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  • jideno12 July 2016
    This show keeps getting better and better. It's true that it may not have the most elaborated plots or dialogues, but it does not lack anything. The animation is good. The characters are well enough developed. The plot is simple enough for kids to understand (it is a show for kids), but intriguing enough to get you hooked. Spidey's humor is the best. It is just how I think the character should be. His jokes are for everyone to enjoy. They have no double meanings or offensive content. Children can laugh with all of them, and adults can too (if they have a kid's heart). I really hope they can keep this show running for a while, because there are a lot of things to explore in the world of Spider-Man.
  • Believe it or not, I consider my age as "too old to watch cartoons", but because of Ultimate Spiderman, yep, I'm still watching cartoons. I was introduced to this show when I'm changing channels to look for some good show to watch and then Disney XD appeared on the screen. I watch it for a while because I saw that the next show is Ultimate Spiderman. Well, I'm a marvelite, everything about marvel gets my attention. So after watching it I was kinda intrigued about this series because it's good and it's full of humor. It's spiderman! What to expect.

    I download all episodes from season 1-3 and all I can say is it's so good! I mean yes some episodes are kind of boring and same villains as always, but hey it's fun. I may not be a kid but this show is fantastic. It keeps me awake until 5 am just to finish every season! It keeps me laughing, every damn time. Peter's personality is lovely. I love his attitude even at his worst situation. His attitude in facing his problems could help every kid and even inspire them. Special mention to his SHIELD teammates: Nova, White Tiger, Powerman, and Ironfist. I love the voice casting, the character development, the characters, the plots, the lines of every character, and everything about it. I also like how Flash Thompson developed his personality. From bully to a hero. Thanks to spiderman who helped him! Kids will be inspired to be a good person like peter.

    I don't know why some of you doesn't like it, some even made a petition to cancel the show. Like wtf? If you don't like it then don't watch it. If you don't appreciate the show then look for the show that you might like. There's no need to hate. It was not made for you.The producers not asking you or forcing you to watch it and even like it. The show was created for those spiderman/marvel fans who knows how to appreaciate. ;) and I'm one of those. I appreciate this show so much. It may sounds weird but sometimes I'm loving this show more than Agents of Shield. It's my opinion so yes. Well hopefully there's more season to come! I don't know what to do if this show was cancelled. This one change my perspective about cartoons so I owe this show a big one. Ultimate Spiderman is included on my top 10 fav shows.
  • I recently watched the first 2 episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man and I can honestly say that I have never wanted to STOP watching a Spider-Man cartoon before in my life... until now.

    I have been a big fan of the Spider-Man comic series for many years and have liked almost all of the cartoon iterations of him, but this one just hurts to watch. I understand that Spider-Man is supposed to be a smart-mouthed teen who likes to make jokes while fighting crime, which is my favorite part about the character, but this show just takes it to an extreme. The show feels like a very awkward mix of Family Guy, Teen Titans and The Emperors New Groove... NONE of them in a good way.

    I think one of the biggest problems for me was how much the story was broken up by all of the "cut away" scenes. There would be an action scene going on, or a scene with meaningful dialog and it felt like every 5 seconds, they were shoe-horning a stupid "this is almost as bad as the time I..." joke, much like in Family Guy; The problem with this is that it broke up EVERYTHING that was happening in the show. The reason that Family Guy is able to get away with doing "cut away" scenes every few seconds is because that is what the show is all about. You don't watch Family Guy for the story or the action, you watch it to laugh at the jokes, which can actually be funny because they aren't being aimed at children. I understand that Spider-Man is a show made for children and I get that the characters aren't going to be nearly as serious as they are in the comics, but I feel like this was just too far from the source material for me to enjoy it.

    Another thing that bothered me was how just a few years ago we had, in my opinion, one of the best Spider-Man shows to date, Spectacular Spider-Man, and it was canceled in only it's second season. I had really high hopes for Ultimate Spider-Man to fill the void that Spectacular Spider-Man left, but it just didn't deliver at all.

    I guess I should address the animation for the show as well, while it looks good in still shots, much of the action gets... fuzzy? A lot of the time it looks like they got lazy while animating the action sequences and just decided to make everything blurry so it looked like he was doing something really cool, but all that it did was give me a headache. The character designs are good and they COULD look great, but it just seems like they got lazy with animating them; Yet another reason why I think that Spectacular Spider-Man did it better, the animation was much smoother.

