Soundtracks (6)

  • Notice Me
    Written by Clay Stevenson
    Performed by Noellia Goodwin
  • So Wrong
    Written by Bryan Cote and Ryan LeClair (SOCAN)
    Performed by Smeer
  • Something About You
    Written by Johnny Lima (ASCAP)
    Performed by Johnny Lima
  • Miracle Girl
    Written by Drake Murphy (BMI), Quentin Sylve (BMI), Michaela Shiloh (BMI), Terrance Adams (ASCAP), Chad Burnette (ASCAP)
    Performed by Nate Larson
  • Shake Suga Shake
    Written by Codi Jordan (BMI)
    Performed by Codi Jordan
  • Rider T.
    Written by Timothy Feehan (ASCAP) and Andre I. Wilson (BMI)
    Performed by Dre