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  • This movie is a must see for any music and movie lover Queen fan or no Queen fan,anyone who sees this movie will be going through a rollercoaster of Emotions Beeing it Queens music or the story behind the music Rami Malek puts down an excellent version of Freddie Mercury, but all the actors play great in this movie In my opinion best thing to do is ignore the criticism and go see it for yourself.
  • I'm a 75 yr old Gramma that saw this movie with her son and grandson. We all Loved it! I "heard" Queen music as I worked and raised my 4 children, but never really knew the band it came from. My children Lived with Queen music, and totally identified with them, especially in their band performances. My grandson heard Queen because his father played it all the time. We saw this movie as a family and the movie was about family, friends, and loyalty. The typical band movie is about rising-to-fame, falling-from-fame. This movie is about hanging together as family, as loyal friends ..something we Really need more of today!! The 2 :15 time frame flies by and you're left wanting more...more... more... Rami Malek is awesome as Freddie! He, his 3 co-stars, last director, music director, and entire crew deserve nominations! See this in a theatre that has great sound where you can appreciate the depth of the music! One of my most favorite movies in 75 years!
  • david-626-14806324 October 2018
    Wow! I feel mind-blown after watching the world premiere yesterday evening. I am whether a megahuge Queen fan (although I really like many of their songs), nor do I know how accurate the storytelling is (, but I suppose pretty accurate since both Brian May and Roger Taylor are co-producers of the film), but I found the movie both intoxicating and moving. I have read some of the professional reviews, and I cannot comprehend their search of documentary wisdom in this movie; this is not a documentary, but an entertaining story of one of the world's most iconic bands. And the film delivers on all aspects. (And the critics were so wrong about the song Bohemian Rhapsody upon its release).

    As Brian May pinpointed in the interview on the red carpet, he found that the casting was excellent (I don't remember the exact word he used). But he is so right. Every major role is perfectly casted, and all the band members are brilliant. But I must emphasize Rami Malek's role as Freddie. It has Oscar written all over it. What he does, is almost beyond comparison. Chapeau for even taking on this role, and then delivering what he does. Even better, although marginally, than Michael Douglas in Behind the Candelabra. And Gwilym Lee as Brian May is also a bull's eye, but Malek really carries the production on his tiny shoulders. It was like watching our beloved Freddie all over again.

    Many, many memorable moments, but the Live Aid performance recreated: it is one of the best scenes I have ever seen - and I have seen lots and lots of films. Chapeau for director(s) and producers and the whole team for to me delivering the best film YTD in 2018!!
  • My wife and I both enjoyed this immensely. We are Queen fans and attended the tribute concert a after Freddie died.

    This film is extraordinary, first and foremost, for Rami Malek's performance. The physical resemblance is only a small part of that. He had Freddie's body language down to a tee.

    But the crowning glory is the vocals. They are absolutely mind blowing. I don't know how they did it, I'm assuming it's Freddie's voice. The lip sync is flawless. If it's Malek singing, the Oscar is in the bag.

    I've heard there are some negative reviews floating around. I find that astonishing. I hope Malek gets at least a few nominations for this. He should get multiple awards.
  • I dont know how to elaborate more than this. If you are 35 and younger, you will understand after seeing this movie.
  • LenaKrones23 October 2018
    I just saw the world premiere and oh boy let me tell you about it:

    This movie might not be a masterpiece but my heart is filled with such happiness and joy after watching it that I think it's going to burst (sorry for the cheesiness), Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon are so exquisitely portrayed I sometimes forgot it wasn't them, the performances were so on point and so powerful you could feel the energy burst through the screen. ¿Have you seen the famous car scene in Wayne's world? well, now imagine a full room doing the same, people couldn't help but sing along (lets be honest, it's impossible not too).