    As far as the voice acting on the show goes, they all seem to have done a really good job... with what they were given to read. So much of the writing in this show just seems so forced; It seems like they thought that the more jokes that the shoved in and the more that they made it like Family Guy, the better that it would be... because, hey, people like Family Guy, right? Now, You may be asking "why was Spectacular Spider-Man so much better" and the most honest answer that I can give you is that it seems as though Marvel actually put a lot of work into Spectacular Spider-Man. I'm not saying that they didn't put a lot of work into Ultimate Spider-Man, but it's much harder to see in this one. The character designs in Spectacular Spider-Man may not have hit all of the right points for some people, but I really enjoyed it. The action in the show looked really good and it was easy to follow exactly what was happening, because you didn't have a bunch of blur that you had to try and see everything through. The story for Spectacular Spider-Man was your standard Spider-Man fare, but while it was a show essentially for kids, it also appealed to many adults as well. The show had its serious moments along with its really funny ones, which is what I think Spider-Man is all about. It took all of the things that were great from the 90's Spider-Man show, like the stories and the great scripts and coupled them with great animation and some really talented voice actors to give life to the characters.

    I really wanted to like Ultimate Spider-Man, but I just didn't. I feel like if this show was about just another teen superhero other than Spider-Man it would have been much more forgivable, but for it to take such a dump on such a beloved character, it is just really sad to see. Now all that I can do is hope that the new Spider-Man movie can really bring something good to the table.
  • As a true spider-man fan i can tell you this TV series has everything a spider- man TV show deserves it has the humor maybe a little childish but it does it has the action and drama episodes are connected which makes you want to see what happens next but to start you need to see episodes 1 to 15 because the first episodes don't clip you into watching it but after a while it gets better and better especially as different heroes come up such as iron man hulk etc so if you are looking for a spiderman show that has it all this one does although is not as great as the spectacular spiderman it doesn't deserve all the hate
  • I have watched Ultimate Spider-Man from season 1 to the final one, it was the best Marvel series I have seen so far. Season 1 & 2 was the crappiest, and super child-ish, with the worst jokes I have ever heard, but things just got a whole lot better, with no more "chibi" Spidey, and stupid jokes, USM has grown up, especially in season 4. It was nice to see this series has getting more mature by episode. "With great power, comes great responsibility", that is what Peter and Spidey are.

    I know this show has come from a very long way, and I'm happy to see this show being matured. Great job, Marvel, you've outdone yourselves. Just hate that this show has ended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember watching the two part series premiere of the Spectacular Spiderman in 2008. Despite reservations over the art style, I could tell the show had the goods halfway through the first episode. By the end of the second episode, I couldn't wait to see the third the following weekend.

    Fast forward to 2012 and I find myself watching the two part series premiere for Ultimate Spiderman. By the end of the second episode, I was feeling on the verge of being physically ill. However, to be fair, I decided to watch the third episode to make sure my hunches were correct. They were. This show is rubbish.

    USM is nowhere near being in the same league as SSM. To be blunt, it comes up short against every animated series to feature the character. Yes, this includes Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. While Spidey had to share the spotlight with Firestar and Iceman, in that series, here he is all but crowded out of frame by the likes of Power Man, Iron Fist, White Tiger and Nova. Oh Yeah, there's also Nick Fury, Agent Coulson (from the movies) and the rest of shield. Oh yeah, there's also the ever ubiquitous villain of the week. Not one of the good or bad guys really fit in with the Spiderman mythos, and it shows. Thankfully, there are the good old standbys.

    For instance, Mary Jane Watson is now a burgeoning, high school reporter and only feels vaguely reminiscent of a teenage Lois Lane because this characterization blatantly rips that property off. Aunt May is shown as being a bit younger and livelier here than ever before. Were it not for her gray hair, one could imagine May blowing off her nephew to go clubbing with college kids. J. Jonah Jameson has apparently gotten out of printed news and is now a television news personality, because seeing him scream out from a television screen is cooler than seeing him run roughshod over a bullpen. Right? Then, there's Harry. Why should Harry Osborn be a geeky outsider, when he can be a cool kid who sticks up for Parker? Well now we find out why.

