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  • barrelhousegutboy29 October 2012
    I went into this viewing cold having never heard of it before, wasn't really expecting much. I was completely blown away. First off you will want to get in the correct frame of mind for it so break out the tent and hiking boots because this is 100% camp from start to finish. Now imagine you are camping with Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino and spend the weekend frying on acid and watching Roger Corman and gay porn. So you get home, talk your aunt into loaning you 10K and hit a couple friends and a few strangers with the 'you want to be in a movie?' line and start filming. This would be that movie. The FX are what they are, the CGI adheres to the 'less is more' model and works very well. The stop motion is adequate much like the claymation in Evil Dead was but much better technically. This movie also boasts one of the best 'well what did you think was going to happen?' endings I have seen ever! I give it 10 stars from the shear amount of pleasure I got from watching (something I think gets lost in the mix at times). Is this for everybody? Most assuredly not. But if Hobo with a Shotgun sits in a place of honor in your collection this is an absolute must see!

    On a serious note it is easy to see this studio/team has some genuine skills.. real quality work to the point of being sublime.
  • In all my years of a horror fanatic and throughout the experience of writing more than 3.000 film reviews, it hasn't happened to me very often (not once, in fact) but right now I'm completely … utterly … speechless! I anticipated something quite bonkers, but "Father's Day" is truly the most demented, twisted, sickest and derailed genre outing that I ever watched. And I'm glad that I watched it on a big screen, at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Films, together with a chock-full theater of equally avid and enthusiast freaks like myself. The crowd literally went wild upon being exposed to such a massive amount of gore, perversity, craziness and smut! This movie truly embodied the absolute most fun you can experience at a festival. Written and directed by a collective of no less than six creative minds – who are undoubtedly all mentally ill beyond repair – and produced by the legendary infamous Troma Studios, "Father's Day" is best described as a sort of homage/throwback to gritty & low-budgeted Grindhouse cinema from the 70's and early 80's, but I assure you that even throughout that entirely lunatic era, there was never a film so extreme as this one.

    Where and how to begin with describing this unique piece of trash? With the plot, perhaps? It's practically impossible, but I'll give it a shot anyways. The pauperized ghetto streets are terrorized by the psychopath Chris Fuchman; an anal rapist and serial killer targeting distinguished middle class fathers. One of the victims' sons (a gay teenage prostitute) teams up with an ambitious young priest, but they quickly realize they'll need the help of the eye-patch wearing warrior Ahab. He hunted down Fuchman once before, but now retired to the Canadian forests in order to devote his life to making maple syrup. I kid you not. Ahab can be convinced to fight, however, as this grants him the opportunity to restore his relationship with his estranged go-go dancing sister Chelsea. Together, this crazy wild bunch tracks down Fuchman, but their work isn't even finished when they kill him, as his soul and even his evil sperm carry forward the killing spree. Mind you that this short description doesn't give you one quarter of insight about everything that's going on in "Father's Day". The plot is much more convoluted and insane than this, complete with dead-end sub plots, a massive load of flamboyant supportive characters, depraved undertones and a finale that left a complete theater full of horror freaks startled! I don't suppose I have to emphasize this, but "Father's Day" should most definitely be avoided by all easily offended, prudish, squeamish and politically correct viewers. The film is a smörgåsbord of blood and intestines, cut off body parts, ripped out organs, bludgeoned faces and – oh yes – even cut open/bitten off penises and crushed fetuses. The acting performances are all extremely over-the-top (like they ought to be) and the movie is supported by a penetrating soundtrack, raw & primitive cinematography and awesomely animated opening credits. Particularly the depiction of heaven and hell near the climax are deliciously deranged. And, as some sort of extra reward for the fans, there's a brilliant cameo appearance by Troma's smut-deity Lloyd Kaufman in a genuinely apt role.

