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  • A stylish , complex movie driven by main character, an innocent inmate on the run , being realized in ¨The fugitive¨ style and centers on a low-level crook who had to break out of jail in order to save his family from his former cellmate, who results out to be a brilliant but deranged serial killer . As a thief (Albert Dupontel) is condemned and imprisoned but before he gets caught he arranges to hide the loot and it's not just Gendarmerie that are looking for the bank cash . His cellmate is a creepy introvert , Jean-Louis Maurel (Stéphane Debac) , who results to be an alleged rapist/child molester but he claims his innocence and the court finds him not guilty ; Maurel promises him to find his wife (Caterina Murino) and mute daughter when he gets out . But one day, an ex-Gendarme called Manuel Carrega (Sergi Mateu) tells him that Jean-Louis Maurel is a suspicious serial murderer . Franck then plots a twisted plan , as he decides to break her out . As he starts planning and decides to carry out his scheme . Franck devises a daring plan to rescue his wife and daughter , but he is relentlessly pursued by an obstinate policewoman called Claire Linné (Alice Taglioni).

    This exciting film contains high-octane action , violence , thrills , suspense , a gruesome escape , bone-crushing mayhem and plot twists . From the start to finish the action , chases and thrills are interminable . Excellent thriller in which nothing is the way it seems , the atmosphere is already tense and the twists and turns are the best part of this movie . In other ways, it feels like a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock , full of attractive characters and edge-of-your-seat intrigue . The film borrows from a handful of hit movies, there are plenty of short-cuts and inconsistencies such as ¨The fugitive¨ , ¨Seven¨ , ¨The Prey¨ , ¨Tell no one¨ , among others . Film's best asset is its brawny stars , who outperform a scenario that offers enough lasting surprises or sustainable characters . The flick was noteworthy for casting some of the finest actors in France including Albert Dupontel as a Bankrobber whose life is turned upside down when his family is kidnapped , as he serves a prison sentence after successfully robbing a national bank and gets escape to look for a sadistic killer . Dupontel is one of the only French players who can capably switch from comedian high jinks to noisy action . Furthermore , there appears Alice Taglioni as a tough police woman and the Spanish Sergi Mateu who usually plays in France . Good production design , the prison seen in the film is actually a combination of real locations and adequate sets ; in addition nice rural outdoors and local villages .

    Laurent Turner and Luc Bossi , also producer, wrote a moving screenplay filled with surprises , twists and turns . This is a convincing foray into thriller territory for French director Eric Valette . Valette did formidable work in this picture and filming lasted various months . Eric proves that he can handle action sequences with panache, even if he doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Valette is a notorious writer/director who has achieved some successes . Eric Valette was born in 1967 in Toulouse, location where has filmed scenarios for his films . He is a director and writer, known for ¨State Affairs¨ , ¨one missed call (2008), ¨Maléfique¨(2002) , ¨the hybrid car¨(2010) and "The Prey" (2011). A remake of this Eric Valette's 2011 thriller La Proie is in development at DreamWorks and The Hollywood Reporter is saying that James Croker has been brought on board to pen the script , this U.S. adaptation, The Prey, is being produced by Charles S. Cohen.
  • "La Proie" is a superbly tense and adrenalin-rushing thriller from Eric Valette, the director of the French horror sleeper "Malefique" and the hopelessly flopped Hollywood remake "One Missed Call". Although most unfortunate for them, I don't really mind when acclaimed European directors' debuts in Hollywood fail, because this usually means they return to their native country and strike back with a vengeance. In case of Eric Valette, he strikes back with a testosterone-packed thriller full of breathtaking stunts, convoluted plot lines, interesting characters and unexpected shock moments. Albert Dupontel profiles himself as a worthy successor of Jean-Paul Belmondo during the 70's and 80's; meaning a robust but charismatic and energetic hunk for whom you automatically develop feelings of sympathy regardless of whether he plays the hero or a villain. He plays Franck Adrien, a bank robber convicted for heist but still safekeeping the location of the loot. Within six months, he can return home to his beloved wife and daughter, but he makes the sad mistake of taking custody over his seemingly weak and vulnerable cell mate Jean-Louis Morel. Morel is wrongfully accused of child abuse and soon gets released from prison, but Franck painfully discovers that Morel is nevertheless a sadist serial killer who now knows the whereabouts of his family. Franck spectacularly escapes from prison and begins the pursue of Morel, yet meanwhile the most elite French police teams are pursuing him.