    I laughed, cried, sang and wished I could have seen Queen live, this band will live forever.
  • This movie was a brilliant portrayal of the mixed up life, and massive talent that was Mercury ... and that is in no way meant to diminish the other fabulous musicians who made up this wonderful band. Whilst Freddie's life and death are quite well documented, his inner turmoil is not - this movie opens this up for all to see, and highlights actions and individuals who had a large influence on his fragile life, both good and horrendously bad. If only he could have been happy with the knowledge that he had one of the best singing voices, if not THE best, that ever fronted a rock band. Rami Malek does a wonderful job of portraying him, and in so many ways has captured his mannerisms to a tee. Loved it, and listening to the music in an IMAX auditorium was brilliant.
  • For those of us of a certain age Queen, and especially Freddie, defined us. Sitting through this movie I had goosebumps. The casting just works and watching the actors playing May and Deacon you'd be forgiven in thinking someone had access to a time machine. Even Kenny Everett was instantly recognisable. I left this movie a strange combination of elated and terribly sad. Elated to hear the music, watch the story and yet sad that Freddie was so desperately lonely. Ultimately, I think Freddie would have approved of the whole thing. His genius and flamboyance shone through. Truly brilliant.
  • Rami Malek will be forever one of my favorite actors since the day I've watched Mr Robot, I knew he will be one of the biggest star someday. Freddie Mercury is legend, everyone loves him but not everyone knows his story. Freddy Mercury is fearless, but not everyone knows about his desperately lonely. I dont't know how accurate the storytelling is but this movie is absolutely mind blowing and brilliant, such a perfect tribute to the legend!

    I'm not saying this movie is perfect or masterpiece, infact this movie has some issues with the director and delayed. But after I walk out of the theater, my heart is filled with joy, tears of happiness, brought so many emotions. That's how you know the movie is fantastic, darling. The casting was brilliant, bravo! I can't get enough with Rami Malek, he obviously worked so hard, Rami Malek pulls off an amazing performance, he just brings Freddie back to life and I don't think you will see any better film about Freddie Mercury again. It's an oppurtunity of a lifetime, every aspects of this movie was executed beautifully. Also the whole cast was so close to perfection! Gwilym as Brian May, Ben as Roger, and Joseph as John are amazing as Rami. Truly magnificent. I recommend to go and see this movie, whether you are fans of Queen or not.
  • Wow. What a truly inspiring film. Made me feel that being eccentric and different is ok as long as you are you! The film brought so many emotions - laughter, sadness, joy - very heart warming. At times I forgot I wasn't actually watching the guys from Queen - they all looked so like them - especially May and Mercury. I thought Rami rocked the role. Massive respect to this guy! Would happily pay to go back in and watch it again! My film of 2018!!!!
  • bmhardy_0524 October 2018
    Quite simply the critics are wrong! This is a fitting tribute to the best performer and band of all time.
  • Biopic.

    Charts the rise to fame of one of the greatest rock bands ever.

    Touches on Freddie Mercury's (his stage name) background, then how he met the band and became their front man, the development of their unique sound, their meteoric rise to fame, and the key moments leading to Band Aid.

    Briefly (probably too briefly) touches on Freddie's AIDS condition.

    The film starts at the same moment as it ends with Freddie arriving on (Live Aid) stage, the last 15 minutes is their whole Live Aid performance.

    Before the film my wife said to me ... "I'm not a fan, I didn't like their music, and I'm not looking forward to this" After the film my wife said to me ... "I really enjoyed that, think I'm a fan"

    So ... this film is good, whether you think you're a fan or not.
  • jackrlarson-7267923 October 2018
    One of the best movies of the year! The performances are all excellent. The music surpasses what I had imagined. Brings back the eighties superbly. The last 15 to 20 brought tears to many in the showing I was at. Don't miss it.
  • This film is a masterpiece and it pains me to think that people get paid obscene amounts of money to watch films for free and then slate them to appear clever. Bohemian Rhapsody will be a film that goes down in history and so it should; it is a phenomenal cinematic experience
  • zoeemclean24 October 2018
    Just watched "BoRhap" and I'm now an emotional wreck! Utterly brilliant, the cast were fantastic! I'm so blown away by Rami Malek as Freddie, plus Brian May too! Definitely Recommend 👌👌👌👌👌👌
  • Forget the critics. If they want a full biography movie go to discovery channel.