    But, the belle of the ball, the icing on the cake, the cherry on the top and the recipient of more clichés than I have fingers is USM's lead. One has to wonder if Otto Octavius was charged with developing this series because the Wallcrawler really gets the short end of the stick. Here, Parker is prone to flights of fancy where he'll see himself as a toaster or using a jetpack. When not envisioning painfully out of character scenarios, he's breaking the fourth wall with an alarming regularity. Every time he freezes the action to talk to me, an esteemed member of the viewing audience, I find myself wishing he'd have the common decency to shut up. Some of this is due to the context of the situation he's in. It makes no sense for him to "timeout" in the middle of a fight to fill us in on what's happening. But the majority of the pain this narrative device provides, however, is due to Drake Bell's performance as Peter Parker.

    Over three decades of reading the comics, watching the movies, watching the cartoons and playing the games, I've come to expect Spiderman's voice to be cerebral and quite sardonic. In short the character's always been a blast to listen to. In USM, instead of an intelligent smart aleck, we get a pipsqueaky delivery that confuses crass for wit. Spidey, the thinking man's superhero, sounds about as witty as a high school kid bragging about his first beer.

    There's only one aspect of USM that compares favorably to previous series. This would be the animation and overall character designs. Visually, Parker veers extremely close to his depiction in the USM comics. The character model is quite detailed. Surprisingly, despite the bump up in detail, everything animates very smoothly. To be honest, the animation here actually seems to do a better job of conveying momentum and impact than even SSM. Regardless, when the writing, acting and action scenes are so jarringly bad, what does it matter? A lemon's a lemon, regardless of how shiny its paint job is.

    I honestly have no idea what the creators of this series were thinking. Most of them are former or current comic scribes who honestly should have a better handle on things. It's as though there is a deliberate effort on their part to sabotage this series. Either that or these guys are working past their expiration date. I'm going with the latter. Even so, this would still be an interesting experiment in failure; were it not for the fact a MUCH better series was cancelled for this pile to exist.

    In defense of USM's creators, this probably was written for a much younger audience to sell toys. After all, exploiting rugrats to attack their parent's wallets is such a noble endeavor. Regardless, if you're in the target demo and are old enough to sleep on your stomach without dying, don't watch USM. It'll only make you want to swear, and that's a bad habit to get into.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Other reviewers have covered the show's shortcomings rather well. I only would like to add my agreement that this show does not need to be "Family Guy" with superpowers.

    Never mind the ridiculous cycle and jet pack, and the incredibly moronic rivalry with Nova. Never mind Nick Fury behaving like teenager. Never mind the way Peter has regressed into a kid who is no smarter, no more responsible and no better than Flash Thompson. I barely recognize the character from the comic books when I watched this poor excuse for a show.

    Last... the first few reviewers whose posts were added before June of this year: try not to make it so obvious that you work for Marvel and/or its affiliates. Your spamming speaks for itself.
  • Okay so, here i go. this show,, is absolutely amazing. it's incredible. it's always been written off as terrible, lame, or childish. i'm here to tell you that's completely false.

    what so many negative reviewers refer to when saying this cartoon sucks is the fourth wall breaking or the stops that spidey does during the show. i think it's absolutely brilliant. someone of these breaks are actually funny, if you loosen up instead of being super critical.

    these breaks are so important because they explain why spidey can or can't do something, they explain certain situations, and are good recaps. and even being older, they can be super funny. sure some of them are childish, but keep in mind it's still a children's show.

    in terms of peter parker's characterization itself, it's perfect. we see a TRUE heart of gold character. he's exactly how stan envisioned him. awkward, funny, and cares so deeply for the safety of others. going through the series, you'll understand what i mean.

    other characters are also great. a lot of people love nova, and for good reason. each character has, well, character. they're all amazing in their own ways.

    in regards to plot, it's spectacular. you really have to get past the buff of the first 6-7 episodes but by episode 25 of the first season, i was crying from how emotional i was. episode 8 really got into the "woah" type of plot. it gets darker than you'd expect this show to get when you first take a look at it. season 4 is especially heartbreaking. you have been warned.

    overall, this show is heartwarming and full of amazing plots and characters. i recommend this for people who like animated shows such as young justice or voltron, as well as people who like funny and emotional shows. it's amazing. it's the ultimate show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watching this you can tell its a remake of spider-man and his amazing friends. Yet that had some heart to it and Firestar who was created for the show was latter written into the comics. None of the characters that are on Spidey's team is likable or has any personality. Iron Fist is a surfer dude, white tiger a sassy Latina. Seems to play up on stereotypes. The avengers today just introduce Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Now that's how they should be played. Smart, witty and shown not to be pushed around.