    Okay, admittedly some of the action sequences are a tad bit grotesque and implausible. It's highly doubtful that anyone simply runs away at 20mph moments after he threw himself through the widow of a six-storey building onto the rooftop of a car. It's even less likely that someone walks around with a shot wound in his stomach for several days and then still goes out climbing rocks. But seriously, I couldn't care less about all the illogical stuff in "La Proie", simply because the film is so incredibly fast-paced and entertaining. Franck's continuous cat-and- mouse games with the police result in some of the best action I've seen in years, whereas the sub plot concentrating on Jean-Louis Morel generates authentic old-fashioned suspense and fear. Stéphane Debac depicts a petrifying nihilistic predator who relentlessly stalks his victims while his docile wife even assists him! The scenario contains several unpleasant (but highly efficient) surprises and remains unpredictable until the denouement. Furthermore, Eric Valette makes terrific use of the beautiful Southern France filming locations and the entire supportive cast delivers excellent work. Definitely a must-see if you dig non-stop action flicks like "The Transporter", "Crank", "Chaser", etc…
  • Don't miss LA PROIE. It's a fast paced action kidnapping thriller as I saw in TAKEN. In fact it is long time ago I gave to a thriller the highest vote. The actor Albert Dupontel was great here. He played the role as the prisoner so credibly and cool that he must get the Oscar. Director Eric Valette convinced me too. Bravo to all the staff. The stunts has been all executed at a very respectable level and without any help of CGI effects. They will take your breath away. There were puzzles to solve and I guessed all the time what will come next. The locations in South of France were pretty. This is how movies should be made nowadays. At the end I was without words there and I still cannot realize that I watched one of the best french thriller ever made. The french film industry created with cable TV companies once more an unforgettable work. And where are you Italian film people? It's long time ago I saw a remarkable movie from my origin country. I think the last one was LA VITA È BELLA with Roberto Benigni. So don't wait and see LA PROIE, you won't be disappointed. This DVD will find a nice place in my best of DVD collection.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am not, as many movie-goers, a fan of all French movies, especially not these days, when every French movie-maker tends to "ape" the Hollywood stream.

    Yet, said that, occasionally, there are some tiny gems that stand out from the rest, and this is just the case with "La Proie" (English - The Prey).

    It starts very slowly and at first it seems your common jailbird caper. A prison, two convicts and confined rooms pervaded by harsh conditions, but soon things start to happen which turn everything upside-down.

    The question then is, who is the Prey and who the Hunted.

    In a very tightly knit thriller, action upon action, cut upon cut, the story unfolds in front of our eyes and keeps us biting our nails to see what happens next.

    Suddenly, nothing and nobody is or stays what he or she once was. The innocent is guilty and the guilty is the innocent, but who and when and how they turn to be like that is just a matter of turns in the storyline.

    The end of it all is also a surprise. Not your usual Happy Ending a la Hollywood, but rather a "staccato" ending, in which one tends to say, "well, it's a French movie and therefore it has to end tragically", ah... but wait, there is a surprise, an Easter Egg if you want and you leave with a sense of satisfaction after an intense ride on the edge of a razor blade.

    Granted, some scenes could remind us to a certain pace in the famed James Bond movies, in which certain characters jump from bridges and land unharmed on a platform, yank themselves out of a window on the third floor only to land unscathed on a minivan's rooftop, but this is just a movie and we can easily forgive such heroics, even if a bit unreal (everyone else would brake a bone, strain a muscle or rip a tendon).

    Still harm comes to everyone and no one is really a super-hero here. It is probably the Adrenalin pumping that keeps our characters doing what they do.

    Yet, unlike so many other action capers these days, there is even space for some solid good acting by everyone involved. The direction is competent and skillful, but the real secret as always, lies in the excellent editing of this movie.

