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  • Right, where to start. After reading some recent reviews on this show I had to quickly create an IMDb account so I could stick up for it. One guy even said this show is horrible to look at and the animation sucks! He must be watching on a 9" b/w TV. Watch this on an hd TV and your eyes will be glued. I always think how amazing shows animation like this and Adventure Time are compared to back in the days. I do get the comparison to Family Guy but that's purely because adults can laugh out loud to this; I do and I'm 21. One guy even stressed for like 2 paragraphs about how unintelligent some characters are. IT'S A KIDS SHOW ON A KIDS CHANNEL. If you want to learn something then watch the Discovery channel, fool. Yes Lola, for example is mad and annoyingly stupid but she's not that bad where you should rant about for 2 paragraphs!! I don't get the point to point comparison to the classic Looney Tunes. Just accept that it's a new show with new stories and concepts. The characters are still lovable (well, maybe not Daffy). What the hell is wrong with them living in houses?! Is this show meant to POINT TO POINT copy the classics? No! I think them living in houses makes them more relatable to us. Isn't that why most of the time we watch a programme. Seriously, some of the reviews I read were seriously corrupt and foolish. Now, time for MY actual review. Not a review of others STUPID reviews. This show is very funny. The only downside is that currently it only comes on once a day on Boomerang while other shows like Regular Show on CN come on way more. I really like this show. The story isn't all that fast paced but you've got to remember that it's a KIDS SHOW. No matter how busy you are, you've got to make time for this show. Ever heard of Sky+?
  • This new Looney Tunes Show was a perfect compilation of our favorite classic characters and how they would have grown to our time now, while still keeping their humorous personalities and wacky antics. It also gave a positive response to our stuffy society's view of Speedy Gonzalez ( original cartoons considered racist and pulled off TV). The Show portrays more in depth personalities of our little heroes that makes you love them even more. It's like getting to know them behind the scenes but yet seeing them referring to their good old days. Like us Adults remembering the classics and sharing this now with our children. I think it's an excellent re-make and come back for kids today and us- from yesterday. If you haven't seen this, give it a chance, your life will be happier :D
  • First off, this is a really good cartoon. Looney Tunes or not. The Looney Tunes live in the real world and live among regular people. Bugs Bunny has a house, his roommate Daffy Duck, his neighbor Yosemite Sam, and he some-what girlfriend Lola. It plays out like a sitcom, but a good one. The jokes are funny, it's very entertaining, and the characters feel real. However, not everyone will like this. The Looney Tunes Show isn't supposed to be a laugh out loud comedy. I would consider the jokes more like the game Portal or the movie Hot Fuzz. It's not supposed to make you laugh like crazy, and in the end, the show is better. Watch the originals and notice how long each episode is, about 6-12 minutes the most. You can't have laugh out loud jokes go on for almost half an hour, which is why Regular Show and Mad are only about 11 minutes. Then watch a funny sitcom like the King of Queens, Seinfeld, Everybody loves Raymond, or Yes, Dear. There are funny, but not laugh out loud funny,

    But how to the characters match up? Well, every character is interesting and every character has character. Personally, I think the characters that did change were for the better. Witch Hazel isn't a psychopathic witch, but the mother or a monster. This allows the character to open more and be more interesting, even if you don't think so. Gossamer is now an 8-year child. I was a little skeptical first, but once you remember that Gossamer was originally a monster, you soon realize that character doesn't work so well in a sitcom. Finally, Lola Bunny. Give her the voice of Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live, and you get a character that's fun to watch. She talks miles of dialogue at a time and at points made me laugh so much I had to rewatch to hear the joke again. Now, not every character will appeal to everybody, but from what they have, it's really good.

    But faithful is it to the originals? Honestly, not really. If the only reason you wanted to watch this cartoon was because you really liked the originals and was hoping for the something similar, you won't like it. Look at the new Rambo movie, the new Rocky movie, Duke Nukem Forever, Indiana Jones, and the Expendables. Things that would be really cool back then, won't necessarily be good now. If the general public today who never heard who the Looney Tunes were would watch an episode of the originals against the newer version, the newer version would be the better.