    This is the his majesty Queen's movie. Made by and for the fans and non fans

    I never watched movie 2 times in cinema - this is the only one i did. I watched on CGV cinema, had my tears, and decided to try the IMAX experience, and it is worthed it.

    Rami Malik was excellent, all the casts were! You always thought "We are the Champion" was a cheesy song made for the competition or olympic winners. After watching this movie, boy my view will never be the same of this song. This song deserve a country to use it as national anthemn.


    I reiterate - Forget the critics. Go to IMAX and enjoy this movie
  • I don't think I've ever been so excited to see a movie, EVER! As I'm sure many of you my age will say, I was brought up listening to Queen by my dad who was a huge fan. One of the only times I ever remember my dad crying was when Freddie died. That love for Queen has been passed on to my little boy, so off we went (a little disheartened, I might add, following the critic reviews) to watch the movie. Ten minutes in, my little boy turned to me and said , 'mum, I love this already' The film has you right from the get go! I honestly don't know what movie those critics saw, but it can't have been the same movie. At times I forgot I wasn't watching the real Queen. I laughed. I cried. I got goosebumps. I cried some more. I absolutely loved every minute of it. The cinema was packed out and as the credits drew, the audience clapped and cheered; something I have never experienced at a movie before. Do not be put off. Just go! If you have kids, take them too!
  • What a night this was! I went to the world premiere in my local theatre with the purple carpet event on the big screen and all that jazz.

    When I saw the first trailer I didn't think much about Rami Malek as Freddie or the whole movie at all since the majority of biopics are generic and pretty much formulaic. Back then, I even considered dropping Sacha Baron Cohen a huge mistake. But boy was I wrong. Malek shined like he's never shone before. I think Susie Figgis outdid herself as a casting director here.

    Ever since I joined the casting industry, I really started seeing what it means to work here, how important this part of showbiz that is, and how just a single miscast can ruin a project. Susie Figgis is a veteran casting director, known for many big and widely loved projects and she did well here. She did extremely well. Up until the moment I joined this business, I paid little to no attention to the actor ensemble, with the exception of clear miscasts that just stood out and you couldn't unsee it. But yesterday I just sat there, mesmerized. Gwilym Lee did an outstanding job portraying Brian May, in fact, I forgot he wasn't him. Lucy Boynton was one of my absolute favorites, portraying Mary Austin and her love and devotion towards Freddie. And Rami Malek. Oh, boy, Rami *was* Freddie Mercury. While I was sitting there in the theatre and staring at the screen I didn't have a feeling I was watching actors play their parts. I felt like I was watching Queen.

    I don't have much to say about the plot, or the costumes, the setting, the cast. Everything was close to perfection. A perfect balance of drama and comedy. Exactly how life is.

    I was five when my dad came to me, kneeled, put his large and on my tiny shoulder and delivered the tragic news about Freddie passing. Queen was basically the soundtrack of my upbringing, so I didn't take the news too well. I wept like I've just lost a dear friend. Dad and I spent the remainder of that afternoon blasting the tracks we oh so loved.

    Queen has been the soundtrack of my life, therefore it's impossible to have an unbiased opinion about 'Rhapsody', but I must admit I had my reservations at first. But in the end, I loved it. The last twenty minutes of the film I spend sobbing and wiping the tears and mascara tracks from my cheeks. I can't remember the last time I cried this much in a movie. And I don't know if it was the music, Freddie's tragic fate or the relationships he had, both with lovers and his family, or maybe it was an amalgam of everything, but from the first minutes the movie started building up, it rose block by block until the huge skyscraper that the story was, finally concluded and all the lights turned on and it shined like a marvelous gem.

