movie that completely broke history! And this one takes the ice! This one completely defies all rules of physics and reality and again, sugar- coating them so that kids could go to their own wonderland, where toys talk, there is a rapping shark, AND A MOTHERFU***** DOG SHOOTING A LASER PISTOL UNDERWATER. UNDERWATER FOR Christ SAKES!

    The film is totally unredeemable, the characters are forgettable, and the music? Don't even bother asking. THEY EVEN TELL THE TITANIC IS MYTHICAL! FOR CHRISTS' SAKE THAT'S EVEN WORSE THAN THE ONE WHERE NOBODY DIED!

    I hope the creators of this film learned something out of this. If not? Well, at least I'm not the only looking for blood.

    Unlike the first one, I can forget this for a few weeks, In the words of Tavish Finnegan De Groot(The demo-man of TF2) "Thankfully I already can't remember"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've already reviewed The Jungle Book 2016 (a very awesome film). Now let's see the exact opposite of awesome: Tentacolino (AKA In Search Of The Titanic AKA This Movie Stinks!) I did not really see this movie: I saw what I could from people like Bobsheaux, Mysterious Mr. Enter, Musical Hell, ShogunGino, and The Nostalgia Critic. And there's gonna be some spoilers up ahead, so be prepared.

    It's bad enough that they made a movie that insulted all of the victims of the Titanic, but they made a pointless sequel with Atlantis, and they named it after a pointless Kimba-The-White-Lion-faced octopus no one cares about (oh, sorry. They drop the name entirely to go with "Oddy".) The characters are one-dimensional, the animation is kinda cheap, and the plot went off the rails of a crazy train. In other words, it made no sense.

    So we see a bathysphere that won't be invented until the 1930s, a rapping shark worse than the rapping dog, and (of course) ATLANTIS. Along with a dumb musical numbers, a mixed ripoff of the Island of Misfit Toys and Toy Story, and rats wanting to take over the world, it makes me wanna fall asleep from boredom right there and then.

    And how does the movie end? By raising the Titanic back up with everything fixed before the tragedy began. ...really? I actually feel sorry for the ship being brought back to life by these Aquaman rejects. And the main human characters didn't do anything to deserve that reward. It was their dog Smile (what'd Gregory Snegoff do in a past life to put him in animated Titanic movies?) and the mice that did it.

    On a scale from one to ten, I'd put it at 0, but I'm giving it a 1. And I really do NOT recommend this movie. AT. ALL. Heck, even Atlantis Squarepantis is better than this!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tentacolino (Italian: Alla ricerca del Titanic), also known as In Search of the Titanic, is a 2004 animated film. It is a sequel to the 1999 Italian animated film The Legend of the Titanic directed by Kim Jun-OK.

    Inside a bathysphere, Don Juan, Elizabeth, Smile, Top Connors, and Ronnie have begun exploring the ocean depths in search of the sunken wreck of the Titanic. However, Ice Teeth, a malicious shark who is their sworn enemy, along with his shark henchmen, have cut the cable to the Bathysphere, causing them to sink. The swooned occupants will magically awake in the lost city of Atlantis.

    Welcomed by the King of the Court, the heroes undergo a special treatment enabling them to breath underwater. In the meanwhile, Ronnie and Top Connors are approached by other mice and attend a secret meeting where they learn about a plot to steal the Atlantis' longevity elixir. Back on the surface, Ronnie and Top Connors alert Don Juan and Smile to the happening should these mice succeed in their plot. Together, they will reach the king, who, with his own counselors, decide to substitute the longevity elixir with ordinary water. It is then agreed that Top Connors and Ronnie will accompany the felonious mice.

    With his accomplices, the big mouse steals the elixir, oblivious to the fact that it has been substituted with water. When the big fellow reaches a large city, he invites the mice's chief to try the elixir. This, however, almost kills him by drowning, as it convinces him to jump head first into the sewers tied to heavy stones.

