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  • There is coming a new monument to the United States, similar in theme and design to Mount Rushmore, that of the oracle of wisdom Kody Brown. His carved image will, as always, be surrounded by the lesser images of four women all fawning over him like lemmings.

    In the arena of the genre of so called "reality" TV, there is a vast wasteland of garbage and idiocy. However, some of these reality TV shows manage to slither into sewers and crevices even lower than the rest. Sister Wives, featuring Kody Brown the holy oracle of polygamy along with his patriarchal empire, is the epitome of moronic reality shows.

    If this sloppy mess of distressed emotions and constant social conflict was meant to put polygamy in a good light, it fails miserably. Kody can make up phrases like "multiple marriage" to legitimize his world of confusion," but the reactions of his four wives (one legal and three he calls "spiritual") belie his false pretense of harmony and success. And multiple marriage means exactly the same thing that polygamy does.

    Nothing is ever calm in the four neighboring households "on the cul- de-sac" that defines Kody's realm. None of his kids seem happy, and one by one are moving as far from him as they can get. The women are griping all the time, and of course, instead of blaming his royal highness they stage childish cat fights among themselves to increase his ego of having women fighting over him. Listening to their carefully prepared speech is irritating too; you can just see Kody's disheveled hair and squinty eyes staring at them threateningly while they talk.

    One could go on and on about how trashy these people and their arrangement are. Suffice it to say there are many other TV channels you could be watching instead of these imbeciles.
  • sanlib4518 October 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    That's what they should call this show, it's clearly his first love. He flips his hair around more than all of his wives and daughters combined have done (on air, anyway). I've watched every episode and I am far from traditional, my standards for lifestyle begin and end with happiness. I see Kody is giddy happy with his new wife but see the tears and struggles with his legal wife and some with his third wife and I just don't see the of religious doctrine that breaks hearts and gives a man a free pass to embark on a romantic phase that he admits he never experienced before wife number 4. The fact that he's feeling this now would hurt me horribly if I were his first wife, 2nd or 3rd. The fact that he's gleefully broadcasting this to the world on television makes it so much worst, add to that it would just be the ultimate humiliation. Wife 4 likes to say the polygamist lifestyle "rubs off" the rough spots. I just can't imagine agreeing with that. I might refer to that process more as a "wearing down" of aspects of self that should never be given up.

    And the children. I have several and I can't count the times they've all needed something at the same time and I am fielding multiple conversations and requests all at once. No way he can be the father they deserve. Maybe he's not the worst father, maybe he's not abusive in a glaring sense of the word and maybe they have their doctrine to keep them warm at night. But no way is it all lollipops and gumdrops for the kids the way they seem to try to portray. What's glaring to me is how they can only feature so many of the kids in each segment. Nothing against the kids, what I've seen of them, they seem quite decent.
  • bpashain-0713323 February 2018
    I have watched for awhile and this show has changed considerably. It used to be one of my guilty pleasures, but now I fast forward through a lot. As for the wives, Meri whines non-stop about being an empty nester and Christine whines that she doesn't get enough attention. Janelle is so cut-off emotionally, I think a train could drive through her living room and I don't think she would notice. Robin? Well, I try to ignore her. She drives me insane. She acts like she's in charge of everyone and everything, and the truth is she just came into their lives a few years ago. She talks and acts like she's been with Kody since he was a teenager. She's only known the kids for a few years, but she talks like she's been around since the oldest were in diapers. It's annoying as all heck listening to her talk about the kids. Sadly, she is the one who acts the most comfortable in the family. The original wives seem depressed, miserable, whiny and jealous of EVERYTHING. They joke about how they can't kiss their husband in front of the other wives because it will cause problems. Kody also admits that he keeps things "private" because they keep score on everything. Right down to where the other wives went to dinner on their anniversary, what they got for birthdays, if Kody respects their opinions equally, etc. In short? Polygamy looks absolutely, devastatingly miserable. The show seems forced now. Like they know ratings are tanking and they are desperate for viewers. This is the 12th season and it has centered around Mykelti getting married to a Mexican guy. He makes NON-STOP "jokes" about "white people". He refers to certain candy as "white people candy", certain music as "white people music", so on and so forth. Isn't that considered racist? Can other shows refer to BBQ as "black people food"? Probably not. Tonight was the last night I will watch this show. It was actually the episode that aired 4 days ago where Mariah dragger Meri and Janelle to the womens march in D.C.. The entire episode was about Mariah and her GF and that stupid march. She ran around the march calling for "her 2 moms". Any other time, she will have nothing to do with Meri, but now that she can fit in with an alternative family life, she proudly exclaims she is a gay woman with 2 moms? Puke. I've read that this is the last season. I can see why.
  • hereshopin7 October 2010
    True, it bravely parades a felony act right before our very eyes and most people can't understand why anyone would live in such a way, but Sister Wives is definitely interesting enough to catch and maintain your attention.