    Don't go into this cartoon hoping for something faithful. Go into it hoping to find something entertaining. You might end up liking this if you gave it a try.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I mean it's an okay show,but this is definitely NOT how the looney tunes should have been rebooted.Looney tunes are all about hilarious slapstick,while this show has little to no slapstick.It's just a sitcom,that's it.And they changed some of the character's personalities.Daffy,who used to be crazy jerk,is now a brain dead jerk,bugs,who used to be the smart wise guy,is now an average joe,taz,who used be a crazy tornado of doom,is now a pet "dog"(WTF),lola,who used be a s**y rabbit with no personality,is now crazy rabbit(I actually like her change),witch hazel,who used to be a crazy witch,now acts like an ordinary black woman(I'm not trying to offend anyone),that huge red crazy monster who used to be a .........a huge red crazy monster,now acts like a wimpy 9 year old(he is also witch hazel's son.again WTF?)and ....that''s it I guess.OH, and the CGI road runner and coyote looks ugly to me.The animation is decent,the jokes are hit and miss but most of the characters,I don't care about.If the creators replaced the looney tunes characters with their own characters or added more slapstick and made the road runner and coyote shorts 2-D,I would've given this show a higher score.
  • I must admit, before I begin my hatred against TLTS and look forward to the next upcoming sellout, Change can be very good and beneficial when actual thought and passion is applied, but there's no change present here; just debauchery. They've taken timeless characters that nearly everyone has grown up loving and subjected them to the same lame, tasteless, crap-staining that has plagued newer characters that could never live up to the Looney Tunes on their best day.

    The concept of funny with respects to Lola, is definitely different from what I perceive as funny. To me Lola's brand of "comedy" is highly akin to nails on a chalkboard. Once again I state that whoever did the "writing" for this show borrowed too heavily from Seth MacFarlane's treatment of Family Guy. This show's version of Lola might as well just be Peter Griffin wearing a rabbit suit, make-up, and a dress, for she's every bit as stupid and obnoxious as Peter, and frankly stupid characters alone are not funny. Laughing at a dumb character in a movie or cartoon is equivalent to laughing at the dumb kid in school who stuffs crayons up his nose and then makes fart noises.

    To the position, about them being smarter than they at first seem, no they aren't, and even if you're going to argue about the so-called hidden level of intellect, they are still no where near the intelligent level of humor and character development that went into the original cartoons. The Looney Tunes are satirists, in addition to being universal and timeless. They should have at least played upon that characteristic that their original creators endowed them with. Instead of borrowing from the style of shows like Family Guy they should have borrowed more from shows like Duckman or Animaniacs including slapstick and zaniness along with the sitcom-style awkwardness.

    People tend to think that the critics of this show are merely nostalgia-blinded, but firstly there is no such thing as nostalgia-blinded. Whenever studios try and do anything new using old characters and media they are trying to play the nostalgia card and draw in the appeal of the preexistence watchers, and one of the first rules when dealing with another artist's original characters and stories, is that you pay respect to the artist FIRST, then you deal with pleasing the fans. This show does neither. They spit in the original creators' faces while simultaneously ticking off a majority of the Looney Tune fans worldwide. That nonsense about appealing to a new generation is rubbish too. If kids weren't already fans of the Looney Tunes, they're not going to become fans by you making an unoriginal reinterpretation of them. This show just serves as an example of what happens when corporatism gets its hands on anything creative, they squeeze all the worth out of it until its nothing but a mangled shell of its former self.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I, as a huge fan of Looney Tunes, was looking forward to the new Looney Tunes revival series when Cartoon Network advertised that the show would make its debut on May 2011. I saw the show and man I was very disappointed. The show is nothing like Looney Tunes. They aren't 'Looney'. They're too normal. Looney Tunes was best known for its slapstick comedy. Instead, its a bland dialog-oriented sitcom where the Looney Tunes are mature and do 'grown-up stuff' like working in the office and obeying societal norms, etc. I hated that. I wish to see them fight each other comically through shooting each other with shotguns, throwing grenades at each other, etc., not all that. Why? Why change a classic show instead of staying true to the originals?

    I also hate how the characters are portrayed too. The characters are all wrong. Bugs is a boring, lifeless, no-nonsense everyman who is easily annoyed at insanity instead of the mischievous trickster of the olden days, Daffy is an annoyingly unfunny moron character instead of the greedy jerk or that crazy hyperactive duck back then. Lola Bunny from Space Jam is now a dumb blonde girl who Bugs often rejects, Elmer Fudd no longer hunts wild animals and instead is a bland news reporter, Yosemite Sam doesn't use his guns and isn't the angry Western robber we used to know, Pepe Le Pew is no longer a smelly lovesick skunk, Foghorn Leghorn no longer pulls pranks on Barnyard Dawg, Marvin the Martian no longer attempts to destroy Earth, Taz is now Bugs' dog and doesn't spin like a tornado of fury, Witch Hazel is now a 100% serious witch named Witch Lezah as opposed to the psychotic witch from back then, Gossamer is now a young child, and Speedy Gonzales is a dull pizza man who lives in Bugs' and Daffy's house? Seriously! What did u do to these characters? The only characters who are correctly portrayed in the show are Granny, Sylvester, Tweety, Wile E Coyote and Road Runner. Aside from bad casting, voice acting is terrible. Witch Hazel sounds so wrong (in this case she sounds like an African-American), Daffy and Speedy had deep voices, etc. Between every episode got 'Merrie Melodies' where our Looney Tunes character sing crappy songs that are so annoying. The only thing that is 'Looney' is the CGI Wile E Coyote/Road Runner cartoons.