    As a reward, the king of Atlantis will assist in the Titanic's recovery, enlisting the help of a gigantic Sting Ray, as well as Smile, our giant, friendly octopus. The king next transports the Titanic to the bay of a secret island.

    I really found this Italian animated film excellent and I voluntarily gave it 10 out of 10.
  • Seriously, who is this film for? Another slap in the face of the families of one of the worst tragedies in history, I can't believe this film exist.
  • I do not want to be rude or anything, but, the whole saga complete, has a loose script, a badly made story as well as being a satire that every time you watch one of these movies of that saga, you always want to throw up. A saga carcinogenic, filthy, stupid and unworthy that you never want to see in life.
  • This movie is just...a phenomenon.

    There are bad movies, just think of a movie you know is bad, something the critics nor the public could like and I suspect even that movie at least showed some semblance of professionalism, they at least made sense, they gave the impression that there was some kind of quality control so a certain kind of undemanding viewer could occupy themselves briefly before they left the hotel room for dinner.

    But not here. This is a level of shoddiness that I never expected could even come about; no one would part with the money required for animation if they knew what this was. How Lucid were the people writing this? They must have known. This HAS to be some kind of Winter for Hitler project where they could get more if the movie failed. And it's he sequel to an almost as bad movie!

    But I don't hate this. I love that something like this exists since it jus defies belief. The imagery and the bizarre lines and the plot that's jus tall over the it once and then just feast on all the media that's been creating pointing every absurdity , every plot hole, every shoehorned piece of absurdity.

    It can get kind of dull: it drags so much in places since they struggle to progress the plot in any way but talking but wowee this will give you new respect for the continental bargain bin, American Movie rip-offs.

    It's in that so bad it's almost good category so my rating of 5/10 factors that in. If I couldn't laugh at its expense it would be a big 0.
  • the following movie has been rated W for WHAT THE CRAP!!! for a rapping shark, living toy soldiers, everyone on the titanic surviving, atllanteans, musical numbers including one with auto tune, abysmal dubbing, a shark that hates yellow though he himself is yellow,bad edits,bad animation, racially insensitive stereotypes,a fish that sounds like big gay Al (who has a musical number), a giant bate between atlanteans and sharks, almost no historical accuracy, a giant cute octopus and finally the best death threat ever!! (If those sharks do anything bad i'll tear out all of their teeth and make them into the most beautiful necklace you'll ever seen!!!) So in conclusion, Don't WATCH THIS!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Usually, there are some animated movies that are really bad like The Nut Job and Troll in Central Park. But they're movies like this one that is just mind-blowing. This is an animated movie that's so bad, you swear that your brain was leaking by a fork on your head.

    I actually did seen the other two animated Titanic movies like a year ago, and I will say that the one with the rapping dog is by far the best of the three (but that's not saying much). For those who want to know the story of Tentacolino, it's pretty much like this. Three years after Tentacles saved the Titanic from the OTHER animated Titanic movie (spoilers!, for those who haven't seen that one), our leads from the last movie boards in to this yellow ball that looks like it hasn't been made till the 30s-40s, just to find the sinking ship of the Titanic. Then, a bunch of jail wearing suit sharks find them and then after the sharks ate off the rope, it fall down to the floor of the ocean. And Tentacles had found it and he noticed the people who are in it, he tried to pull it out from the rocks blocking it but failed. However, everything is all fine and dandy now thanks to the......Atlantean people. And there's some sub-plots like the rat colony but they really don't matter. However, the ending is just amazing in so many wrong ways. I'm not really gonna spoil it but I'll say that it's such a continuity error that it makes the other Titanic movie and this be never existed.

    But everything's pretty much have been said already.

    Score: 0.8/10

    All I can say is that this is the most astonishing worst animated movie that I've ever seen, but it's also the most fabulous worst one that I've ever seen.