    One suggestion though. If you want to really enjoy the movie, try to watch it in its original French language with perhaps, English subtitles to help you out, because the dialogue is important to fully understand the mind-frame of the characters. A competent dubbing could also do the trick, but alas, in my experience, dubbing depends on the translation and the translator, and one can seldom rely on a faithful transliteration of the original text.

    Therefore, since this is one of those rare cases of movie enjoyment, with a solid and interesting story, expert acting and directing and a considerable amount of thrills I have added it to my list of films that have to be seen and perhaps even collected.

    For you to judge whether the effort was worthwhile or not, but I can guarantee you that you won't be disappointed. But then again, taste is taste and we all have different parameters for this.

    Oh, and by the way, the German title has been changed from "On the Run" to "Traue Niemandem" (Trust No One). In fact there are so many movies called "On the Run" that one could get easily confused. But in view to the fact that the Main character states many times that he doesn't trust anyone, this seems indeed to be the appropriate Title for the movie.
  • strangemcfly20 April 2011
    This is a first rate, hugely entertaining action-packed thriller directed by Eric Valette, following his already very good State Affairs. This time he handles a much bigger budget, but maintains tons of personality together with the testosterone. French star Albert Dupontel is amazingly intense as a tough bank robber pitted against an unpredictable killer and trying to save his family while he is chased by the police. Alice Taglioni is also very good as a Jodie Foster-flavored investigator, newcomer Stephane Debac nuanced and frightening as an average Joe who happens to be a psychopath. There's a wonderful appearance by Sergi Lopez as a retired cop who believes he can feel a criminal when he crosses his path. Surprisingly good script, great cinematography, music and editing and the chase scenes are really exciting. The last reel by night in the hills of Provence is especially beautiful. One of the few European thrillers to rival (often blander) Hollywood fare, catch this one before they remake it.
  • THE PREY is yet another example of the riveting action thriller that the French have been putting out lately. The originator of the genre was Fred Cavaye's ANYTHING FOR HER, which really picked up in terms of intensity in the second half, while the recent likes of SLEEPLESS NIGHT, POINT BLANK, and MEA CULPA have shown that the French are head and shoulders above British or American attempts at the genre.

    Like those movies, THE PREY has a lean, pared-down plot which is basically a chase thriller. I won't spoil the storyline too much, suffice to say that the protagonist is a petty criminal who must escape from jail to go after an even greater foe. The narrative is chock-full of stunt sequences, intense and suspenseful chase moments, and even some brutal fight scenes which really propel things along.

    Albert Dupontel is really great as the put-upon lead but Alice Taglioni and Sergi Lopez are also particularly good among a solid supporting cast. The best things about the film are the direction and the cinematography which combine to deliver a realistic and gritty thriller and one that the viewer can thoroughly get caught up in. An eye-popping prison fight is the highlight here. The ending is a little lacklustre, but it's no matter when the rest of the film has been so fantastically engrossing.
  • The plot is lame and takes a despicable turn. Shooting such a dark plot just as an ordinary chase movie is nowhere acceptable. Fortunately Albert Dupontel is always good at fleshing up humane character from very little and he makes this mess quite watchable.

    Remove Dupontel, put a less capable actor in the lead and you get a real dud. Alice Taglioni is OK, but they really forget to establish her as a physical character (clearly her abilities her first sequence are not displayed in an efficient way, and then it's a drag for the rest of the movie). Zinedine Soualem is barely a background player so it does hurt the movie to give him a serious part. The same goes for all the police squad, they are shot like a nice clean professional team: closer to a sitcom than in line with our disturbingly violent subject matter.

    And yes graphic violence really cripples a movie when it comes out of the blue and not as a closing argument for tension and suspense.

    I was not impressed by Eric Valette's Maléfique, precisely because it was all forced before us to be impressed. Here he does a good job of shooting a sharp chase movie, except it is definitely not the script he was given.
  • I am English and while we once had the knack of making action movies that are believable we have gradually become a poor man's Hollywood. The French have taken the cop show action movie and made it their own. On TV we have the Spiral series and now this.