    Lloyd Kaufman and Jeremy Gillespie, one of the director's collective Astron-6, were present in Brussels at the festival to introduce their film and provided some interesting background production info. The crazed out collective initially fabricated a fake trailer for "Father's Day" and sent it to the Troma headquarters. To their own surprise, Troma contacted them back and offered them the relatively low (at least to make a full-feature film) sum of $10.000. Gillespie elaborated that it's incredibly difficult to make a full movie out of a fake trailer that actually even started as a little joke. Most of the downright absurd and unfathomable situations and plot twists in the film are a direct consequence of the fact that Astron-6 stuffed nonsensical ideas into their trailer, unaware they later had to bring coherence between it all. But the result is there. "Father's Day" is destined to become a Troma cult favorite for sure.
  • It's hard to mention "Father's Day" without talking about the controversy surrounding it. It all started in 2010, when it was announced that Troma was going to help finance a movie based on a mock trailer made by a Canadian collective known as Astron 6. The movie eventually got released in festivals and midnight screenings-and when it came time for a DVD/Blu-Ray release, word got out that there were problems between the two. Apparently, Lloyd was selling bootleg copies of the movie, and that the Astron 6 logo was not included on the poster. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, then that really sucks. Especially when the end result is probably my favorite Troma movie, and is the best thing they've done in forever (I'm not a "Citizen Toxie", "Terror Firmer" or "Poultrygeist" fan to be honest.)

    The story is one we all know well: As a kid, Ahab saw his father become raped and murdered by serial killer Chris Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdoch), who has a thing for dads. Years later, the spree continues, and Father John Sullivan (Matthew Kennedy) and a gay street hustler named Twink (Conner Sweeney) want a now adult Ahab (Adam Brooks) to stop this father rapist once and for all. However, things are going to be hard, as Fuchman also has his eyes set on Ahab's sister Chelsea (Amy Groening.) To make matter worse, it turns out that this killer isn't all he seems to be.

    First things first: This is not a movie for the squeamish. There's multiple scenes of male rape, tons of male nudity (some of it comical, though there's also plenty of female nudity to go with it), graphic gore and even genital mutilation. In spite of all that, this is actually a comedy that serves as both a homage and a satire of exploitation films. Think what would happen if a Canadian sketch comedy troupe like The Kids in the Hall did a horror/comedy, and you might be close. Thankfully, it's also frequently funny, with at least 98% of the jokes hitting their target. Next to "Black Dynamite", this is the funniest Neo-Grindhouse movie I've seen. Plus, it has the best Lloyd Kaufman cameo ever, as he shows up as both God and Satan.

    On top of that, it's also very well made. The direction is top notch throughout, and actually manages to do what most micro-budget (this cost $10,000) movies can't do and makes it look at least 10 times it's budget. The acting is also good, with everyone hitting the right tone and managing to make their characters interesting (Twink is my favorite. Dude's hilarious.) Add a dead on score, great make-up and gore effects, great one liners and tons of enthusiasm and literal blood, sweat and tears to make it, and you have yourself a winner.

    "Father's Day" will not be for everyone. Those who are easily grossed out or offended (hell, even those of hardened sensibilities will find themselves cringing) will most likely avoid it. For me though, this is one of the best exploitation tributes I've ever seen, and is a must for fans of Troma or warped comedy in general.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    FATHER'S DAY is another movie filmed the style of an old grind-house film. Many filmmakers have tried this technique, but none that I have seen have captured that true grind-house style quite like FATHER'S DAY has.

    This is one crazy movie. I can guarantee you that you have not seen a movie quite like this before. The movie is done in perfect style that reminds you of watching a film late at night on TV back in the 70's or early 80's including a TV station introduction of the film and a commercial break in the middle of the film advertising the late movie coming on after FATHER'S DAY, called, STAR RAIDERS, which looks hilarious by the way.

    The film is great and has something in it for everyone. There is action, some humor, and loads of great gore, including a nasty scene where a man literally vomits his guts out! Gross!

    This movie is actually very hard to describe, because there is just so much going on. The film gets especially crazy at the end when the the main characters descend into Hell to fight the Father's Day killer, who is a gigantic demon they three men must do battle against.