    I spend most of the episodes trying to determine if these wives are truly as happy and pleased with their lifestyle as they constantly insist they are. Voices breaking from emotion are frequent and usually when describing how "rewarding" this life is but one can't help but wonder if there isn't something deeper and far less amiable at play as well.

    The wives are more expressive than I had expected them to be regarding territorial issues and feelings of jealousy and they do admit to their occasional presence, but what they seem to consider the "fringe benefits" of their lifestyle,(help with their children, housework and lets' face it,someone to talk to) feels more to me like what is keeping their stronger emotions in check.

    One does feel a bit sorry for these women as it often feels like they are being cheated, but if their expressions of satisfaction are genuine, are they really being robbed of anything? It is that steady, back and forth dilemma that as far as I'm concerned makes this show irresistible---despite it's moral or legal questionably.
  • mmiller-379-13681213 January 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Kody's ego is so big that you can only enjoy the hubris if you feed it. I would feel sorry for the wives and kids if I didn't believe they were actually taking advantage of the gravy train that allows their affluence to be displayed as necessity.

    In all of the episodes, their value statements and their re-creation of God to suit their own purposes, they are insulated and do not appear concerned with anyone else but themselves. Their righteous is so self-serving. Their lives are built around money and ego. Their self-absorption is not good for the kids - they can make their own choices for themselves.

    It's a big world - lots of needs, lots of diversity, lots of real problems. This family does not live in this world.
  • a great view inside this fascinating lifestyle. While I would not be able to share my husband, I can totally see the benefits of having sister wives, and how that could really bring a lot to family life. These people are really amazing and I enjoy getting to know them through this show.

    It seems to me that the wives really hold the family together more than the husband does. They share the load and manage the household together, including raising each others' children.

    The honesty in which they discuss their feelings about the other wives is touching. I would be friends with these women - they are truly powerful and loving and honest and sensitive all at the same time.
  • Having read reviewers who insist polygamy must remain illegal, I had to provide my vote for tolerance for the lifestyle of people who don't hurt anybody or cheat anyone. That's the Browns, pure and simple. Kody and his four wives entered the relationship as consenting adults, and they're raising all their children with two primary rules: they'll be educated to the extent they choose, and they'll choose whether they'll be polygamists as adults.

    I've written articles about the fact that illegality of polygamy protects people who break other, much worse laws, such as spouse and child abuse and defrauding the government.

    I understand polygamy doesn't sit well with many people, but something must be done to protect children from being forced into marriage, especially with older men, and prevent tax and welfare cheating. Some sort of legal registration of these relationships could protect everyone and let people live their chosen lifestyle in peace.

    With all the negative press about abusive groups like the Warren Jeffs clan, it's refreshing to see people like the Browns living the polygamous lifestyle without hurting anyone.
  • I have watched two episodes. During the first one, I could not help but think some of the major themes of "Big Love," (minus the compound) were present and thought the show was just okay, not great. However, after viewing the next episode, I was annoyed and bored because it repeated roughly 60 percent of the prior episode. Soap operas do some repeating but this show takes this technique to a whole new level.

    If you kind of liked "Sister Wives," you will really enjoy renting "Big Love." If you really liked "Sister Wives," then you should see a neurologist.

  • I used to love this show, but it was a huge mistake to leave Vegas, at least without a better plan or roadmap in place.

    Now its just all about disagreements and debates on how to or if they should "come back together as a family".

    I was never a huge "Cody" fan, I really liked the wives and their support and friendship. It seems that this move to Flagstaff has ripped them apart and its just not the same.