    Until this day, Live Aid remains the biggest, most epic music event in the history of civilization and it is remembered by millions. And _Bohemian Rhapsody_ did it justice. Malek did justice to Freddie. And I left my seat long after the credits had stopped rolling. The show must go on, and it does.
  • kirstenhines3 November 2018
    I am clearly in the minority, and do not understand the love for this movie. The story jumped around entirely too much. It didn't build up the relationships or people. What could have been an amazing biopic fell short. It scratched the surface and never went deep in the storyline.
  • Just watched Bohemian Rhapsody with my wife, my 16-yo daughter and 14-yo son. It's quite simply one of the best movies we've ever seen. Rami Malek's performance as Freddie Mercury is phenomenal and worthy of an Oscar. The other actors are great too. The music is naturally magnificent. We're talking of Queen after all... We rated Bohemian Rhapsody 10/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's not Rami Malek's fault. Let's make that clear. He comes through with a fittingly outrageous performance and should be commended, especially considering all the mistakes taking place around him. His prosthetic teeth are cartoonish, but he pulls them off just fine. He also pulls off the voice, the posture and the curious wandering eyes that that make manifest his burgeoning sexuality that slowly becomes clear to him.

    'Bohemian Rhapsody' the movie's greatest problem is that there is no clear message or meaning. It's intentionally eclectic and mixed, but this concept works much better for the song than it does for the feature film. It never quite reveals what it's meant to say. If it only meant to pay cutesy fan service to the adoring Freddie Mercury and Queen fans of the world, then it's a job well done. If it meant to offer any other sort of statement about sexual expression or friendship or the creation of music, then it's mostly a miss.

    The movie's greatest failure is its insistence on submitting constant winking in-jokes about Queen. When Mike Myers' music executive character says that no one will ever sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody while riding in a car, we all chuckle. Or, at least, we're supposed to. The crowd around me certainly did, but I just rolled my eyes. Moments like are not as clever as the filmmakers believe them to be.

    The other greatest failures come from an inability to make moments believable. The lip syncing could be overlooked (even though it's awful) because no actor can reasonably be expected to make that perfect, but it's the director's issue for not choosing alternate angles to hide the mouths. Worse than the lip syncing is Freddie's relationship with his father. Dad is a classic conservative who disapproves of Freddie's lifestyle (the singing more so than the homosexuality, we're led to believe), and that's the entirety of their relationship until the cringeworthy resolution near the end. It's not even worthy of being considered manipulative because it's so weakly executed.

    Another thing: did Freddie really not know he was gay until Queen had been a smashing success for years? Everyone else seemed to know and accept it. That seemed to be a bizarre choice of the writers.

    If you love the music and absolutely adore Queen, you'll probably like this movie. But if you look to poke any holes at all in film itself, you'll spring a few dozen leaks. Freddie deserved better than this.
  • After listening to the reviews calling Bohemian Rhapsody a bog standard bio I think it's time for me to put my two cents in to the ring.

    Personally I must have been watching another movie. Or is that I just understood what the makers of Bohemian Rhapsody were trying to achieve.

    Actually let's start with just that.

    Bohemian Rhapsody is a tribute to the legacy of Freddie Mercury and also the band Queen. It was primarily made for the fans of the the band and to showcase the band and its history to a new audience.

    To do this the film primarily uses a straight forward story telling style. This also means that events and time lines have to be condensed and fictionalised to tell that story in just over 2 hours. This also means that many real characters have to amalgamate in to a couple of fictional personas. I personally had no problem with this. I also liked the fact that the film poked fun at future events using also comic casting. Those who have seen the movie will know what I'm talking about. It seems to me that the critics wanted something that real Queen Fans have no real time for, namely a movie that explores Freddie's wild private life. We know what he did. We know a lot about his wild side. But Queen Fans want a film about the most important elements of Freddie's life. Namely the band and its music.