    This movie is sick, twisted, perverted, and everything in between, so naturally, I loved it! Check this one out if you have the chance.
  • Sorpse17 August 2012
    Hell yeah I had a great time watching this movie. Sure maybe I was setting myself up for some awkward moments by brining my girlfriend to watch it at the Calgary Underground Film Festival but i cant say i wasn't warned. Any synopsis on this film will tell you that its about three guys who are trying to kill a man who raped and murdered their fathers. I was hoping that maybe they would go light on the father raping and get right into the revenge plot but the truth is they didn't go light on anything but modesty and morality. For anyone wondering if they should watch this movie or not just know that it is extremely offencive, gory, wrong, and funny all at the same time and is absolutely never boring. Thats what i loved most about this movie is that it is never dull, not for a second. Sure there is one scene out of all the nasty shat going on that truly made me uncomfortable (it involved our introduction to the Tweek character), but it happened early on in the film and they definitely made up for it with the copious amounts of comedy in the second half. The dialogue and chemistry between the actors is spot on and hilarious and i both laughed out loud and cringed and groaned more than a couple times. The gore is hilarious, the characters are hilarious, the plot is hilarious, hell even everything i've heard from these guys on facebook and other blogs since watching this movie has been hilarious. Since watching this at CUFF i've become quite intrigued by this group. They are incredibly inspiring having made a film that looks 5 times more expensive than what they made it for. I've also picked up their "wtf is astron-6" DVD compilation which isn't quite as amazing as this movie but is just as inspiring. Now i honestly cant wait for "Manborg" which I'm guessing will be released approximately 2 months after whatever release date they first present us with but after watching Fathers Day I'm basically guaranteed it will be well worth the wait. If i won the lottery i would donate it to astron-6.
  • I have been a fan of Troma since I was far too young to be watching their movies. I had the pleasure of seeing the newest movie from them called Father's Day directed by five lunatics known as Astron-6. I'll start this review by saying this movie is far too good to be a Troma movie. Yeah I said it. I heard this movie cost 10,000 dollars to make and I don't believe it. It transcends several genres by being really good and laugh out loud hilarious. It marries the sensibilities of Grindhouse cinema with moments of absurd comedy that work every single time.

    I'll stop the butt kissing for one second to give a bit of synopsis but I will try to do so without spoiling too much of the plot. The story is about a one eyed man named Ahab ( Adam Brooks) on an epic quest for revenge against a cannibal serial murderer/rapist of fathers named Chris Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdock) he's joined in this quest by Father John Sullivan (Matthew Kennedy) and underage male prostitute Twink (Conor Sweeny) along with Ahab's Stripper sister Chelsea (Amy Groening). For starters everyone's acting works really well and they all click off each other in a way that's great on screen. The dialogue is also smart and funny. The movie starts off somewhat serious and had quite a few graphic scenes of Fuchman raping dads which will send some prudes running for the hills. The violence and gore will also. I went into this expecting these things so I enjoyed it a lot.

    There were homages to movies and things I understand (The lurid lighting at times evoked feelings of Dario Argento and comic books) I've heard some people say Escape from new York was one but all they ever say is the eyepatch was the homage. I've seen plenty of eyepatches in movies. True grit. Captain Ron. So I don't know.

    The comparisons to the bunch of grindhouse movies that have been coming out lately is inevitable. Hobo with a shotgun, Machete, and Grindhouse are of the same ilk but I would hardly say they are in the same league. Father's day is really funny because it knows it's absurd and revels in it. There is a part where the intense Detective Stegel (Brent Neale) shows up and the heroes have to slip past him unnoticed, so they dress up in dresses and walk openly past him despite the fact Ahab has a beard and a picture of an eye taped to his eyepatch. (I guffawed at that might I add) From the very beginning it evokes a sense of 80's-90's nostalgia, like the movie is being shown late at night on some local TV channel. It even has a commercial break midway for the next movie which is an awesome low budget Star wars-esque movie that I won't ruin.

    I cannot recommend this movie enough because it transcends the Troma name. Yeah it's filled with male rape, ultra violence, lots of female nudity, the occasional penis, lots of swearing. All the things I enjoy in movies because it's mixed with absurd comedy.

    As I said before I am astonished this movie cost $10,000 because it looks really good. I've also heard people say the music is intentionally bad. I disagree. "We are the universe" will be my ringtone sooner than later. I expect to see more from Aston-6 after this because this is a grand achievement and should get a lot of people's attention. See it in the theater with an audience of like-minded individuals and you won't be disappointed! This is now my favorite Troma movie and honestly one of my favorite movies to come out in a while.
  • First off let me say that Troma did not make this movie they produced it. Astron 6,a group of film makers from Canada made and stared in the film.

    Father's Day is gross, tasteless, gory, full of nudity, low budget and unapologetic. It's no doubt the best movie out of Troma- and with its only competitor being Cabin in the Woods- best movie of 2011.

    The story fallows Ahab- a man on a quest of revenge against the demon who raped and killed his father (and many other father's for that matter). A man whore teenager and fresh out of the the Vatican priest join Ahab on his quest all of whom bring very grindhouse (not Tarantino) qualities to the film.

    Set in Tromaville, the film has a start that is a little slow but that all changes once we meet Ahab- from that point on every second of the movie is non-stop entertainment all the way up until the end.