    I wish them all the best, but I am thinking about looking away from this train wreck.
  • bcassidyt29 November 2013
    It took me at least one season of shows to make the leap from feeling disgusted to being as accepting of the Brown Family as they are of each other and the rest of us, too. I think that there are many life and marital lessons to be learned by watching the Browns and I wish I had been exposed to them before getting married myself. I'd have saved myself a world of heartache.

    The women are strong and determined, each in her own right. Kody is upbeat, accommodating, respectful, and capable of making very tough decisions in the best interest of the family.

    The family members are completely open and accepting of freedom of choice when it comes to religion, sexual orientation, lives, and life styles. I appreciate their acceptance - which is different from tolerance - of others.

    I have become very fond of this family and appreciate that they put themselves out there as they have. I have read comments of people discussing same sex marriage and write, "the next thing will be polygamy." If that means choosing the life modeled by the Browns, I say live and let live and make it legal. This is a healthy, loving, united family which serves as a great model for all of us, and if we all lived by their moral standards and convictions, the world would be a much better place.
  • rlpinilla19 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Really? Been watching since the beginning, why would these women continue to follow him, moving to Arizona, he wants it but he doesn't have to sell a house and buy a new one. He has no stake but they follow like sheep!
  • brandyshain16 February 2021
    I thought the point of this show was to show the public that polygamy works. I've binged watched the entire show and I've yet to see anything that gives the impression that any of these women are happy. There is constant bickering and jealousy. Robin might be a *little* happy. It's painfully obvious that she's the favorite wife. She seems to be the only one out of all four that is even remotely comfortable in her relationship. None of the kids want to follow a polygamist lifestyle. Can't blame them.

    I'm actually surprised they continued doing the show after Meri's catfishing scandal. What better way to prove that none of these women are getting what they need emotionally than to have one of the wives looking for love online..? Poor woman had seemingly finally found her way out and instead it was a scam. I guess when Kody says "love should be multiplied and not divided", he really just means the number of women HE can sleep with. It's obvious that Meri REALLY wants to be seen as the victim and not the married woman who was looking for love on the internet. She seemingly wants her family to help mend her broken heart. It's....awkward. It's also obvious that she offered to divorce Kody, bought the B&B on her own and tried to start a new relationship in hopes of getting away from the "family". It's easy to see why Kody has changed his opinion towards her. He realizes that she is no longer completely dependent on him. You can actually hear his ego shattering through your TV screen if you listen hard enough. The whole thing is really, really sad.

    The easiest way to sum up this show is that you've got 4 drama queens wanting the main spotlight. I say 4 because Janelle couldn't care less. It's hard to tell if that is their real life personality or just their TV personality to keep the show interesting. In one episode, Christine talks about how many times Kody has moved the family during her time with him. The number of moves is astounding. Is Kody a polygamist because of a "calling" or just because he's never satisfied with anything..? Let those kids settle somewhere. You've already drag them through a lifetime of ridicule and shame due to your lifestyle. It has to be horrific for those kids to keep having to introduce themselves to new sets of friends and explain their home life, especially now that the fam has aired their problems on TV for a decade.

    And last but not least, we have Kody's hair. It has always been a pitiful sight, but somehow he has outdone himself. He is now in his 50s and sporting a platinum spiral perm that he wears in a man bun most of the time. Good Lord.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe this show has such low IMDb ratings! For anyone who is interested in alternative lifestyles, religion, discrimination, or human relationships this show will open your eyes to a totally different perspective.

    I decided to watch it as a last resort late at night when I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up watching 5 episodes in a row because I found it so infatuating. I totally expected to resent all of the characters, thinking any polygamist man was a womanizer and any polygamist female was insecure and weak. I was wrong. I found myself sympathizing with all of the characters, and feeling something akin to admiration for the integrity the polygamist lifestyle requires. At first I thought letting your loved one have other spouses meant you didn't think you were worthy of having him all to yourself, but now I can see all of the benefits these women find in the lifestyle. It makes them better people, and gives them fuller lives. Who am I to judge?

    Janelle is my favorite and had the greatest impact on my perception of polygamist women. Like so many women she wants all the best life had to offer: a great career AND great children and family life. Polygamy gave her all of that. She doesn't need to worry about childcare because her sister wives can take care of her kids when she's at work, and her high paying career helps support the stay-at-home sister wife. Women in monogamous relationships need to choose one or the other some point down the line....but seeing Janelle's lifestyle goes to show polygamy can be of all things liberating to women, something I never expected.