    The star is a true indestructible bouncing along on adrenalin and feeling the pain. He is driven by all too human emotion and one wills him on to succeed.

    France is lucky to have lots of good locations and the driving around fits into the plot rather than being a cheap way to fill in the minutes.

    This is a simpler story that Luc Besson's Crimson Rivers films but just as suspenseful and exciting.

    The best film I have seen fie a few years.
  • This almost comes across as a TV Movie but its standard is much higher.

    The action is mostly but not entirely in the tension. There are some really nice entirely physical cliffhangers to pull you to the edge of your seat.

    The characterisation is superb and the plot, while admittedly a cliché, is excellently implemented.

    Anyone who likes police drama or investigative thriller will find this an unusually good film of its genre.

    For those that like any amount of the above but also want some eye candy, the cast will appeal to male and female alike.

    I'm not that big on cheap melodrama type stuff (preferring deeper movies) but this one got me with the clarity and definition of portrayal of each role in the film.

    It shocks. A bit like a knife in the side ;)
  • Director Eric Valette isn't exactly breaking new grounds but this is well made entertaining action thriller. For those of you who enjoyed Henri-Georges Clouzots & Jean-Pierre Melvilles films, or Luc Besson and of course Olivier Marchals films this should be perfect for you.

    When it comes to casting this film doesn't disappoint...for example we have Albert Dupontel plays antihero Franck Adrien very convincingly, and he looks very tough while beating prisoners, shooting police officers, stealing cars etc while trying to save his family.

    Alice Taglioni as the sleuth who wont give up her chase after Franck Adrien is new face to me. I don't remember seeing her in any other before but she did a good job here.

    Stéphane Debac is very good and gives chilling performance as Jean-Louis Maurel, a person who might be more dangerous then Franck Adrien.

    Sergi López I always liked since seeing Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien (2000)here only has small supporting part but is very good.

    Biggest flaw here is some plot twists, screen writing could've been better and also, more depth in characters and story etc. It seems that Eric Valette has moved away from well written dark horrors like Maléfique (2002)and only focuses on the action.

    But strangely I found this to be more compelling then US produced action thrillers like The Bourne Identity (2002. Just wish Eric Valette could go back to this roots like Maléfique (2002)or at least get a much deeper script. But seems with this film and with Une affaire d'état (2009)that he is moving in another direction.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Frank and Maurel are cell mates. Frank stole some money that is now hidden somewhere. Also in jail is one of his partners in crime who wants to know where the money is and who turns violent against Frank. There are some mobsters who have corrupted a prison guard. They try to to rape Maurel but Frank intervenes. Frank gets visits from his wife and young daughter who has some speech disorder. The wife has no money but he won't tell her where the money is since he is to be released soonish.

    We learn more about Maurel too. He seems like a nice laid back guy and when he's released because the charges against him are dropped he offers to help Frank anyway he can. He gives him a phone number and Frank tells him to tell his wife that she should visit his father for assistance. Then he gets a visit from a detective who tells him that Maurel is bad news, that he's a rapist serial killer and a manipulator.

    When the gangsters and corrupt guard corner Frank to beat him up, he kicks their butts and he uses that opportunity and the corrupt guard to escape jail. Cops are on his tail but he manages to elude capture. He arrives home to find the apartment empty--no wife, no daughter. At that moment the cops arrive but he again manages to escape barely. He goes to retrieve his money but finds the corpse of his wife instead. He then meets up with the detective who's looking into all of Maurel's victims and actually tracks down Maurel not before informing the police where Frank is. That leads to yet another chase and escape by Frank who now is going after Maurel after having been shot. Maurel set up Frank to take the fall for his crimes so everyone thinks Frank is the serial killer.

    Frank finds Maurel who by now is enjoying the good life with Frank's money and has "adopted" his daughter for his crazy girlfriend who actually helps him attack other girls. That leads to a final confrontation between cops, Maurel, Frank, a father of a victim.