    It's Hilarious, gory, creative, gory, raunchy, and really frickin' gory. Basically everything that is good.

    You can tell the actor's/film makers are all long time friends with their great chemistry together.

    The soundtrack is glorious, it just makes the movie- it's like 80s techno- I can't explain it. The best I can say is watch and listen because the imagery of Father's Day along with the soundtrack is the best combination since a burger and fries.

    I'm trying to give as little away as possible because I want you (the reader) to watch this film knowing nothing more then the bare, stripped down, simple plot summery I gave you in the beginning of this review.

    You will be surprised, shocked, disgusted and have your pants soiled from the uncontrollable laughter you will be experiencing while watching this film.

    There were issues between the makers and producers of this Film (Astron 6 and Troma). I myself am not familiar with the whole situation but basically (though only part of it) Troma didn't give credit when credit was due.

    I highly suggest you watch this film with friends (what's the point of entertainment if you're the only one to enjoy it?).

    It's a great movie, incredibly fun and unforgettable.

    You can buy it off of or
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a review Im going to write as fast as I can!It takes,not only balls to make or distribute a movie like this.It also takes lots of psychedelic drugs to understand where Astron-6 is coming from when they make it their "goal" to bring back the "strait to tape"independent movies of the 80's.These are the movies I grew up watching as a kid!Others were watching mainstream movies like The Goonies,My Pet Monster,The Wizard and The Wonder Years and all that crap..I was watching movies like:Screwballs,Phantasm,Creepshow,Gotcha,Hamburger"The Movie"and you get the idea!!Dad Raping is a sick twisted way of telling Hollywood "I'm gonna f-you and you are going to pay me to do it"!I must say I heard rumors of Lloyd Kaufman saying "he likes little boys" in a past interview!!This I hope isn't true!!He seems cool,he has a wife(that's not a little boy)and I think it's all B.S!!Anyway!I have a great idea for a sequel!!Also,I think Astron-6 should make Star Raiders into a space-alien/soft core porno knock-off!!Like Loose Screws meets Christmas From Mars and then they "gang-bang" Star Trek!!Father's Day made history,to be the first movie to introducing Dad Rapage!A man named Ahab(Adam Brooks)is tormented his entire life,because he witnessed the rape and murder of his father many years ago,by "The Fuchman".The Fuchman stabbed him in the eye and little Ahab survived the attack. Ahab(now wearing an eye-patch)and now a grown man living in the woods,living off of "maple syrup"(or so he thinks that's what it is)and living with constant nightmares about The Fuchman. Ahab is seeking peace and a much delayed revenge for his father's rape and murder on Fathers Day.Twink(a male prostitute)is a person who would do anyone or anything(for that matter)if the price is right.His father(in the meantime)is sick of bailing him out of jail and sick of him being a "male prostitute".So Twink and him have a disagreement and Twink runs away from home.Only to comeback home to find his dad raped and killed by The Fuchman.Twink,now homeless and still a prostitute,runs into a priest(of course)who wants to help him find god and instead they try to find The Fuchman.They do some research and find Ahab(still seeking revenge)in the woods"living off the syrup of the local trees"in a isolated cabin.They team-up together and hunt down The Fuchman.I will not say anything else!!Other than in the end,Twink finds a piece within himself.The priest finds who he is as a person and Ahab bangs his own sister.Now here is my idea for the sequel(if there is going to be one).The Fuchman Family should be explored!!They should be family of "serial rapists" who live on a "steady" diet of their victim's's genitals.The Fuchman family are the ones now seeking revenge,for Chris Fuchman's(The Father's Day Killer)death.Ahab(now living with his sister at a strip-club)is clueless of the fact that there is a family of "pecker-eating serial rapists" hunting him down.So on all of the days in the year he picks Father's Day to bang his sister for the 666th time and in doing so,he unlocks a curse to where everyone he is in contact with becomes a serial rapist.This should be interesting;considering he's living at a strip-club,and he's constantly around beautiful women...OK,I know better than to give "certain filmmakers" too many ideas;but that one I'll give to The Astron-6,free of charge of course..I was going to go into the whole "psychedelic adventure" I had getting to the Los Angeles premiere of Father's Day(at a midnight screening).Where it involved a L.A Metro bus load of drunken Mexicans who were half-mad on cocaine and Modelo beer;and me smoking D.M.T with them,still on the bus,talking in Spanish about drugs and politics..That doesn't seem appropriate for a review,but it did happen and nobody got hurt or killed...Good Times!!
  • This is an amazingly well crafted and funny homage that get's a 10 on the gore score. Unpredictable and inspired. The cast is very good and works well off each other. The scope is enormous for a low budget film. There have been so many retro style films coming out and this one like RUN BITCH RUN and DEAR GOD NO! brings more to the table than the one dimensional HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN and all the Tarrantino / Rodriquez clones. It's a pure DIY no holds barred, we don't care what you think, all out go for broke gem. When can I buy a copy? Why isn't it out? This future cult classic needs to be released. Are you listening Troma? Astron 6 needs their own television network. The world would be a much better place.
  • I have not a clue as to why Troma would set half a dozen DVD release dates for this film, which would come and go with nothing. Not a single explanation given. Just another release date. After a year of being jerked around, I was convinced that this film couldn't possibly be worth this kind of wait. But finally, the real release date came, and I finally got to see Father's Day! And I'd just like to say that I was dead wrong. Father's Day was definitely worth the wait.