    Looney Tunes fans out there, please skip this awful crap and stick to the originals. If you're looking for good Looney Tunes revival TV shows, choose shows like 'Taz-Mania', 'Tiny Toon Adventures', 'The Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries' or 'Duck Dodgers' instead.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Turning the Looney Tunes into a sitcom was the stupidest idea. I checked out volumes 1, 2, & 3 of Season 1, and I watched every episode, so I gave it a fair chance. I can honestly say, I never laughed. The only chuckle I can remember having was seeing Daffy dressed as Batman and saying, "I'm Batman." But that was only a chuckle. The story lines are old and predictable, and done horribly. Bugs is an unlikable jerk, Daffy's a complete moron, Lola is the only character on the show that fits the Looney title, AND SHE'S NOT EVEN AN ORIGINAL LOONEY TUNE!!!!!! Actually, Lola's looniness is actually annoying and not at all funny. Gossamer as a little kid? I was in shock at that one. They destroyed Gossamer! Taz is now a dog, and lacks his classic Taz characteristics. Speedy Gonzales is an annoying twit! To be honest, the only character I felt they got right was Sylvester, and I only saw him in two of the episodes! The worst part is the stupid songs that pop up halfway through the show. Elmer singing about grilled cheese? That's their idea of creativity!? And the songs only get worse from there. The Coyote and Road Runner shorts are the only saving grace, but they're far too short for me to even get into them. Plus, I had a hard time getting used to the CGI look for them. This show sucks! The characteristics of the characters are way off. Space Jam did better! Back in Action did better!! Heck, even Baby Looney Tunes did better!!! That's how pathetic this show is. The show aimed at tots, had the characteristics of the Tunes down better than this pile of crap! The whole show should be put into a rocket, and launched into the sun! It would never be missed, and those who do like it would soon forget it ever existed! In my opinion, this is at the same level as the Tom and Jerry Movie, the Inspector Gadget movie, and Tristar's Godzilla movie. Well, I've had my say. It's my opinion, and I stand by it.
  • Why, Cartoon Network? Why tone down our favorite slapstick beat-em-up comedy show into a blatant answer to better 2D sitcoms like Family Guy? The jokes aren't that funny to begin with. The plots aren't too surprising, the art design and animation looks laughably bad, but I just don't like this show. To be fair, it's at least worthwhile if there's nothing better on TV, but if there's something better on that you happen to like, go ahead and change the channel.

    I really hope the writers get the message that we're ALL trying to put out to them... we really do want the chance to enjoy this show, and it's not too late to fix.

    Just please... don't let us potentially permanent fans down!

    And if you have not seen this show yet, and are looking to the reviews to see if it's something you WOULD like to watch, keep an open mind to it being a once beloved cartoon, that's original was produced some 80 years ago... and the re-boot... is just that... A Re-boot, which needs re-booting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I mean, come on! The original Warner Bros. cartoon Directors, Animators, Writers and Music Directors (first Carl Stalling and later Milt Franklyn) who are no longer with us, along with the late, great Mel Blanc are each doing about 1000 RPM in their graves. For the most part, the art work STINKS (Bugs Bunny painted PURPLE??), the voices are 98% dreadful (Witch Hazel suddenly became BLACK? The guy doing Bugs can't act. Daffy is only sort of okay. The two percent that sound right are as follows: Elmer Fudd is excellent, and of course Granny is still Granny, because she is still June Foray, thank God. And they called in Bob Bergen from Duck Dodgers to beautifully play Porky.) This show could easily evaporate from the face of the earth and fans of the GENUINE Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies would NEVER miss it. EVER!!!
  • The Looney Tunes are one of the most important and innovative chapters, a ground breaking moment in the history of animated films. Each and every short of that golden era is filled with mind blowing inventions, both in matter of comedy (visual and spoken) and of animation. The Looney Tunes are ageless because they are archetypal. You can identify with the characters of the Looney Tunes not because they live in the same suburban house as you, but because they think and react in a way you think and react, or at least you wish you could react. Chuck Jones says in his autobiography: "Why do we love great comedians? Not for what they look like, but for what they do... They are mirrors of what we do, or, in the case of the comic hero, what we would like to be able to do." Setting them in a suburban house with a pool and bathrobes is limiting their universality. It takes away all their archetypal stature, deprives them of their metaphorical dimension and oversimplifies or even cancels their allegorical complexity.

    Unlike today's animated pictures, in the Looney Tunes there were no moral lessons to be taught. There were no "good messages". They had no educative value whatsoever. Those films offered some moments of freedom from all this. Bugs and Daffy never were some docile, middle class sitcom characters. They were marginals with no values, making fun of everything, defying conventions. Those shows were pure comical anarchy, combining the great slapstick comedy of the 20s and the 30s and the dialectical wits of the Marx Brothers. They had no rules, no predetermined setups, no cuteness, no false kindness. The Looney Tunes consisted in the pure pleasure of a funny story told in movement, music, sound and color. Again, the great Chuck Jones talks about the stories an uncle used to tell him. He says: "the ending was all a small boy could hope for: there was never a hint of morality, no overt heavy-handed effort to make us better children, better adults, or better at anything except learning the love of listening."