    The Prey is a very good action thriller. It suffers from some issues. As is typical for French action movies, you can't expect too much realism. Frank is shot and injured but still manages to run and leap from windows and bridges. There are too many chase scenes. Frank doesn't get tired of running but the audience does. It's also a bit overly complicated with the detective, the cops going after a cop who takes things into her own hands, the father of the victims who tracks the cops' every move.

    Aside from that, The Prey has a strong story, is nicely filmed, the photography is crisp and bright which creates a certain intimacy between the viewer and the story. Had this been a Hollywood movie, half of the movie would have to take place at night, in the rain and mud. Frank is a likable character; you root for him even though he doesn't really say a lot. The villain is also very well played--he is one nasty fellow and his girlfriend isn't any better. If you're willing to look beyond some faults, you'll find a very thrilling action movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is awful.

    This is nevertheless an action packed french thriller with amazing chases and fights sequences; in the line of NE LE DIS A PERSONNE or A BOUT PORTANT. But sooooo predictable !!!

    You can guess the ending after only twenty minutes of viewing.

    What a shame because Dupontel is here convincing as an actor and as a stuntman too. He shows the audience what Jean Paul Belmondo did in the seventies with features such as PEUR SUR LA VILLE, and many other films...

    The bad guy in this movie is interesting too, with his child molester and killer gentle sissy face. You may want to enter in the film and smash his pretty face of ideal son in law...and his wife as an accomplice is interesting too. Not so usual characters, far from clichés.

    But, unfortunately, I repeat, this film is too much in the American way for my taste. See what I mean?

    See the ending, for instance.

    And there are also too many improbabilities:

    -- How can an ex con, who spent eighteen months in the can, run faster than a trained police officer?

    -- And how can a man shot in the leg run like a rabbit?

    -- And how can the same man wounded in the belly by a buckshot bullet fall from a cliff and run away like anyone else?

    No, really, I hate this film. Even with his good subplots.

    I preferred LE CONVOYEUR, with the same Dupontel. This was a really poignant, dark and downbeat film noir as I love.

    This one, OUT !!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a first rate example of what we may call the Olivier Marshal school of French film making, all the more effective because the cast, whilst well known in France are not exactly 'names' and are virtually unknown outside France other than to French film buffs. Six years ago Albert Dupontel was playing a concert pianist in Danielle Thompson's superb Fauteuils d'Orchestre, now he is a convicted bank robber turned hunter who is himself being hunted by a crack - or maybe not since he keeps eluding them - police team led by Alice Taglioni, more at home in romantic comedy (La Doublure) than thrillers but like Marina Fois before her she makes the transition smoothly and painlessly. The corruption among prison officers is virtually thrown away and so matter of fact that we can only assume it is widely accepted in France but the real virtue of the film is the pace which never lets up possibly because if it did we might actually question the seeming invincibility of Dupontel. In the last few years both Olivier Marshal (36, Quai des Orfevres) and Guillaume Canet (Ne le dis personne) have both turned out first-rate thrillers very similar to Le Proie and slightly superior but in both cases they have had the benefit of large budgets and heavy-hitters in the casts but pound-for-pound Le Proie can stand beside either. Excellent.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jason Bourne busting in the front door of the CIA, Uma Thurman chopping her way to justice, or Old Boy bashing in skulls with a hammer, no matter how many times it's done, when it's done well, the revenge story model still works. The Prey (La proie), a film by Eric Vallete, is a classic revenge story that totally rocks the model. Prisoner/Bad Guy Franc Adrien's is out from vengeance. After Franc kicks the asses of three guys at once, and then escapes from prison, he finds out his wife has been murdered and his daughter kidnapped. He sets out to avenge his wife's death and get his daughter back. Franc knows the killer, problem is, Franc has no idea where to find him. Almost nonsensically, an ex-cop character with a hunch about the Franc's wife's killer is thrown into the mix. How else would Franc be able to track down the killer since he has no leads? Even then, despite this character's evident obvious triteness as a device, he comes to such a monumental end that his self-sacrifice justifies him. A fault in the script is that it tries to have two interesting main characters, the bad guy whom we cheer for Franc, and the cop that is chasing him, Claire, but only Franc's story line is interesting, and even then, it is mostly just because Albert Dupontel who plays Franc is so awesome. Dupontel is so good that I found myself consciously noticing his awesomeness as it was unfolding and thinking, "these particular scenes might suck if this were any other actor." All the best cop scenes were the ones where they were chasing Franc. Since the cops seem to exist only to act as obstacles to Franc's goals, I just kept thinking it would have been better if they remained at arm's length. The vanilla acting made the non-action cop scenes seem cheesy, but there were other positives. The gun battle where we first meet the beautiful cop lead Claire is crazy and super tight, but right after this the cop storyline settles into nothing but clichés. There is the obstinate hard-ass police chief who's menacingly interferes with proper detective work, hot tempered cops slamming their fists down and cursing as the bad guy gets away, and of course the scenario of the only (super hot) woman cop being totally bad ass and in charge à la Cold Case or Homeland. There is one scene in the second act when the cops catch up to him. He is cornered. You think there is no way out or him and then BAM, he escapes. I give some serious credit to the writers for coming up with some amazing escapes and incredibly suspenseful situations. Also, there are many awesome fights scenes, including the much blogged about 'shaved head scraped across a concrete wall,' and these scenes alone make the film worth seeing. Despite the weak cop storyline, Dupontel as Franc is so great that his storyline supports the entire film. Franc is a vicious prison escapee yet we cheer whole-heartedly for him. Very good French thriller.
  • beigas21 May 2017
    had to see this movie accidentally, just didn't switch off a TV after a hockey. movie is great especially because of scenario. writers had been high for sure. so if you have a sense of humor or are high or both i absolutely do recommend this movie. in case 4 rows are not enough for review i'm adding one more.
  • One of the best tense thrillers seen in a long time though be also prepared to witness the terribly sick side of the human mind so well depicted. The film is packed with superb action, chases, suspense and tension and yet never feeling over the top as the scenario painted is so very plausible. Albert Dupontel plays the role of the fugitive prisoner with such realism, one gets the impression one is watching a docu-drama.