    Second it's obliviously focus on the 5 to 10 year olds. The episodes pretty much give that away. The spidercycle, the iron spider suit costume. The Doctor Doom episode with the shield aircraft that breaks away into 4 other aircrafts. Might as well just said now available at your local Toys R Us store.

    For the last and its a big one. Spider-man has always been about power and responsibility. Why are we seeing Spider-man as a irresponsible jerk? He seems more focus on upstaging Nova and playing with his Spidercycle or Ironspider costume being a mature responsible superhero that comics and past TV shows portrayed him. They need to change the name to the ultimate spider jerk. His wit is not there, his so called jokes are just bad. Also breaking the 4th wall just needs to stop.

    As a Spider-man fan I say watch Avengers Earth's mightiest heroes instead along with cartoon networks DC block. Those shows are far superior than this travesty.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe they canceled The Spectacular Spider-Man for this. This show is complete and utter garbage. There are so many things wrong with this show that I don't know where to begin.

    First of I can't take the constantly random jokes in this series, they are trying to make a Spider-Man show with a Family Guy approach. I have no idea what is wrong with the creators of this version but they should stay as far away from Spider-Man because they are ruining my favorite superhero.

    Also, they got Peter Parkers character all wrong, Peter used to be intelligent but in this series it seems he has lost all his intelligence and has become lazy.

    They have also completely changed the Venom's background, the symbiote used to be an alien from space not a creation of Doctor Octopus using Peter Parker's blood.

    Something else that has been bothering me is all the characters being introduced to the series that doesn't belong in it the first place. Characters from Fantastic Four, Avengers even Thor.
  • With the cancellation of fan-favourite animated series The Spectacular Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man was seemingly doomed from the beginning. Fresh from the Disney buy-out from Marvel, this interpretation of the Web-Slingers story see's Peter Parker still at high school, dealing with the woes of teenage life and responsibility of being a hero. Meanwhile, his superhero antics catches the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D who offer up an extensive membership under supervised training.

    Any fan of Spider-Man will tell already that this storyline seems directly from the storyline 'The Death of Spider-Man', a controversial story-arc run in Marvel's Ultimate series. These same fans will be disappointed, however, that the series fails to bring forward the adult story-telling from said comics. And this is where the series falls flat.

    The main problem watching this series is that it trades any sort of character development or deep storytelling, for cheap slap-stick jokes and unnecessary team-ups. During a scene, Parker will turn to the camera, set-up a joke and cut-away to a quick 'Looney Tunes' esque sketch. Whilst humorous, it does feel unneeded and, for lack of a better word, dumb. In regards to the Team-Ups, I find this show concentrates too much on having Spidey meet up with some Marvel B-Lister (Who is White Tiger?!?!?) when they could be giving us great villains from Spider-Man's rogue gallery.

    Another problem with the show is the actual use of Spider-Man himself. Half the time, the guy is 'tripping over his own webs', screaming or simply annoying those around him, whilst other superheroes take care of whatever the threat happens to be. Spider-Man, the titular character, is literally pushed aside and out done by the previously mentioned B-Listers. It's pretty lame to watch.

    I guess people wouldn't mind so much, if it wasn't such a classic character they were doing this to. Spider-Man is a superhero, witty, powerful and, most of all, responsible whilst Peter Parker is dorky, clumsy and awkward. Here, Spider-Man AND Parker are dorky, clumsy and awkward. It's far less entertaining to watch and the superhero just comes across as hapless and annoying.

    It's not necessarily an unwatchable programme, it has its rare moments of chuckles and the animation is the best I've seen in a Spider-Man show so far. It just feels like a wasted opportunity in regards to Story-Arcs (the Ultimate Spider-Man comic was fantastic for these) and villain gallery (Come on! We wanna see SOME familiar faces!).