    Bohemian Rhapsody does something better.

    Instead of showing a debauched indulgent life, Bohemian Rhapsody instead shows us a man trying to come to terms with his extraordinary life. It shows how with the help of the truly talented other members of Queen he was able to do that. It also shows his Joy, his loneliness, plus some of his mistakes and missteps along the way, and of course his complex relationship with Mary Astor possibly the one person he truly loved.

    It tackles his sexuality and some of the aftermath of his partying. It also shows the beginning of his illness. This is all achieved with sensitivity and respect.

    Now for the music.

    Bohemian Rhapsody is possibly at its greatest when recreating queen on stage. Using a mixture of real singing from the actors, Queen and Freddie's over dubbing and sound alike artists to create a totally unique feel to Queens songs. Recreations of the bands greatest hits are mixed, to sound fresher than ever. Some even help the movie to move along showing headlines and critic's reviews as the songs play out. Then there's The Live Aid performance. Much like the real concert it almost dwarfs everything that has gone before on film. We the audience really get to experience what it was like to be at that event. Not just from the crowd but from the bands point of view. Almost every highlight from that performance is featured.

    The performances.

    Everyone agrees Rami Malek is a revelation as Freddie after about 20 minutes you totally forget that this is an actor. He is Freddie. This can also be said for Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy and Joseph Mazzello playing The rest of the band in fact in the case of Lee the transformation into Brian May is astounding. As the film primary focuses on Freddie you can feel a sorry that aspects of the other members of the band aren't fully explored. Rogers womanising is hinted at but Brian's private life and his relationship with his father are not. John Deacon remains the enigma of the band. Lucy Boynton gives a carefully measured and sensitive performance as Mary Astor coming to terms with the changes in Freddie's life. Unfortunately Allen Leech has the unenviable task of playing a composites of some of Freddie's lovers and can be seen as a bit of a cliche villain. But he gives a good account of himself. As for the rest of the cast. Everyone else is solid.

    The film begins with Live Ad and ends on that same day.

    If you're a fan of Queen I defy you to leave your seat as the credits role.. To Sum up. Bohemian Rhapsody is a celebration, not an expose and it should be treated that way by those pay their money to see it.. The Critics obviously didn't get it.
  • Ok it's the opening day, the cinema is packed, probably 90% Queen fans. The fans ranged from a young girl of about 10 to old gits like me.

    Demi Malek is awesome throughout. He obviously worked so hard to not just look but to sound and act like Freddie. Then again they all did.

    There have been some negative "professional" reviewer comments and I did read them and I really couldn't work out what they wanted - perhaps a mix of Philadelphia Story and Mama Mia.

    The complex relationship between Freddie and Mary Austin as well as Paul Prenterband finally Jim Hutton was explored and dealt with appropriate sensitivity.

    Personally I felt it was short and would have loved to peek more behind the curtain to understand where the music that shaped my adolescence came from.

    If you've never seen it go to YouTube and watch the Queen performance at Live Aid. The reaction of the crowd wasn't overplayed it was if anything understated

    By the way Bryan Singer is credited as Director but he left and Dexter Fletcher stood in and made a pretty good job

    Want to see it again
  • I'm fan of Queen& Freddy himself, but the same time I graduated film school and I love cinema, that's why I also like to be as objective as possible in my reviews of movies. Here I will try to make my criticism honest.

    Yes, sometimes professional film critics are deliberately malicious, and their opinions are detached from reality, but sometimes they are also right, and in the case of 'Bohemian Rhapsody', this is the second.

    First of all, the film distorts a lot of facts from Freddy and Queen's life, and if it were not significant events - I would not care at all, but these are important things and especially in a biographical film this should not be done, just to make the movie more dramatic. Fred's life was dramatic enough, if only the creators of the film really wanted to make an interesting movie, they would go even deeper into Mercury's childhood and the fact he escaped with his family, against persecution, from his own homeland. And this in turn could be the starting point / foundation for a deeper, better portrait of the Queen singer.