    Considering the worthlessness we've seen outta Troma the last few years, I'd say acquiring Father's Day was the smartest move they've made in forever. Father's Day is simply amazing! In what begins as a slightly less than normal, yet serious crime-drama, slowly becomes an outrageous, and often insane homage to the B-cinema of the good old days. Thankyou Astron-6. And thankyou Troma for making a wise decision

    It seems as if there's a killer out there that fancy's raping dads. Chris Fuchman is the Father's Day Killer. And Ahab is the man who sets out to end him. But it won't be easy. Especially since the only help this ex-convict has is his prostitute sister, an eager priest, and a disgruntled teen hustler named Twink. Together, they just might be able to put this rape-happy Fuchman fellow in his place. On the way, these characters give us the most epic B-movie experience in Troma history. And when it's all over, and the dust settles, it is no longer the same film it once was.

    This film has it all! Sleazy characters, gore, stupid, yet subtle humor, grainy screen quality, and incest. Like I said. Father's Day has it all. Over the last decade, I've seen a lot of these old school B- movie throwbacks. Stuff like I Spit Chew On Your Grave, Jessicka Rabid, and the truth is, nothing of the kind that I've seen can compete with this magnificent film. As far as pseudo-Grindhouse flicks go, it don't get no better than this! 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The year is 2010 and TAD is missing a Canadian short film and there to step and fill the gap is Astron-6 with a fake trailer for "Fathers Day. The audience howled with laughter and screamed with shock and horror and basically ate up this fake trailer.

    Then as the months went by before TAD 2011 came rumors that Astron-6 had gotten together with Troma and made Father's Day into a feature film in the Troma/Grindhouse tradition.

    We have the dreaded serial killer "fuckmanicis" on the loose killing random fathers in the most horrible fashion. Father Sullivan knows there is only 1 man who can stop "fuckmanicis", the only man who once had almost killed him Ahab. He sends a young priest to find Ahab and convince to stop the horror once and for all.

    This movie is a pure grindhouse treat and I use that word truthfully, this movie works on so many levels due to good acting and effects that fit with the movie. I saw the premier at TAD 2011 and the crowd literally devoured this movie.

    Ahab, together with the son of one of "fuckmanicis" victims and the young priest track the serial killer, dodging corrupt cops and a society that doesn't believe "fuckmanicis" exists. The movie goes from a standard serial killer to much more, including some awesome claymation and other special effects.

    If you are a lover of Troma movies or Grindhouse movies you will love this movie. Astron-6 has done an amazing job with such a limited budget. Oh yea here's a spoiler alert this movie won people's choice for TAD 2011.
  • You'll notice beyond the midway point that the cast sheds their ham performances in favor of razor-sharp timing in the second act. There aren't many movies like this in our culture. It's comparable in various ways to "Evil Dead II" and "Big Trouble in Little China", along with "Wet Hot American Summer", where theater of the absurd comes into play. It is possessive of so many genres, one might ask repeatedly what the hell they're watching.

    The screenplay was smartly written by the members of Astron-6, and key stunts were memorably executed by the actual cast, co-ordinated by Adam Brooks. The talents (in no particular order) of Brian Wiacek, Jeremy Gillespie, Sommer Spendlow, Paul Joyce, Bob Wiseman, Nabi, Dan Bern and Adrian Perry, along with many others comprised an excellent soundtrack. Very fitting and enjoyable! Steven Kostanski's horror effects and animation/blue screen work ranged from budgeted to vivid, at appropriate points. Kostanski has come a long way from his earlier work, having matured both as an artist and technician, but also as a collaborator. The opening credits were an additional treat that should drop a huge hint for the show you were going to get. Illustrator Jim Rugg plunges you face-first into a wild ride, featuring his gritty designs in the opening title sequence.