    "The Looney Tunes Show" is oblivious of everything accomplished by the creators of the Looney Tunes. These polished, spineless, spiritless, witless excuses of characters are not the ones we know. The only thing that makes this show relate with the Looney Tunes is the fact that they use the same model sheets for the characters. That is all. This show has castrated Bugs and Daffy and made them docile and harmless. Bugs is now living in a suburban house, has a pool cleaned by a pool boy. He has a wallet and a credit card and does jokes about Daffy being unable to make a coffee. The plots are predetermined by this horrible sitcom set, making it impossible of any original invention (in comedy or in animation). This show is just another sitcom. Only, instead of Chandler and Joey, you have a rabbit and a duck -who are as gutless as the Friends. In the original Looney Tunes, Daffy could be an inspector in space, a cowboy, a robin hood-like buffoon -he could be all of that and yet he never ceased being Daffy Duck; he was not delimited by the role he was given. The Looney Tunes were put in situations that they completely turned around by being characters. In this confrontation between character and role (which reflects the real life confrontation between the individual and the situations in which he is constantly subdued and who constantly tend to shape him, break him and make him comply) the character was always the winner. The personality of Daffy could not be restrained by a role. And that's comedy: it's all about character, about personality dismantling the situation. "(...)character is all that matters in the making of great comedians, in animation and in live action." says, again, Chuck Jones. In this show Daffy and Bugs are trapped in the situation (it is a situational comedy, after all, not a character comedy). Now their role IS their character, thus making them unable to bent it, deny it, destroy it and make fun of it. They are no longer free of it, or free to defy it. The obey it and live with it. They are trapped in it.

    Concerning the animation part, this show is a disgrace. And I think that even those who find it funny will agree with this. This is not an animation; it is an animated version of a TV sitcom. I can not understand how someone who has the intention of using the Looney Tunes characters can ignore in such a blatant way the fact that the Looney Tunes set bases for the art of animation and completely transformed it. If you want to bring the Looney Tunes back, you have to at least try to do something like that. But, what we have here is an animation who simply tries to mimic the visual layout of a stereotypical television sitcom. Who directs these stuff? What happened to the art of animation? When did it lose its aesthetic autonomy? When was it stripped of its own codes and given those of TV sitcoms? This show is irrelevant. It does not have and will never have any impact whatsoever in the history of comedy and surely not in the history of animation. In its best moments it vaguely reminds the real Looney Tunes just by copying and rehashing the real inventions that took place back then. The characters have been reduced in playing the roles of their character. There are no characters in this show, just roles played by empty drawings trying to imitate something they once were. This is a pitiful animated sitcom wasting some of the most amazing and beautiful characters ever created in animation history. Looney Tunes made history. This show is unmaking it.
  • The Looney tunes show, I hate it. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Some details in the animations felt really wrong (the design in general of Bugs, Lola, Porky, etc. like a creepy buffoons with big heads and big feet, but I agree the fact when they have their bad moments, it was the worse. Stupid just for the sake to be funny. The original humor was absurd sometimes, yes, but it make sense and doesnÂ't feel like this thing. I watched the show all my childhood and see this was an absolute torture.

    The characters are OOC, Lola has become an annoying, stubborn, needy and clichéd, just like the others. None of the characters are likable neither is the plot. If you're watch this show just to past time, don't waste your time. There are much creative shows other than this garbage. What kind of a sitcom is that? A shitty sitcom, that's the right kind for this show. Hell it even makes Nick Jr and other PBS shows hell more entertaining! I'd rather watch mold grow than this crap! Taz is supposed to be vicious not a house pet, And look at Yosetmet Sam, he's supposed to destroy Bugs not harass Bug and Daffy at their own home! This show is the reason why I'm writing a story about them and how they failed! I won't be even surprised if Looney Tunes' popularity declines every show or segment made!

    Don't know which is worst, the Looney Tunes dancing to Lisa Stanfield's you can't deny it or this show? I'd say both!