    Where good many films content themselves with ensuring the viewer is left in a pleasant frame of mind as the story finally unfolds, this one has the courage to portray events more akin to reality, perhaps this may explain the film's low IMDb score and why even the critics may have found the movie hard to stomach?
  • This is a well made well written (the key!) French crime thriller that keeps you entertained.

    I enjoyed the French prison part (are they really like this?) with what looked like private bathrooms pillows and desks pens and books etc... The inmates are entertained by cello and harpsichord chamber music (that was funny).

    Anyway there are surprises which I love. I even liked the chases up to a point the escape from massive police operations seemed too impossible crack a whip over the writers a little harder there. Also by the time of denouement at the villa I was tiring of the movie...maybe because the first part was so good. And the ending with the letter wasn't needed just adds gimmick to this good movie.

    I watched the movie Blood and Wine with Jack Nicholson and Michael Cain last night and the comparison couldn't be starker...this movie was 100 times more entertaining and better shot and directed.

    I speak French but makes no difference use the subtitles anyway so I don't miss anything.

  • You get just about everything in this movie. Who doesn't like stolen loot, prison scenes, fights, plots & twists, shoot-outs, betrayals, and the unexpected? Entertainment is presented and never lets up after a certain point. Only good movies can cause thriller, tensed up feelings where nails are ripe for the biting and one grips the arm rest. Its a good ride, decent story, exceptional acting and direction is good. It appears everyone liked being in this movie and because of that, we get what we wanted...a solid action flick back. Escape here with a tasty drink, some snack and no texting or distractions. Let the movie have you until it lets go...Well done.
  • kosmasp4 March 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Is the "german" title for this movie. And while it isn't really a translation of the original title it does fit well. A very action packed thriller, that has a good setting, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I'm almost certain they will make an US remake of it, as they tend to do with good french thrillers nowadays.