    Whilst okay for kids, it's certainly not a great watch for Marvel fans. Unfaithful, annoying and occasionally ridiculous, Ultimate Spider-Man certainly doesn't live up to its name sake.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man is an amazing show. You see him develop a lot as a character throughout the series, as well as many of the other characters that are introduced in the series. I have not been able to stop watching it. If I could rate it more than 10 stars I would.
  • As everyone writing in here, I grew up with spider-man comics, cartoons, movies; I've tried to catch everything about this hero cause he is the greatest for me.

    When I saw this show, I got very happy and beginning from first episode there are a lot of scenes I laughed out loudly... really loudly. The sense of humour of the show is great and I really like the drawings, they are more funny so they're supporting with that.

    They're touching all the heroes you can imagine and of course their untrained versions, they're learning their duties in life and watching such things is amazing.

    Hope the show never ends.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man series I have ever seen. It has a great storyline, action, animation. Ultimate Spider-Man s' season 1 and 2 is first half of the series and season 3,4 is second half of the series. Because, in season 1 Spider-Man rival venom is deafeated and green goblin is born. in season 2 sinister six , doctor octopus , green goblin, lizard were season 3 Green Goblin , doctor octopus escaped and again green goblin was deafeated forever. In season 4 doctor octopus escaped again and reform his new sinister six also doctor octopus join forces with hydra. In end of the season 4 doctor octopus and his new sinister six and hydra were deafeated.
  • This show is one of the best marvel cartoons I've seen to date. It gives a true glimpse into the mind of the Peter Parker that we love. While I wish they would show off his science guy side a little more, the team and aspects of the Marvel Universe introduced in this show have been very well done. Just finished season 2 on Netflix and cannot wait for 3. I've really enjoyed Coulson's role in this series and the humor that surrounds his character. As well as the random team-ups we've seen spidey have with various marvel characters. The only other thing I'd like to see is more consistency and crossover with the other two animated series that are on the air right now, Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. But as I said otherwise, excellent show, best Marvel has on the air in the animation department right now
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why is it that whenever older characters get put into a show that works differently, narrow-minded fanboys hate on it right away? My only theory is that it's the caveman in all of us. We stay close to the familiar and shy away from the unknown.

    The Nostalgia Critic said it best in his analysis of The Looney Tunes Show. He said that if a show's setup isn't your cup of tea that it's fine, at least you saw it for yourself, but it's foolish to hate a show just because it's different from what you're used to.

    Anyway, I love this show. We get to see the inner thoughts of our beloved web-head in a funny, over-the-top fashion. He and his superhero partners have great chemistry together. The show's got great comedy in general and equally great writing.

    Thankfully, unlike the 90s cartoon (yes, I'm a fan of that show, too, so hold your horses), Mary Jane isn't just there to be saved. She can actually take care of herself now. Sure, she's basically Gwen Stacy with the name Mary Jane, however she's more about athleticism rather than super intelligence.

    He also has team-ups with other heroes like Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor. These episodes often lead to some of the show's weirder adventures, like when Peter Parker gets a body swap with Wolverine or when Thor gets turned into a frog by Loki to destroy his chances of beating him (yes, that really happened).

    It's also got great action. It's well-choreographed and fun to watch.

    Well, I hope that was helpful. Check it out for yourself and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Months before Ultimate Spider-Man even premiered I noticed that there was a lot of hate for this show. A lot of the common outcries I noticed seemed to be "They canceled Spectacular Spider-Man for this, this is going to suck!" And I admit, I too was miffed that Spectacular was canceled because of a lot of red tape; it was a surprisingly very well written cartoon that, despite being for the younger crowd, never talked down to its audience; drawing on Spider-Man's history in both the comics and and media to feature numerous easter eggs for several fans who had been into the character for years. But in spite of that, I still very much wanted to check out this new "Ultimate" cartoon. Would it be as good as Spectacular was? Well probably not. But that doesn't mean that it would automatically suck. It could very well be good in its own right.

    Now it's three months since the show premiered and I've since come to the assessment that it deserves all the hate it gets and more. I've seen more than enough of it now to see just what kind of show it is; one that talks down to its target audience and actually loves saying "screw you" to anyone else watching.