    This is not something you let younger kids see, but naturally, they're going to make sure they see it once they hear about how cool it is. The violence, the language, and the gratuitous nudity are designed specifically to appeal to the twelve-year-old people of the world. Meanwhile, your R-rated movies are always meant for adults, right? I loved this movie, and not just because it was done by people I admire. I had seen Wet Hot American Summer before I ever heard of these guys, and had gotten the same feeling. I actually feel a little dumb watching movies like this, because I have no idea what I am being shown. I have to see it once just to get the big picture, then a second time to fully enjoy all the shenanigans for what they are. After that, I suddenly feel like a genius because I am in on the joke. That's the stuff that the twelve-year-old grows up to appreciate when they see it again in ten years, and it's the stuff that "cult" is made of.
  • Father's Day has a grind-house feel to it. Scratchy film, degraded footage, etc. The cast is hilarious and their dialogue moves the movie forward. Visuals are also interesting, memorable venues and scenes. It is well shot and edited with a fast pace that keeps the viewer engaged and the story moving forward at a good pace. It feels a bit like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. When I describe this film to friends I tell them that it feels like the writers jotted down all of the most taboo things they could think of and structured a story around it.

    Don't go in expecting a Michael Bay style multi-million dollar CG packed extravaganza of a film. The SFX is all real. Stop-go or costumes and the blood is often real animal blood.

    Anyway, if you're prepared to watch a crazy horror story with a fast momentum, funny dialogue, and many awkward moments that'll have you squirming yet laughing at the same time - Father's Day is for you!

    Seriously, check it out - It's inspiring to see how far Astron-6 pushed their incredibly limited budget to make this film.

  • redcurtain10726 February 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wanted to like this, REALLY wanted to like this. But I dunno... not the great movie everyone acted like it was. Yes, there were copious amounts of blood and nudity. But there was something missing for me. A story, maybe? It seemed like a bunch of dudes sat around at the kitchen table and threw out a lot of ideas for a movie, and then they crammed it all in to make Father's Day. I'm a girl, and I'm not a big fan of bro humor, which is 99 percent of the movie. I do love a good chainsaw killing, though. Best parts for me: When the dude with the eye-patch beat up the bad guy on the bridge. Points for production value! And the casting was pretty great for a low-budget. Oh, and the cats at the end! Worst parts: The slutty Mary character was the worst actress in the whole bit, totally miscast. The story was very bloated, and by the end I didn't really know/care what was going on.

    So, there you have it. Seems like a fan-boy favorite, which is probably what they were going for.
  • A demonic character known as Chris Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdock) has been out and about for a long, long time, raping and murdering fathers with gleeful abandon. It's up to a one-eyed recluse named Ahab (Adam Brooks), a solicitous young priest, Father John Sullivan (Matthew Kennedy), and a delinquent, Twink (Conor Sweeney), to vanquish this beast, and save the soul of Ahabs' smoking hot sister Chelsea (Amy Groening).

    It's not surprising that the notorious Troma company would have been involved in this joyously classless story. Certainly it bears a number of their trademarks: the over the top gore, the defiling of good taste, the blasphemy, the hammy acting, etc. Written and directed by a filmmaking collective known as "Astron-6" (including our three leading actors), it's made to look like the first movie in a late-night TV triple feature. If you're a fan of Troma, or are at least familiar with the way that they do things, you're likely to have fun with "Father's Day", as it careens from one outrageous sequence to another.

    The gore and creature effects are great fun, use of various Canadian cities (including Winnipeg, this viewers' hometown) is effective, and there's a hearty helping of amusing and catchy music. There's plenty of bare skin revealed by the attractive female cast, and the performances are, in general, suited to the material. Kennedy, in particular, is a hoot, especially when he dies and goes to Heaven, and then spends all his time there trying to get damned to Hell, because that's where he needs to be to help his friends. Viewers will be delighted with the cameos by the guy playing God and The Devil.

    Diverting entertainment for anybody who desires politically incorrect, cinematic insanity.

    All you need to know: there's one hysterical moment where Ahab does Chelsea doggy style.