    Plus despite the wacky appearance of the cartoon, it wasn't a stretch and squash type of show like it should be, but it instead it was lame-o sitcom. Despite its "improvement" it never won my interest. Plus thankfully it was cancelled.
  • This is one of the worst shows I have ever seen I would rather watch All the twilight movies and all the episodes of problem solvers, honey boo boo and secret mountain fort awesome then watch another episode of this show, they ruined all The characters, plus the show is not even "looney" Bugs is boring and it feels like he lost all his energy, he is your average Joe/ football fan Daffy is A STUPID MORON who is self-absorbed and ridiculous, he was self-absorbed in the original but he was never STUPID Porky is a fat, nerdy, ugly, loser who is just plane boring to watch compared to the stud of the 1900's Lola is bugs' stupid, obsessive, blonde stalker, even though bugs sucks now It is hard to watch daffy and Lola being such morons around him' Tina is not even a Looney tune, I like the original idea but seriously GIVE HER PERSONALITY she has this stupid, thick long island accent though I do enjoy that she has a lick of sense she is the only character that is bearable Granny is now the stereotypical 95-year-old woman Witch Hazel is now Witch Lezah and Gossamer is her son (What The Heck?!) Elmer Fudd is a news anchor and once sung about grilled cheese (again Wha??????????) Yosemite Sam is even stupider than Lola and daffy and was once featured rapping, no not rapping a present to bugs which was really a bomb, rapping...

    What has become of the great Looney Tunes?!
  • MarcXW22 May 2012
    It had been a while since I had last seen a well produced, well written, and well drawn cartoon dating from this century. This show, while very different from the original Looney Tunes is very entertaining. The dialogs are extremely well written, the voices excellent and I found myself laughing many times. This is not the original Looney Tunes but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it still manages to stay witty and extremely funny. The only element of the show that I don't particularly like is the CGI Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner shorts. These should be even shorter. Otherwise, the show is pretty much flawless.
  • Let me start off by saying that this show is a very sad attempt at recreating the original Looney Tunes. For one thing, they make Daffy a mental *** who can't do anything. From watching the episode "Best Friends" i was shocked at how dumb he was. He got smarter as it went on, but not smart enough to outsmart Bugs in anyway. I should show you an example if you haven't seen this show yet.

    Moving on. The worst part of it all is that they live in houses, which was a pretty stupid setting for the Looney Tunes. If you watched the originals, then you would know that Bugs is always in a different area in each cartoon. His hole is in just one place in this show, with it consisting of a chair and a lamp. He only visits it once though shortly after Daffy steals his automatic carrot peeler idea and ruins his house. Anyway, the character designs weren't exactly that good either.

    I guess they are not bad enough to make you hurl, but they were sort of just plain dull. Bugs' feet are huge, well Granny (not in the image) just got a slight change. She is still voiced by June Foray which is good. Gossamer looked promising, though in the show he was a KID. That's right, he did not sound like a monster, but a kid. That was the stupidest idea ever to change Gossamer into a kid. Guess who voices him? The fish from The Amazing World of Gumball. Foghorn Leghorn is still funny though, and his voice sounds okay. Also, you would notice that the Coyote and the Roadrunner are in the characters, yet, they appear in CGI form the entire show. Whats up with that? Enough about designs, lets get on with the rest of the show.

    Okay, this is a load of junk. They attempted to put in Merry Melodies into the show, and this is what happens. Well some of the songs were good, the rest of them sucked. We all enjoyed it when Bugs sang a random old folk song when he was walking, but in this show he doesn't even do that. Neither does Daffy either though, so that really sucks. I will say that the rhymes are really good though.

    Finally, the Coyote and Roadrunner shorts. Well i will give them credit for the originality of them being exactly like the originals, they would be terrible only in title terms. Also, in some shorts, they reference internet memes (as do the titles, which can get quite annoying after a while). The memes sort of throw off the short a little, though its more of something just for today's teens and whatnot. The shorts use TNT, which is something i will give credit for also, though they won't use more violent things like canons or guns, which i find to be pretty stupid seeing as how the show is rated TV-PG after all and has already used both guns and has referenced Nazis in one episode before.

    The shows title card wasn't that bad, though. It was certainly an original design. So if you are a person who likes the originals, stay away from this disaster. I advise that you watch the originals immediately if you haven't, and avoid this show as much as possible if you want to keep some IQ points. For those who are curious as to how the originals looked, here is a cartoon short dating back to the twentieth century. Bugs is significantly different here for those who saw The Looney Tunes Show as their first time seeing these characters. This is during their glory years.
  • The original Looney Tunes had a whole set of recognizable elements that made them work. Physical comedy, action, a sweet soundtrack that underlined every move. The setting changed from one short sketch to the other, moving across the world and time periods.

    It could be argued that they already threaded this path, that a change was needed to keep it fresh. Sure, why not.

    But please, anything but a sitcom setting! The jokes, mostly contained in the dialogue, fall flat and the situations are all from the bag of rotting sitcom tropes. That is neither new or fresh by any standard. That is the most overused formula on TV, and it makes everything predictable and dull.
  • joegaff7613 January 2013
    First I'd like to state I'm a huge fan of the Golden Age of Cartoons, particularly Warner Bros. and Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker) studios. I've purchased all of the Golden Collection DVD's and both PLatinum Collection Blue Ray releases. That being said, I LOVE this update. We all should realize that nobody will EVER be able to come close to the genius of the originals. Those cartoons were created in a completely different time under completely different circumstances with completely different artists. If they tried to rehash the old style it just wouldn't work...