    If you're thinking of watching this and the other one without the rapping dog (obviously for the people that had tried to find the worst of movies), go right ahead but I must warn you that they can go insane out of everything, and you think that you can survived them easily from watching the reviews or hearing about them, but um..(small laugh) don't.
  • For there to be a sequel to a Titanic movie that's even worse than Titanic the Animated Movie is really low even for a European cartoon. This makes "The Legend of Titanic" more bearable to watch and that's bad if the writer made something that's even worse.

    How to start, well if you don't know this is a sequel to "The Legend of Titanic" which is the one with the giant Octopus. Which makes the other one with the Rapping Dog look like a better movie. And of course they brought back the main characters from the first one. For some reason they wanted to revisit the Titanic which is at the bottom of the Atlanic. While the Prisoner Sharks who actually plotted the sinking of the Titanic in the last one tried to kill off these characters by cutting the life support line of their submarine. After that we see Tentacles the giant octopus the same one who caused the Titanic to sink and ended up saving everyone to redeem himself. He goes to help our friends along with some help. This is when the sequel starts to become unbearable. A group of Atlanteans who take our main characters to Atlantis! And the rest of the movie is just painful to watch.

    For Italian animators to mock the Titanic disaster even more is really low and shameful. This not only has the same boring characters it also introduces new characters where you'd have to be on drugs to come up with off beat characters like those. The animation is OK, but the CG effects looked unfinished and unprofessional. The colors and backgrounds feel like something out of a coloring book. And there's plenty of plot holes and errors to notice throughout the movie.

    I don't know why the Italians kept mocking the Titanic, but to make three movies about it is just an abomination. I've yet to find an Italian cartoon movie that is great. But so far these Titanic movies are the only ones and they are so far the worse Italian animated films I've ever watched.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After I watched the legend of the titanic review by the nostalgia critic, I heard that that movie had a sequel. Apparently hell still continues. Out of curiosity. I watched a number of reviews of this movie. I could write this review by only watching the reviews instead of watching the movie. I decided later on to watch the movie. I describe my first experience as: Horror, pain and suffering.

    WARNING: If you ask questions about things that appear in this film, you will not live to see the light of day!!!!

    The story takes place in 1915, although thy use deep-sea diving equipment that came from the 1930s. A submarine takes the heroes from the first movie (none of the original voice actors return to voice in this movie. What is the reason for it you think?) to the ocean floor in order to search for the wreck of the Titanic. Why do ask? Because the screenwriters ran out of potatoes. Than the jailer sharks from the first movie (yes, I said that) cut the support cables and the sub sunk into the deep. Then there is something with Atlantis, living toys and a rapping shark. I won't tell the rest of the plot, because I want to keep what is left of my sanity.

    The plot is even worse than the previous movie. It makes no sense, and it will be responsible for the dead of millions of brain cells of children. It has continuity errors so big, that the ending creates a plot hole that swallows both "the legend of the titanic" and itself.

    The characters are not worth naming. Thy are just as bland like in the first film, but dumber in this film. For example: When they arrive in Atlantis, the atlatians told them that they are not allowed to leave ever again. instead of complaining about it, they instantly have Stockholm syndrome and are OK with it. The villains are laughably bad. One is just the villain of the first movie, and the second is a rapping shark. My God strike me now.

    The animation is not the worst I have ever seen, but it is cheap, lazy and sometimes ridicules. They repeat frames over and over again. The characters are talking while their lips are not moving. And it is so bright and colorful, that my little pony looks like a film-noir.

    AVOID THIS THING AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!! The Nostalgia Critic didn't want to review this movie, and I can see why. If you really want to see this thing, watch "Lets watch: In search of the Titanic" by RickyRay102 on youtube. The commentary thy give makes this movie watchable.
  • penn_molly6 April 2014

    Story: 1/10 Characters: 2/10 Sound: 1/10 Animation: 3/10 Enjoyment: 0/10

    Terrible and needs to burn. Just...awful. Plus, it's an insult to ANYONE who died on the Titanic. Why would anyone makes this stuff? What kind of drugs were the writers taking in the process of making this video? Why on Earth would people think this is okay? It's not enjoyable, it's not fun, it's not even creative but "special". Special enough for the writers to be put into an Insane Asylum. The animation is WORST then the one from the first one. HOW? HOW, HOW, HOW, HOW, HOW? Please don't watch this crap.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First, I watched this movie expecting a rapping dog and Mexican mice. I was deeply disappointed to find that those were in that other animated Titanic movie.