    Seven out of 10.
  • joedante13 September 2014
    I have seen quite a view Troma Movies, and Toxic Avenger and Poultrygeist are some of my all time favorites, but this disaster of a c-movie just stole one and a half hours of my life I will never get back. The whole movie doesn't make ANY sense, and you're trying to figure out what is going on all the time, people are talking bullshit constantly, and you have a hard time not to fall asleep.

    Shure, there are some scenes where old fat men get raped, tortured and sliced up, but even these are dull and boring because the acting is so unbelievably bad and the effects so cheap that you don't know if you should cry or laugh.

    It's not funny, it's not shocking, it's not even mildly entertaining, so don't expect some nice sleazy exploitation.

    You will have a lot more fun with ANY other Troma movie....
  • I am a little ashamed to admit it, but god damn this is one of the funniest movies I have ever watched. It is just so god dam funny. Not for the faint of heart thought, as it is one of the most graphic movies I have ever watched as well. But get some friends over one night, grab some alcohol, and enjoy this amazing movie.
  • I dived into this film blindly several years ago not knowing what to expect other than several mixed reviews. The basic plot is a serial killer known as Chris Fuchman (pronounced fuckman) and guess what he does? that's right he rapes and kills fathers. What are his motives? He doesn't need any he is just a psycho. There is some weird prophecy and this badass called Ahab with a cool eye patch. A lot of the film sounds like it was shot on a camcorder but has a real cool grind-house feel to it. The acting is dodgy but you feel a good bond between the actors and its hard to not spoil the movie it has everything from incest to acid trips to demonic entities and lots of boobs for you kiddies out there. If you go in open minded you wont be disappointed but this isn't for the average movie goer it has one of the most painful looking penis mutilations I've ever seen in a film. However it also has one of the fakest I've seen as well. So if you have a couple of quid to spare its worth picking up a copy. Story 4/5 gore and effects 4/5 Acting 3/5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is bizarre, brilliant and demented movie. Weeks later I'm still thinking about it. I've seen a lot of B-grade horror-trash in my time but this is something quite original. It really stands out from the crowd.

    This is a horror-comedy with elements of surrealism. But there's also a lot here which is disturbing. I was prepared for gore and I heard it had an incest scene. What I wasn't really prepared for were the scenes of male rape and genital cannibalism. In fact the movie is basically about a demon who walks the earth raping fathers and eating their penises. The discombobulating narrative style makes it more confronting than usual. One scene you get an absurd comedy dialog. Next scene - bam! male rape and castration.

    This is also a film that seems to be deliberately aiming for a B grade vibe. This approach seems to add extra creepiness to the movie. For example in one scene the main characters are freaking out watching the "Fuckmanis" destroy their friend. They're supposed to be too shocked and scared to help. But that didn't come across as authentic and instead I got the sense they were voyeuristic observers.

    There's also a lot of really good ideas in this movie. I won't spoil it by revealing too much, but the ending is both scary and satisfying.
  • This is a Troma movie in its truest form of over the top gore, sleeze and comedy. Mix them all together in a giant melting pot and it throws up the movie called Father's Day. This film (if you can call it that) is about a serial rapist who goes around only raping fathers. Our main character, Ahab, was victimized by this killer when he witnessed his dad get killed when he was a young child. Now he is on a quest of vengeance sworn to kill this daddy killer.

    This film was only shot on a budget of 10,000 dollars and you can't even tell because of how sharp looking this film is. This movie definitely is style over substance with its killer soundtrack and awesome lighting, a bunch of red and blue hues throughout the film make it look like one of those old Italian horror films.

    This film is very graphic, there is one scene in particular that I had to turn my head because it was so gross I couldn't watch it. I have seen tons of gross out movies and i had never seen anything like this. So if you get offended easily and are a little squeamish when it comes to gore then this is not the film for you, but if you are unfazed and dead inside like me, then you will love Father's Day.