    So...they did the smartest thing they could have which is to reset the franchise into a modern, sitcom style while paying homage to the original characters and the original spirit. If you read every venom-spewing review here you'll notice one common denominator: everyone complains that the new show is "different" than the original. I would bet my house that if the show tried to rehash the past and recreate the old style, these SAME haters wouldn't like it either. Well you can't please everyone and judging by the ratings more than enough of us "get it". I for one love Daffy's character and I really like the way Porky is wishy washy...Lola Bunny is hysterical and Foghorn's character update fits his classic persona, only updated for modern times.

    Bravo! Now, when will we see a new episode? We've been stuck on Episode 10 of season 2 since Mid-December...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I hate this show, its nothing like the original. I was a big fan of the original Looney Tunes Show but this one can not compare. lets start with the characters. Bugs Bunny is now purple (Whats up with that), Elmer Fudd now loves grilled cheese and work in an office, and now the Tasmanian Devil is Bugs Bunny's new pet and has now been tamed. So as a fan of the original and seeing how much they destroyed the show and destroyed the characters, I am going to say That I will never watch this show ever again unless they change or make it like the original. I recommend that you don't watch this show either. If you are a fan of the original show and has seen this new version then you probably feel the the same way. I believe that this show should be canceled so the horror will finally end for the fan.
  • This show has been getting a lot of mixed reviews lately. Some love it for looking at the characters from a new perspective, others pan it for wrecking their childhood. I belong to the latter group as it happens because this quite a good show. The actions less wacky and more Sitcom-like because thats the direction Warner Bros. wanted to take I guess (It may be that the shock of faliure of their last Movie Looney Tunes: Back in Action rattled the studi exectives to the point that they redesinged the characters in deperation). but don't steer clear of this show just because of that, it might not be laugh-out-loud funny or slapstick but it's still funny. I'd say it was hit and miss funny.

    I'd compare it's laid-back humor to Regular-Show. laid-back and witty humour to the kind that you see on another CN show Regular show. We have some great stories that are perfect for the modern day Looney Tunes and audience. Humor is sharp and slightly more mature than previous toons. And I've gotta say it's quite funny to see Daffy Duck try to look cool with over-the-top lies and stories and ultimately failing.

    Bugs and Daffy haven't changed much of course although Daffy is shown to be more brain-dead than scheming in this incarnation. Still though show is good with half-solid humour, catchy songs from the Merrie Melodies section, and awesome Roadrunner and Wile.E.Cyote cartoons so I'm asking you stop being a maroon and give this show a go!
  • I am an absolutely huge fan of the Looney Tunes. I have several of the Looney Tunes DVD sets (mostly Golden Collection), and when I saw that Cartoon Network was doing a whole new series featuring their biggest stars I was hoping that it would try to be faithful somewhat to the originals. I was very sadly disappointed.

    The classic characters from the Looney Tunes are classically anti- establishment even before it was "hip" to be that. They were jazz music to Disney's "classical". They were fast, frenetic, loud, devil may care. Sure, they sold war bonds during WWII, which only shows that they pushed things without going too far. They lampooned everyone and everything. Even some of the latest works from the re-opened Warner Bros. Cartoon studios (Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pinky and Brain, etc) managed to recapture that with mostly new characters. But this show is hardly faithful to anything of the originals. The Looney Tunes have calmed down, have left their roots, and become mainstream. There's no more clever wordplay, or genius such as "Wabbit Season, Duck Season." I dare say, they've become sterile. I honestly think people such as Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, etc. would be rolling in their graves if they saw their work being trashed like that. I know I would.
  • I grew up with the Looney Tunes all my life. The original shorts were quick, packed with a laugh a second, and brilliantly written. But when I saw the first episode, I felt something was wrong. The jokes were dead pan unfunny, the designs were too fluffy, and the overall execution was just boring. Each time a frame passed by, I felt something churning in my stomach, as if the laughter in me was dying slowly.