    If you like alleviating your prejudices, watch this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The success of the HBO show Big Love and the many bestselling books about the FLDS and Warren Jeffs has put the spotlight on a topic we Americans find very interesting. So here in this era of reality shows, we have the Brown family who consist of one husband, Kody Brown and his 3 wives and many children who live polygamy in a very non sensational way. The premise is timely and intriguing. They all live under one roof in a lovely, spacious home and all the Moms (and Dad) take good care of all the kids seeing that they get enough to eat, are educated and even the girls are encouraged to go to college and be whatever they want to be. Unlike what we've been accustomed to believe regarding polygamy in the US, they seem to be able to afford their many children. The show gives us a glimpse of a seemingly, normal family who just happen to be in the process of taking on a new sister wife, Robyn a 30 year old woman with 3 children of her own.

    I can forgive a lot and there is much I can overlook but the one thing that can't be overlooked is how uninteresting this show is and maybe that's the point, to show America that "normal" polygamous families do exist and they seem to be a lot like us. They make sure their kids get up for school on time, prepare breakfast, go to work, cook dinner, make sure the kids to their homework and oh yeah, share their Daddy with the other Mommies who live with them and try to hold in the jealously in trying to deal with dividing their limited time with their husband with yet another sister wife. Understandably they want to be seen as separate from the child brides who leave school at 13 to marry old man who can't support their enormous families. Well they've got me to like this nice family and while I don't approve of their lifestyle on a personal level, I do accept their right to live their lives. But as entertainment, this show is not even as good as the worst Brady Bunch episode.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I originally watched this show out of boredom. I have to say I did not find it boring and am now hooked. I thought I would have a problem with it because I watch Big Love on HBO and am constantly screaming at Barb to get out. I didn't feel that way with this show to my surprise.

    Most people are in an uproar because it is illegal and they feel that morally and religiously it is wrong. Yet television is constantly jamming down our throats such shows as "The Family Guy" and "Modern Family" saying this is the norm.

    If we are to look at the moral part of the Brown family, I do not think they are doing anything wrong. Kody is not cheating in his marriage as so many men (and women) do. Maybe he and his wives chose Polygamy because they would find it hard to be in a monogamous relationship. If we can be open minded regarding same sex marriage than why not this? Should we be judgmental because it is something we wouldn't do? Which now brings us to the religious part. In some religions having one husband and multiple wives is okay. In the Old Testament there are marriages that were like this. Yet many religions frown upon same sex marriage. As for being judgmental, most religions teach us to be loving and accepting of others. Now as for the illegal part, I am not sure why it is illegal. Kody is only legally married to one wife. Religiously he is married to four (Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robin). How can it be illegal if he is only legally married to one. If we say their lifestyle is illegal, than anyone who is married and has lovers on the side is committing a crime. Since Kody is only married to Meri in the eyes of the state of Utah than he is not committing a crime. I do not think he is committing Bigamy since he didn't officially marry more than one woman. I am not 100% sure but I think you commit Bigamy by having multiple marriages listed with a state or states. Also, there are no child brides in this marriage...which is wrong on so many levels.

    I personally think the Browns are a loving and caring family. The children are raised in a home with people that not only love them but allow them to choose their own lifestyle. They are raised to be caring and accepting of others. With so many children being raised in broken homes, abusive homes, or foster homes, I am so glad to see the Brown children being loved.

    I know it is not what we call normal, but look back in history at all the things that were not normal at one time or another but now are! If we think that he should be punished for this, I'm afraid we wii digress instead of progress.

    Live life, love others, thank God!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This program is fake in every way they are all paid actors who try to trick people to actually is them as human beaning in a polygamous family its just a staged drama like jersey shore and all those D list TV series. I do like some aspects of the show because sitting down and making fun of it MST3K style is really funny i suggest doing this it really releases tension. So the show itself i give a 3 out of 10 but you can easily make it Hight Quality entertainment by just saying a few jokes then its 7 out of 10 so try it if you don't like the show! Thats really it i guess I'll give you a overview guy named Kody(a complete nut job) decides to "multiply" love not divide it so some how he decided to become a polygamous for the pleasure i guess seems kind of wacky I'm i wrong? So any way he Marys not 1 not 2 not 3 not 5 but 4 wives(who must be crazy too). So apparently they have a lot of sex since they have a bunch of kids i don't know how many because to be frank i don't really care.
  • 1st it's hard for me to believe 4 women wanted to marry Kody. didn't one want to leave and divorce. (?) it seems that all the wives are not happy, and he cannot give equal attention.