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  • zetes12 October 2014
    From the creators of the brilliant Manborg, this horror comedy came out the same year (no idea which one they made first). For a while, I was convinced this was a lesser product. The plot's a little convoluted and, up front, the jokes weren't quite landing. But then it started to click, and, holy crap, this is absolutely fantastic! I was laughing so hard I was crying at some points. It's imaginative as Hell and actually really well made. These guys know what they're doing. The plot revolves around three men, an eyepatched vigilante (Adam Brooks), a priest who's lost his faith (Matthew Kennedy) and a manwhore (Conor Sweeney), who join up to put a stop to a notorious father raper and murderer known as Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdock). Troma produced this (it's alternate title is Troma's Father's Day), and Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman appears as God. Troma's made some fun stuff before, but this is probably the best thing they've ever put their name on. I can't wait for the next Astron-6 film, the giallo spoof The Editor.
  • A one-eyed vigilante with a troubled past, a teenage rent boy and a disillusioned priest team up against a demonic, father-raping killer from hell.

    With all the faux-grindhouse movies being made these days it was only a matter of time before someone got the great idea of parodying them. Father's Day, from legendary producers of low-budget trash Troma, takes all of the conventions and clichés we know and love and mercilessly exaggerates them, and in the process, actually manages to replicate the look and feel of genuine exploitation movies far better than most serious attempts at doing so.

    The directors, of which there are five, have the look and feel spot on—from the fake 'recorded off late-night TV' intro, to the distressed, gaudily lit imagery (flickers, lines on the picture, hairs caught in the camera gate) and the excellent lo-fi electronic score—and the cast all do a great job (even Lloyd Kaufman is bearable).

    As is the case with many a Troma movie, good taste isn't very high on the agenda, meaning that the film more than delivers the goods when it comes to offensive material: forced buggery, genital mutilation, and incest all get a look in, and there is enough nudity and splatter to satisfy even the most jaded of trash movie fans. Even though the studio's typically puerile humour is a little hit and miss, and the finale in Hell perhaps stretches things a touch too far, Father's Day is a whole lot of fun that shouldn't be missed by any self-respecting movie deviant.

    7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.
  • Let me first of all say that I liked this flick. People may be surprised to hear that coming from my mouth but I'm not a fan of all Troma flicks. Some are really ridiculous but some are good, even as they still have that typical weird Troma look. And let me file this one under the better stuff coming from Troma. But I really had to search hard to lay my hands on this DVD. I never wanted the Blu Ray because I know that Troma mostly go back to the exploitation look and this one surely has that look so no HD transfer so no Blu Ray for me. But back to the hard search. It's banned in a few countries and while shopping in Germany I finally found a copy. But even then you had to proof you are older than 18. So no probs there.

    What starts off as a real exploitation flick and even opens with some nasty moments turns slowly into a weird flick with stop motion and a lot of blue key shots. And don't ask me to tell you something about the story because I can't. Not that it's complicated but it's just a weird trip.

    Some geeks out there will hate this flick anyhow because outside the gore and female nudity it also contains a lot of male full frontal and even has a gay overtone here and there. But if you can stand that then you are in for a real gory ride. Up to the gay part but wait a moment because they go to a strip bar and you can enjoy and sit back to see a lot of fake and real tits jumping around in all sizes pierced and not pierced. And it even moves toward gratuitous nudity when one stripper is taking a chainsaw to go for the kill. The last 20 minutes this flick moves away from the f*ckman killer into a weird flick that is so typical Troma but also a moment that some will turn it off. But wait until the end because there's still some gore to pick up.

    Just watch it for the gore, nudity and the saucy sex between brother and sister and take the story for what it is, it's Troma remember, and yes, Lloyd Kaufman is doing a cameo. Maybe it's me but I did recognize some shots referring to the classics. Just see the killer smell ones face, pure Alien reference. A throwback to the seventies, overall look and score. And yes, with a commercial break halfway into the flick.

    Gore 2,5/5 Nudity 2,5/5 Effects 4/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 1/5
  • FranLan9425 March 2020
    This is a TROMA movie alright. I'm a fan of B movies but this, it's something on it's own. The only thing that this movie seems to "respect" is religion, then goes off on everything else. And when I mean respect is not being too satirical. The gore, practical effects are good, it has good humor from time to time. But there are a couple of things that just don't work for me. I usually look foward to a movie that break boundries but this one could have gone to so many places instead of heading the direction it took.
  • I have now watched this film approxmiately 50 times and every time i manage to find another tiny nuance to elevate this film even further into acclaim. The film has a soundtrack that will live deep in your sub-conscious forevermore, the film itself hasa plethora of moments that come back to you months later and make you chuckle, and the group of actors themselves seem to mesh together perfectly to make a ridiculous and hilarious spoof of the genre itself that is synonomous with ASTRON 6 and basically everything they do. ..Ahab, Father John and Tweek are now immortalised as icons of movie legend.
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