    This movie has taught me several things.

    First and foremost, I wish to be committed to an asylum.

    Secondly, skipping through half of the movie was still too painful to watch.

    Third, a squirrel like krakan was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic by launching an iceberg, which was found on the bottom of the ocean, at the boat.

    Fourth, my brain cell count has been reduced, significantly I might add.

    Fifth, I can connect electrical currents through my facial hair, be electrocuted, and then survive minutes later.

    Sixth, I have made it my personal mission to annihilate anyone mentioned in these credits, which are incredibly slow.

    Seventh, animals can talk to humans.

    Eighth, a grown man can be knocked down a hallway and into a laundry room by a soccerball the size of a pea.

    Ninth, this movie doesn't deserve the space it takes up on my hard drive.

    Tenth, the historical accuracy is spot on.
  • tom_d_w993 October 2014
    This movie is absolutely horrendous!

    It doesn't give a damn about consistency, The characters are so bland that I have homicidal thoughts about all of them just to get me through their many many boring and uneventful scenes, The writing is mind numbingly stupid, the two songs make me want to pour corrosive acid into my ears, The plot is all over the place and makes no sense, the lines these characters come out with are either utterly useless, utterly boring or flat out ridiculous, THIS MOVIE IS Bizarre, PAINFUL AND BORING!

    This isn't even a film about the wreckage of the Titanic, It's a stupid, boring, horrible film about Atlantis and it's horrible inhabitants!

    The main protagonists are the same as they were in "The Legend of Titanic" except considerably more bland, The king of Atlantis is flat out evil, trying to keep people in his kingdom for all eternity with no way of escape, Tentacles, oh sorry, 'Audie' is only a minor character in this movie, Pingo is an annoying gay stereotype, and The evil mice group are actually the ones in the right.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You cannot watch this movie without questioning whether or not you're destined to go to Hell because you did. You'd think after the disastrous disaster that was the last Titanic film these idiots created, they'd think twice before making anything else related to the Titanic. But nope, these guys decided it would be appropriate to rub salt in the wounds and make a sequel, one that is much, much, MUCH worse. Basically, the hero and heroine with the help of the dog and mice from the first movie go down to search for the wreck of the Titanic in a submarine that won't be developed for several decades to come. But during their descent, their lifelines are cut by a gang let by a rapping shark and...

    No, I cannot go on writing the plot, its just too convoluted for words, so I'm going to put it in simple list so that I can end this day with what little dignity I have left:

    • Gang led by a Rapping Shark

    • Hero and Heroine and mice come across the Talking Octopus from the first film

    • Random people from the lost city of Atlantis come to rescue them

    • All animals in this can now talk

    • The Atlantis people offer our hero's (a term I use loosely) a drink that will allow them to breath underwater

    • The mice somehow get caught up in a Communist Revolution of Mice led by a Pirate, a Ninja and a Rodent incarnation of Vladimir Lenin

    • The Revolution is in cohorts with the Rapping Shark Gang - Mice from the first film work as spies to uncover their evil plot to overthrow the earth

    • A wandering transvestite leads a battle against them

    • The mice and sharks try to swim away whilst being chased by a dog with a machine gun

    • The Titanic is raised and becomes the Hero's new home on a hidden island that no one can find on which the hero's must live out the rest of their days, which is in direct contradiction with the first film because the mice from the first one live in New York and have grandchildren

    • The leader of the Mouse Revolution is slung in a Mouse Mental Institute

    • They all live happily ever after...