    This take of "sitcom-ing" Bugs and pals just doesn't fit their quota. I felt they were taking the "Family Guy" route too far and just seemed unoriginal. We've seen this before with The Drew Carey Show (the idea of having odd ball friends and trying to live a normal life in an insane world), Norm, and Ren & Stimpy. Just not with the Looney Tunes. All I ask is for Cartoon Network to listen up and reconsider what they have done or at least improve things in Season 2. That is there will not be one; pray to that. I say, skip it and purchase the Gold Collection sets. In due time, nothing will live up to the wit and charm of a duck and rabbit arguing over what hunting season it is.
  • As a children's show in 2011, I knew that the show could not have any excessive violence, or references to alcohol or tobacco use like in the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, so I knew that it was going to be a bit different. Nonetheless, I expected the show to be really good like the original because of the high rating it has on IMDb. My brother and I sat down in front of our television to watch what we had hoped to be a brilliantly funny show. Instead what we got was a modernized and crappy version of one of our favourite shows. I read a lot of reviews saying that this show was hilarious, but there was not one bit that I found amusing, not to mention that the characters themselves were very boring. I usually go into things with an open mind, but I wish I had gone into this with a closed mind. At least that would have saved me from the feeling of disappointment. Is the this worse cartoon I've seen? Of course not. Would I ever watch it again? I'm fine with the original, thank you very much. I have to say that if they really want to make the Looney Tunes show better, they should really get better writers, put back in the classic cartoon violence, and have it air on Adult Swim. I understand that the producers of this show want to appeal to today's youth, but when it comes to something like Bugs Bunny, you're better off just changing your target audience to people ages 11 and up. I'm sorry, but that's just the reality of it. To me, this show was a disaster from the get go. it's not as bad as Teen Titans Go! or Problem Solverz, but it's not even halfway decent at the most. It's sub-par at best. honestly, you're better off watching the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show. It may not have any new episodes, but at least it has likable characters and funny jokes.
  • But it just didn't do much for me. Like everybody here, I am a big fan of Looney Tunes, the original cartoons were part of my childhood and I still love them now, and I liked the compilation films too despite complaints of shortening the original cartoons they feature.

    The Looney Tunes Show isn't a complete waste though. I did like most of the voice acting, especially Maurice LaMarche as Yosemite Sam and Kristen Wiig as Lola, and Jeff Bergman does better than expected as Bugs and Foghorn, not so much Daffy. The background art and colours are colourful and smooth, and the theme tune is nice and memorable.

    However, there are a number of assets that I don't like, starting with that I miss the droll wit in the dialogue. Some of it is funny, like with Lola, but some of it is lame and hindered further by some awkward pauses, almost as if they're expecting somebody or even an audience to laugh, hence the somewhat sit-com-like feel to it. I also felt there was too much dialogue, not enough of the physical comedy.

    The stories are on the whole uninteresting and predictable, while in terms of characters Lola and Yosemite are fine, Bugs is likable enough with Freleng-like facial expressions and mannerisms but not witty or arrogant enough, but Daffy is often a complete moron(and in an unlikeable sense) and Porky has little to do and is very bland.

    Character designs are a mixed bag. Some have a nice Chuck Jones-like style to them, like Elmer, but others are too fluffy for my tastes especially Bugs. So all in all, not awful but a lot of me wanted to like it much more than I did. 4/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You people need to quit giving this a "10" for dumb reasons why the show is really THAT amazing.

    It is practically unaimous from all the reviews I have read here that, just about everyone who has watched this show feels the same way that I do.

    The deconstruction and deffamation of many characters is extremely uncondusive to the memory of the Looney Tunes.

    I do understand that modernisation of the characters is necessary, especially since it's no longer presented in shorts, but into an actual episodic format, but the manner in which it has been undertaken is whats bothering me, and obviously every other fan of the original show.

    It's completely clear that the majority of viewers want this show, but feel that it NEEDS a makeover desperately.

    And I completely agree with every ounce of my being.

    My BIGGEST problem and complaint... DAFFY.

    SERIOUSLY?!? Daffy used to be a crazy, bouncing off the wall, sworn rival to bugs... hence his name, meaning silly, wacky and crazy.

    But he's been turned into a complete A-HOLE! He's now a narcissistic, sociopathic... just ugliest type of selfishness one could EVER hope to NOT come across in their beloved cartoons of all places! Truly... it's offensive it's so bad.

    I really believe, if you at the very least changed Daffy, to at least somewhat resemble his former self, or just drop the new jerk persona that he's adapted, it would ease many peoples view on this attempt of a re-boot.

    Not completely I am sure, but I know that's a huge part of it.

    I have a few nieces and nephews, and one of them in particular is a total sponge... and I tell you what... THAT, (meaning daffy) is one personality that, I DO NOT want her picking up ANY of his nasty traits! And because of that, I can't let her watch the program, or any of the other kids for that matter... and, that's pretty lame to think about.

    I really hope the writers get the message that we're ALL trying to put out to them... we really do want the chance to enjoy this show, and it's not too late to fix.

    Just please... don't let us potentially permanent fans down!
  • I HATED "The Looney Tunes Show" with a vengeance, and laughed while pointing when it finally died. That's the ONLY time it ever made me laugh. Ha! :) I would consider it more like a show with a stoner type ambiance to its apparent structure with its insubstantial misuse of veteran cartoon characters and driftwood plot development per episode.

    Even if they were using a "sitcom style of humor," they should've kept in mind not every sitcom on TV is any good, so why would THIS have been any different if they put such little effort in it? Especially given how the material they used was in many ways BELOW par compared by average sitcom standards.