    So, why do I dislike USM so much? Well, there's there's two points to that. The first, and what seems to be most common with most of this show's detractors, is the over emphasis on comedy than anything else. Now, I have nothing wrong with a more light-hearted superhero cartoon. Batman: The Brave and the Bold took a lighter approach to the character yet still made it work, and of course there's the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series which also focused mainly on humor. But shows like those knew when to pick and choose their funny moments. Ultimate on the other hand mixes in everything to try and get a laugh without even checking to see if it their humor works within the context. You have cutaways of a super-deformed Spidey arguing with himself or his teammates, being in the shower, riding a jet pack (repeatedly), vomiting, and doing a bunch of other crazy stuff. And unlike say Teen Titans, which wisely knew when to tone it down for its more serious episodes and fight scenes, Ultimate" on the other hand wouldn't know the meaning of "less is more" if someone tattooed it into its backside. Nearly every minute of every episode you get bombarded with some 4th-wall joke, and that includes the fight scenes against the big bad super villains, which pauses every minute so Spider-Man can make some sarcastic comment that shows him doing something out of character and embarrassing. So that's my first point. But it pales in comparison to point two, which is why I really feel this show is giant screw-up after another.

    It seems like every character on this show suffers from one of two things: they're too bland and barely there consistently to be worth giving a damn about, or they're a total jerk who isn't unlikable in the slightest. Characters like Power Man, Iron Fist, Mary Jane, or J. Jonah Jameson feel like part of the scenery, while other characters like White Tiger, who portrays herself as an arrogant know-it-all, Nick Fury, who goes out of his way to humiliate the title character just for some cheap laughs, and braggart Nova who argues with just about everyone on the show would be the last sort of people you'd ever want yourself or any of your close friends to know.

    But the absolute worst offender is the way Spider-Man is handled, as it contradicts everything the character is supposed to be about. I think everybody knows the basics: he made a mistake, it cost him his beloved Uncle Ben, and now he does his best to always do the right thing to make up for it and honor his memory in spite of all adversity that comes his way. Not too hard to get the character down following that logic here, right? Heck, the first episode starts out with him grieving for his Uncle like usual. But then what proceeds to immediately screw this up is just two episodes later at one point he decides to steal a SHIELD jet to attack Dr. Doom just to try and look cool in front of the other heroes. As he's getting in the seat, his conscience starts getting to him, he wonders if doing this is truly the best and most responsible thing, and considers dropping the whole crazy plan... and then he proceeds to immediately say "Yeah, maybe next life!" Yes folks, you read that right: the guy decides to essentially say "to hell with responsibility" even though he's personally learned the hard way just how much being irresponsible can cost you. He's selfish, he's arrogant, he's obnoxious, he's a giant jerk... I could go on and on listing the negative traits of what is easily the most unlikable version ever of "Spider-Man" for hours. In fact, he's such a huge departure from any previous portrayal of the character that it makes me wonder if when this cartoon was originally in development with someone completely different in the role and the producers just decided to slap Spider-Man's face on it just to try and get more recognition.

    It's bad enough that the humor tries and fails to actually be funny but instead feels more and more like a tamer version of a Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer film, but what's the point of watching when there isn't a single person on the show you can even bring yourself to root for? I've finally decided to quit watching this thing and I'm never looking back. Hopefully everyone else that's watching this will do so as well so this bizarre monstrosity's ratings will fall and then lead it to dying as fast as possible.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was amazed with Ultimate Spider-Man. When I saw this show, Spider-Man and other shows. I really enjoyed it. I was a really comic book fan of all time. Spider-Man who has teamed up with four teenage heroes: Power Man, White Tiger, Nova and Iron Fist. Who agent Coulson, who is acting principal at midtown high. That was marvelous. This show was like funnier than ever. More talent and great story. I've seen some of the episodes. I couldn't disagree more. But I've seen it for a while most of the time when I used to watch superheroes cartoon all my life. Some of the shows I've scenes EMH, and Avengers Assemble. This is the show I really enjoyed.
  • I am so goddamn sick of people crapping all over this show and screaming how much 'spectacular spider-man was so much better'

    ... it wasn't. it really, really wasn't. I watched a good amount of the episodes when it premiered And there's nothing different. Why would I watch that when I could see the original 90's Spidey that adapted so many of the great stories from the comics, Spider-man unlimited with it's own unique storyline or even the cg Spider-man which used the movie as a jumping off point.

    Ultimate spider-man uses elements from the original amazing spider-man comics and ultimate line story element to craft a story all its own of spidey's advancement to a new level. People constantly complain about the jokes, but that's spidey's thing. And even I can admit it gets grating at times, but trust me - it mellows out after the 1st season.