    The parts in between you can probably piece together yourself into some congested mess. I myself was feeling too unclean to come up with any decent suggestion. You can see why this film is such an abomination and why the fevered mind that created this mess should be thrown in the Mental Asylum with the Revolutionary Mice Leaders. It's enough to drive people to tears and possibly suicide watching something as devastatingly awful as this horror story, and the fact that it was marketed as a Children's film makes it all the more terrible.
  • Where to start? First of all, why did there need to be a sequel to an animated Titanic movie that wasn't even good to begin with?! The whole movie was supposed to be about the search for Titanic, not Atlantis!? Seriously, I hope in the future that we don't have to deal with more Titanic animated films because Titanic's story really shouldn't be animated at all. Don't get any ideas, Disney!
  • The rapping shark is the only good part of this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When the Nostalgia Critic mentioned a sequel to the first awful movie I was shocked and saw the movie myself. My expression was either rage or stunned.

    1. The animation is pretty bad. The designs are confusing and weird. Plus the lip syncing doesn't even work.

    2. The 'story' is involving them looking for the Titanic for some unknown reason and then they go to Atlantis. This is so dumb on so many levels. Plus they're too many plot holes and unanswered questions. Why did to Atlantis people help the humans? I thought they were supposed to be secret. Plus why are they trying to stop the rats when they don't have the magic elixir and just have water instead? Why didn't they send the humans back home? They have families and friends who probably miss them and you stuck them on a deserted island. How can the rats take over the world with an elixir that can only be used to breath under water? The list goes on and on.

    3. The characters are dull and flat. I don't know anything about them and hardly remember their names. They could be replaced by totally different characters and you would never be able to tell the difference.

    The Titanic is a tragic event that killed thousands of lives. This is a way you want to remember the lost lives? Creating a movie that's pretty much insulting them and the audience alike? I'm sorry but that's repulsive.

    Stick with the James Cameron version and leave this film under the waves.
  • When I first heard about this film, I thought that the person who told me was joking. I'd seen The Legend of the Titanic and I was certain that the concept of a sequel to such a monstrosity must have been a joke. Sadly I learned they weren't lying. The makers of the first animated titanic film really believed that there was demand for a second, possibly even worse than the first.

    After the events of the first Titanic movie where the ship sank, but all of the crew and passengers escaped (because screw being historically accurate or respectful towards the thousands who died…) then the leads of the first film decide to go recover the titanic. Why? We are never told. But that doesn't matter because 15 minutes into the film they are attacked by prisoner sharks and end up in Atlantis to stop an uprising of rats trying to conquer Atlantis and the world through using an immortality formula.

    No, sadly I did not lapse into a momentary state of insanity as I was writing that last paragraph. It feels like the makers of the film had a very short attention span when they were making this with the plot and focus of the film constantly switching with the protagonists at first being prisoners but then very quickly go to being heroes for the Atlanteans. There are also various bizarre points that are only ever glossed over like that they have the ability to bring toys to life.

    If the completely non coherent and all round bizarre plot wasn't enough, this film is void of any charm whatsoever. The characters are just as bland and one dimensional as they were in the first, so much so that I can't even describe any of them because there are no character traits to remember. The animation can best be described as awkward to watch. The characters just move and interact with one another so unnaturally that it is unpleasant to watch. And the film has what are quite possibly amongst the worst song sequences put to film with a rapping shark and a toy bursting into a song about how they are trapped in Atlantis for the rest of their lives. Both of these sequences are about as unpleasant as having a surprise colonoscopy. Even if it doesn't last long the uncomfortable feeling and emotional scars will stick with you for the rest of your lives...

    The fact that this movie exists feels my heart with hatred. The makers of this and the previous "The Legend of Titanic" should feel ashamed of themselves. To make a bad film is annoying. But on top of that to also attempt to cash in on a tragedy that took so many lives whilst showing no respect to any of them, not just once but twice, makes this one of the worst films I've ever seen and a waste of animation.
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