    I could see this arrangement working only if wives wanted a home, children, girlfriends, and don't care about Kody.

    so this newest and youngest seems to be his favorite. how many wives is enough for a man who isn't wealthy enough to support so many kids and homes.

    Didn't they have to leave states, and relocate. (?)

    But it is not interesting, the inter-personal relations. why, it's one man and 4 women. If you listen to Kody, he is the answer to every woman's desire. and takes care of all his women.

    Information I have see relation to poly-marriage is that they go on welfare and take whatever public money they can get. Because keeping 3-4 house holds is expensive. Mormons practicing poly- marriage (it's illegal now in Utah & not condoned officially by the Church). and worse yet, boys are forced out bec they are considered competition for old men church elders. OK, he is not part of a commune or a church group.
  • I think this; while a money maker for the people involved, is a disgrace to push this illegal topic, glamorizing this lifestyle and rewarding the players. It says a lot about the content of what people will watch if given to them.

    I cannot help but wonder.. How do two EMPLOYED people in this household support a"Family" of what?, twenty some people in a hughe and expensive house? Iguess it is good they let themselves become famous. They try to explain that they- "at great risk" took it upon themselves to show the world how normal they are! HuH! Explain to whom. Bigamy is illegal, and if not married, WHO has been supplying ALL the monetary support for their lifestyle , which looks far from low income. Perhaps that could be part of an episode, explaining this to the viewers.Isn't anyone curious where this money has come from, unless some or all of the sisters are independently wealthy.

    They took the risk--- and now criminal investigating has commenced. But now , as celebrities, they can afford the legal costs.Hmmmm. What impeccable timing! It is my opinion that these wives couldn't handle a one on one relationship, that can be truly hard and a lot of work and stress to maintain. This way they get all the benefits --and unlike having to cope with a spouse on the many "downsides" of normal marriage, they can retreat to their private quarters to relax, rewind and regroup after passing him on to the next wife. This Kody guy, has his cake and eats it too-- Think someones Big Ego is at play here.

    How do the kids reconcile this as they get older. Sure, they go along with this at the present, but in the real world, this is only going to cause difficult and confusion and to perpetuate this lifestyle is encouraging either illegal behavior or ways to get around the law. I am sure it will cause them all sorts of grief and scrutiny as they get older and in a public school. To me this seems these parents will find a thousand ways to rationalize and assure that everyone is perfectly normal. To me it seems very selfish. Hence I wonder how they will rationalize and explain to the clan, how their father may go to prison for blatantly and publicly breaking the law of this land and they all condone it. I suppose family of many an alleged and deemed criminal has done the same, totally in denial.

    We should be trying to uplift our society morally. This show could have been made better as a serious documentary. Bigamy is illegal, but aside they have a right to their thoughts and beliefs. If they wish to lead this lifestyle, it would seem they would keep a somewhat low profile if they truly embrace these beliefs. But there are a number of things the American Public cannot in any way embrace about this whole concept and never will. For a network to promote this and reward this is really, to me as an American Citizen, Shameful---just knowing it is being promoted, but now even exploited for profit from all involved.
  • This family has always been a fascinating sort of train wreck. I have been engrossed in every season and grew to really like the individual people, and always hoped for more follow up seasons to keep up on the Brown family, but I'm not sure I can watch much more unless these two things are changed:

    1. The catfishing situation and the Meri/Mariah situation has been beaten to death and is still going... and going... and going... still being dragged on endlessly even though it happened 4 years ago- I can't watch any more of that because now it's just incredibly annoying. Meri was my favorite one in the beginning back in 2010 because she was so down to earth and relatable, but she's SO victimy now and always suspecting that everyone in her family is out to get her, and she can't seem to see how her behavior in her relationships is often quite toxic and inflammatory, and she really needs some intensive therapy on her own to get herself through this midlife crisis and out of this major victim mode. I feel like she changed at the time of the divorce and turned into a completely different person... and has felt like the left out, abandoned victim ever since. But please, no more catfish stuff. That dead horse has been beaten down to nothing and you're killing us regular viewers with it.


