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  • artistgp1 March 2012
    This film has an intimacy that is to be desired. You're given the time to let the characters breathe. That is such a wonderful thing given our society's goofy obsession to cutting two hundred times per minute. Don't get me wrong, there is a time for that but its refreshing for the characters to have space to exist.

    The film is limited in a very nice way. The direction is well handled and the use of natural light strong in its execution. If you have a chance to watch this film I would highly recommend it.

    The subject matter is very touching and is something people can relate too. It offers an emotional topic that is one that executed by a talented team.

    Great job!
  • cee_dill24 February 2011
    I was lucky enough to watch a screening of this film at the Magnolia Film Festival in Mississippi and thought it was extremely powerful. Very well made short film dealing with letting go and the shifting of the caretaker role from parent to child. The acting was excellent and told volumes with the minimal dialogue. Congratulations to the writer for not saying too much or too little. Some feelings are bigger than what you have words for and the things they don't say to each other could break the heart. Beautiful muted colors and light came together to paint a wonderful and deeply moving picture. I was grateful for that last walk with the two characters. Everyone involved should be proud.