    Actually you could say though, that this is a remake of sorts of an US film. If you don't want to know what I mean or think this might be a spoiler for the other movie just don't read the last paragraph (that's the next one). I can only tell you that if you like thrillers, than you will love this. And now onto the comparison:

    I think it's a bit like the Fugitive. Which of course itself was a remake and inspired by other movies. The Tommy Lee Jones role gets played by a beautiful young french actress here though, but don't be fooled by her looks. She can be as tough as she needs to be!
  • YohjiArmstrong27 October 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    THE PREY is a French take on the man-on-the-run genre. This time our hero is a bank robber in prison who makes the mistake of trusting someone he shouldn't. Soon his stashed loot has been stolen and his family are under attack. Naturally he breaks out, leading to a three way race where he pursues the man who betrayed him whilst being chased by a driven female cop. Cue lots of hanging off trains, running into oncoming traffic and jumping out of windows. It's a very pure film, with little in the way of sub-plots, which keeps the suspense up and builds thrilling sequences. Dupontel and his hilarious curly hairdo bring a much needed humanity to the main character, who must be made of rubber considering the absurd amount of damage he takes only to keep running. The villain is also effectively creepy. It never aspires to be anything more than entertainment, but more than lives up to its promise, right down to the soppily happy ending.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Interesting French action/thriller with some problems but still worth the time.

    The problems are, first, that the protagonist keeps moving like the Energizer Bunny even after repeatedly suffering nearly crippling levels of bodily trauma. I once jumped from a height of around twelve to fifteen feet-- I hurt for weeks. Another time, in an ill-advised drunken scuffle, I suffered a few broken ribs, and it was a long, long time before I could move vigorously again without pretty intense pain. To borrow a famous movie line (with a minor twist), "I'll have what he's having."

    The second main problem with the film is that the plot is riddled with holes. If it were a cheese, it would be Swiss. Just as an obvious example, everybody in the whole world, including law enforcement, knows that this guy has a couple of million in stolen loot stashed that he is waiting to get at after he's released. Am I missing something here? In France, after you've done your prison time, is the money you stole now yours to keep and spend as you choose? I would be expecting big problems doing anything with a huge amount of hot cash, since the authorities are going to be watching pretty closely, but this issue is never even raised. There are many other worse holes in the plot too.

    Still, this film is redeemed due to the fact that the plot, although not as realistic and tight as it could be, is pretty original, not very predictable, and keeps moving without allowing the tension to slacken. Therefore, despite a few reservations, I can recommend this film and still sleep nice and soundly
  • Bribaba16 August 2012
    French thriller that moves right along, incrementally closing down your brain as it does so. Albert Dupontel has the face to makes it work as a con on the lam but he's undermined by his nemesis - lady cop Alice Taglioni who looks likes she's just stepped off the catwalk. Her long, luxuriant arms look like they wouldn't trouble a fly of average strength but here they're knocking perps flat out. Even for the French, this is a bit de trop. The rest of the cast are the real deal with everyone playing their part to the hilt. It also looks good and the endless chases are well executed but in most aspects it's blown away by French TV cop shows like Spiral.
  • artig19 January 2016
    I put this on for my husband to watch unfortunately there was nothing to say it was in French and subtitled. He had to give up as he couldn't keep up . Though he did say it looked good I decided to watch it on my I pad in bed ,and as I am used to subtitles ,it was no problem .thoroughly enjoyed it. The story line was good thought out , I don't believe for a minute it was filmed in U.S. As it says on location . far to French looking . Pretty violent ref prison scenes says a lot for the French prison service . I would certainly recommend watching it Will be curious to see what any proposed U.S. Remake will be like Also 10 lines is a bit much for reviews
  • ci_oragwu11 September 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    It is a pretty cool movie, one of those you would want to watch without having to think through it. This flick makes the transporter series look 'silly'.The story draws you in, but minimal critical analysis leaves a lot to be desired. The action sequences are interesting, but the protagonist never stops to catch a breadth literally. It may well pass for the fact that the unnecessary parts are diced away to make for an interesting 103mins of your time-but movies are supposed to be improved upon these kinds of errors have been seen in flicks in the past. All these said, I still think the characters-with particular reference to their personalities were well represented and I wish them better roles in the future.