    The story is completely serious when a two part event occurs with little to no joking. The spider-man character while seeming childish is probably the most mature peter parker I've ever seen. Watch the episode "Strange" and you'll know what I mean. It doesn't waste time on the bullshit Maryjane relationship, or really any teen drama whatsoever. It focuses on action and the comic book styled storytelling

    ... oh and the "great power and great responsibility" bit is said the least I have ever, Ever! Heard in any spidey series I have seen. You know why, cause this peter doesn't need to constantly telling himself that overused as hell line!

    I love it. Even if it does have flaws, I still suggest checking it out. It's really great series just to watch spidey crack jokes and kick ass!!!
  • goodterling4 May 2012
    This whole show is a joke and it never lets you forget it for a second. And it's not even a funny joke. I get that it's aimed at a younger audience, but so is Ben 10 and Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and you can tell with both those shows that someone behind the scenes pours his heart into making them. Ultimate Spider-Man reeks of design-by-committee cynical pandering. It's anything for a laugh and screw all else. They even steal Family Guy's cut-aways, but the result is cringe inducing. Nobody making this thing gives a damn about it, and that's sad because the world is full of Spidey fans who'd love to do it right.
  • worldofdady20 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    It is a great show ,it's full of good humor which you will not see in any DC movie and action with plenty of villains and plenty of marvel's super heroes. For the negative part, I understand this is an animated TV series but it has some very unrealistic scenes; for example the episode in Boston where it was hard for Spidey to take down some amateur bad guys when he had no problem fighting alone The Sinister Six or how Trapster , Rhino, The Beetle and more others are escaping the SHIELD maximum security prison without the necessary equipment which, in my perspective, it was confiscated from them. Otherwise, all good.
  • This show was just awesome I would recommend it to someone who likes Spiderman teaming up with different Marvel characters like Blade, The Avengers, moon knight and much more. Only if the Fantastic Four and the rest of the X-Men would have made an appearance then I would have been even happier.

    This show is probably the longest spiderman show ever. The animation was great we even saw great voice actors and even celebrities like Clarke Gregg, Dove Cameron, Payton List and much more.

    Don't listen to the criticism and bad reviews this show is getting the point is if a kid would like it then that's all that matters. Maybe you might even like it.
  • just saw the first two episodes of "Ultimate Spider-Man " the TV series (2012). This show from the start lets you know that it is going to be garbage. Like the Super-Hero Squad Show or The Batman, it is ridiculous and horribly written. The show makes no sense at times and tries to pull Family Guy's funny random pop culture reference tactic (where they refer to something else in the middle of the narrative), but it fails miserably here. This show is garbage and had so much potential given the fact that Paul Dini and Brian Michael Bendis were attached to it. Shame on them for associating with this patronizing the super-hero genre show.
  • alexidwoods31 May 2012
    Like Marvel and Disney produced a loved child and forced it on the world. Seriously Possibly the worst excuse for a show I ever saw. For god sake treat the audience with some respect. Instead of treating them like complete morons. I want the 22mins of my life back thatI I spent watching each episode. Having parts of my anatomy removed without ansythetic would be more preferable than having to endure one more episode of this in fact I would rather play ET on the Atrai 2600 than watch another episode of this car crash. The Humour is poor the story lines bland the animation is OK and thats the only plus point the target audience must be 3 year olds its that poor.
  • It seems that any time a comic book hero takes a new direction, the die hard fan boys that only leave their mother's basement once a week to buy new comic books come out of the wood work to get their hate on. Instead of finding things legitimately bad with the show, they fall back on, "this isn't anything like Spiderman!" Well, Stan Lee, co-Executive Producer, disagrees with you.

    While many people facing the kind of trials Peter Parker did would behave much as he is depicted in the comics, many would not and it's refreshing to see a different take.

    The team dynamics that others have complained about are also not unrealistic at all. Ask anyone in the military how well they get along with their coworkers.

    This show is not perfect, few are. But it is very well done. The constant breaking of the 4th wall provides its own refreshing comedy as well as a great deal of insight into the inner mind of Peter Parker in an amusing fashion. Rather than taking away from the show, it adds to it. All to often, people take comic books too seriously and this reminds us that we shouldn't. If you need a real life hero, plenty of them exist; they wear dog tags.
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