    2. This show is SOOOOO far behind real life that I have looked things up online to get details. The current episodes aren't current at all. So Axel should only be a few months old according to the episodes playing now but in reality he's almost two. Meri didn't JUST open the B&B, it's been open for more than a year, and there's been another wedding and another pregnancy, and a major relocation several months ago, but we probably won't see that until 2021. It's so far behind real life. I wish they would try to catch up, at least a bit. I could understand being a few months behind but not this far behind.

    I have to say that Christine keeps me watching. She's down to earth and I love how she puts Kody and all of his gigantic attention-seeking narcissism in his place (like "this is NOT about you Kody"). She seems so real. I love how she goofs around, even tackling Meri, because she makes the show fun. And her honesty is refreshing- the best part of the show. Janelle is a sweet lady but so emotionally detached that I don't see how she has any relationships at all, and I hope she can heal from whatever childhood trauma made her so entirely afraid to be vulnerable and connected to other people, because she obviously has a good heart. Robyn is nice and seems sincere too. Polygamy is clearly a miserable way to live, no matter what the show's intro script says. Holy cow. Never in a million years could I live that way. But still, a train wreck that is interesting to watch. Take out the catfish, get Meri individual counseling, catch up a bit (seriously!), and then keep it coming!
  • rbuckner3516 October 2015
    First of all, I thought that polygamy was illegal, and I cannot believe they show this on TV. I don't know much about this tradition, but in my faith, I believe that a man who loves a woman would not want any other and a woman with respect for herself, would not want to share her husband with anyone. I never will find a reason for this type of lifestyle. To each their own, but this is just not right to me and I do believe that I am not the only one. I know that everyone has different beliefs so I am not disrespecting them, but this, to me, is unacceptable and the reality shows that keep coming up on TV are insane. Naked shows of dating and news, and now this?. WOW?
  • I have been watching this reality show since it started. For those who claim they are breaking the law. All I can suggest is that you watch the very first episode. Kody is technically only LEGALLY married to Meri, and then he has a private ceremony (which does NOT include anything legal) in which he marries the other wives. The sister wives give one another claddagh rings, but that is a private thing between the wives. As well, that Kody is in relationships with grown women NOT children. Their lives, more closely follow POLYAMORY than polygamy. This is my opinion. I find much comfort in their lives because I myself live a POLYAMORUS lifestyle. The man in our lives is amazing as is the other woman in my life.
  • When I heard about this show my first reaction was !Warren Jeffs!, only because that was the only time I had ever really heard about the religion. Once I watched the show I was in love from the start! This family is nothing like Jeffs and they teach you; that's NOT at all how polygamy is! - I feel like they're all truly genuine! Yes Kody seems to cheese it up for the cameras from time to time, but the wives don't seem to care and put Kody in his place & the kids speak their mind disagreeing most of the time. They're such an easy family to fall in love with and relate to, & you sincerely feel for them because of it.

    Once you get to "know" them it's impossible to judge them. They're so open minded, as a lesbian, it's refreshing to see people who are religious & not be judgmental. If you haven't seen the show because of their beliefs then it's time to put that a side and take 30mins (more like 20 bc of commercials)& take in everything that the Brown family is. If you can manage to look past their religion then I assure you you'll love this show just as much as I do!! :)
  • Wonderful look into a fully functioning polygamist family. Watching this show has expanded my view on relationships. I recommend everyone check it out if they're going to watch anything on TLC. Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. They deserve more credit then they're getting, people should get off their high horse. No one is perfect and the best thing about this show is they don't pretend to be. But at the end of the day it's very clear they all have love for one another.
  • Sister Wives is good again! Flagstaff seems more authentic than Las Vegas. The show and the families have gone through a lot now. I think to myself, I could never be a sister wife. I would be so jealous. On the other hand, having all those sister/best friends would be nice.
  • Stuff like this is what gives TV a bad name. I can't think of any reason any reasonable person would watch this dreadful show.
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