Filmed on the exact same locations and sets used for BloodRayne: The Third Reich (2011) and Blubberella (2011).

The film was virtually ignored throughout its production until the release of its first trailer online which was hugely controversial. Director Uwe Boll was lambasted for shooting a short cameo of himself which he included in the trailer in which he plays an SS officer who appears to be falling asleep whilst on guard outside a room in which masses of people are being gassed to death in. Critics attempted to boycott the movie after the release of its gruesome trailer.

The film opens with a personal statement by director Uwe Boll and contains interviews with German school teenagers about the Auschwitz Concentration and Extermination Camp which open and close the film.

Boll compared his film to Alain Resnais's 1956 documentary Night and Fog (1956). "His film is also incredibly brutal but nevertheless it's the best film ever made about Auschwitz," he said.

This film is not a historically accurate representation of the Auschwitz Concentration and Extermination Camp. While the basic facts, like the deportations of Jewish people, their mass murder using large-scale gas chambers, the theft of their possessions etc., are true, nearly everything else is inaccurate. Especially the methods used by the Nazis for the deception and killing processes were very different in Auschwitz-Birkenau. The work of the 'Sonderkommando' is mostly done by the Nazis in this film. The production design is mostly wrong: Neither the camp nor the gas chambers looked like that and were much bigger. All in all, this is a very primitive representation, that should not be mistaken with historical accuracy. The acclaimed films The Grey Zone (2001) and especially Son of Saul (2015) are much closer to the historical facts.