    And no, they didn't need to make adult content references similar to most standard sitcoms to be exactly as qualified, in case any would bring up, but they should NEVER have taken away everything that made these characters who they are: LOONEY TUNES!! Saying not to take it seriously because it's "intended for kids" is never an excuse for trying so little in case any chime in with that stupid common off-handed remark. That mindset is what enables for more substandard crap like THIS series and others like it to keep being formed by those hacks in charge digging entertainment down into a pit that could take years to realize it obviously shouldn't be that way. That level of belittling thought and expectations already cost us more actively stimulating and profound franchises like "Young Justice," "Spectacular Spiderman," "Megas XLR," "Motorcity," "Sym-Biotic Titan," or "Wolverine and the X-Men!" They ruined the chances for all those superior shows leaving room for horrid ones like "The Looney Tunes Show," "Teen Titans GO!" "Sanjay and Craig," "The Breadwinners," "Rabbids Invasion," and all those grotesque Marvel Animated shows "Ultimate Spiderman," "Hulk and the agents of SMASH," and "Avengers Assemble?!" Back to THIS trainwreck, the creators focused so much on showing off how modernized they were making these Looney Tune characters they resulted in taking everything that made each of them who they are! A fundamental mistake any creator worth his salt should never dare make FYI!! Turning Lola into a bubble headed moron/stalker made her more creepy and frustrating. And that's just annoying, not funny. The other characters didn't fair any different becoming very boring with how they were integrated into the series.

    Bugs no longer put idiots in their place using his own set of tricky humor and essentially became the very thing he mocked as a carless homeowner in over his head; Daffy no longer had his old greedy nature coming up with a hair-brained scheme to get rich reduced to being only a public menace with the initiative of a dimwitted dog chasing its tail; Marvin the Martian never referenced anything relevant to Mars nor any questioning about him being a Martian living on Earth doing his trademark dorky anger thing; Taz is suddenly domesticated living as Bugs's pet and doesn't even spin anymore or go wild by the whims of his insatiable appetites; Foghorn Leghorn is a self-destructive mogul lacking both common sense or his own style of smart-ass tricks who would laugh at his own misfortune instead of others like his comic partner Barnyard Dog; Yosemite Sam was more of an obnoxious neighbor than being a gold digging pistol wielding criminal out to get rich or destroy Bugs guided by his wild temper; Sylvester and Tweety didn't get an elaborate role for their feuding; Granny seemed like she had alzeihmers; Witch Hazel really had to be renamed Lezah sounding like a hip black woman? Elmer Fudd is a Weatherman, whom only makes cameo appearances now? And again, it was overkill turning Lola from being reliable to being a moron. Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, and Porky were the only ones who kept true to who they're supposed to be. The list goes on, but I've made my point This show should never have been attempted and we're all much better off without it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This series is another (failed) attempt to "update" the classic Looney Tunes characters (Just like that awful cartoon, "Loonatics" that tried to make them some sort of "Power Rangers"/"Teen Titans" clone) but this time, instead of making the characters into "cool" superheroes, those beloved characters are now put on situations and story lines that could be expected from a really bad sitcom.

    I understand that it is way too hard to achieve the same level of greatness from the classic Looney Tunes shorts, but that's not an excuse to make a bad cartoon as this one: The animation is bad and ugly (It is obvious that the designs try to combine the classic characteristic from the originals with a modern style of animation, but the result doesn't work and it just seems ugly and poorly made, with hideous designs and a horrible use of colors) the plots are generic and clichéd, being not funny at all.

    The jokes, rather than being amusing, feel tired and annoying. Even the personalities from the main characters doesn't seem right, being either a bad version of their classical portrayals in many previous cartoon shows and movies (The most notorious chase would be Daffy, which in this show is merely an annoying and unlikeable character) or something completely different and random (Why now Gossamer is a shy kid? Why now Taz acts like he were a dog? And now Yosemite Sam is friendly towards Bugs Bunny and Daffy?)

    The only character that was somewhat improved from her original characterization is Lola Bunny (Mostly because in all her previous portrayals, she didn't have any kind of personality at all) in "The Looney Tunes Show"; she became a crazy stalker that constantly annoys Bugs Bunny. While this character is still very annoying and not likable, at least this change was some sort of improvement.

    The songs from this show are horrible, and the inclusion of those musical numbers seems just like a forced attempt to imitate the "Phineas and Ferb" show from Disney. I guess that some of those songs aren't that bad, but most of them are terrible and feel shoehorned. The best(The only good) part of the show is the brief CGI segments involving Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Which at least remain faithful to the spirit of the original Looney Tunes cartoons, unlike the rest of this series.

    "The Looney Tunes" is a bad series. It is probably not the worst thing ever made (No matter how bad this show is, I always will consider "Loonatics" to be worse) but it is awful anyway.
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