    Unfortunately, there is no depth here, the worst part is that this film is schematic, completely flat, only glides over important topics, does not carry out any serious psychological analysis of such a fascinating, complicated character that Freddy was. I don't accept excuses, that "this is the story of the band and not Mercury himself". Because firstly, one does not exclude the other: it was possible to include in the scenario a deeper analysis / truth about Freddy and the band, and secondly the band's history is also poorly told. The best moment of a rather boring, long-lasting, first half of the movie is the recording of '' Bohemian Rhapsody ''. The rest is a fast, also quite jumping and chaotic montage of musical scenes depicting, carelessly, Queen tours and writing of individual hits, and while I understand that in a 2-hour movie it is not possible to show each creative process in the smallest detail, it was still possible to show it better from the pov of the characters - band members, thus also build better and deeper characters in this film.

    The second half is better, I admit, both in terms of pace and in terms of writing/story, and the icing on the cake is the Live Aid concert. The performance, photography, camera work, acting of the main actor is at the highest level in this scene, unfortunately it is not enough to save this movie from failure.

    Malek's acting, imo, certainly doesn't deserve an Oscar nomination. He tries his best with an empty and schematic screenplay, writers / director's mistakes are not his fault, true, but Oscar is an award for outstanding acting performances, which are not limited to robotic mannerism, it must be accompanied by the psychological, emotional depth of the portrayed character, and there is no such depth in this film, in this main character. The only really emotional scene that attempts to penetrate into Freddy's soul is the scene of conversation in the rain. It is here, that Malek's creation is the truest and the best.

    But again : when we look at this role through the prism of the whole film, majority of Malek's work is the mentioned mechanical mannerism - perfectly recreated- but it is not enough to rate this role positively, let alone reward it with an Oscar nomination. Imitative mannerism, gestures, faces alone - it is only a skeleton, an acting sketch, especially in a biographical film, and not a full, beautiful, complex image, which should be any biography. There is simply no soul in this act, and it's just a shame, if you play a figure as extraordinary, colorful and complicated as Freddy Mercury. In addition to the obvious mistakes of screenwriters and director, Malek himself (for me), does not rise to the task. Sometimes he is just Mercury caricature, and large, artificial teeth don't help to erase this impression, in fact, the opposite. The make-up department didn't do good job here, famous teeth of Queen frontman could have been done better, much more subtly, it would look less ridiculous. Returning to Rami Malek - he is still a young talent who - like any actor - needs more workshop and acting experience, plus really good material, to really shine. That is why I predict Rami Malek will not win an Oscar.

    I still think that the great mistake of the Bohemian Rhapsody creators, was to part ways with Sacha Baron Cohen. When I found out that he had left Mercury's biography project, I felt it was a big mistake from film producers, because I was sure Cohen wanted to tell an uncompromising, interesting story, not forcedly smoothed , and it seems, my intuition did not disappoint me then. Cohen, a remarkable & colorful character like Freddy, would have fit in perfectly in this role. In addition, after hearing the interview, in which Cohen told why he finally left the movie and what vision of Mercury he had - I regret even more that it was not him who played the Queen main singer. He wanted to portray Freddy as a complicated, controversial figure, with a great appetite for life, but also a great artist who mixed the big ego with great sensitivity and shyness - I have no doubt that it would be a great role. Now it's just a missed opportunity.

    As a result, we got schematic, "polite" movie, ironically - because Freddy Mercury, as well as the entire Queen, were as original, unapologetic and creative as you could be and deserve much better. Sorry, but real Queen fan, who wanted raw, real, complex, deep, uncompromising truth and story - just cannot like this movie. Mercury and all the Queen story has so much potential (wasted in this movie). I guess I'll just wait for another film, bold and great this time, I hope.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow. What a brilliantly made film. Brian Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men) has walked a sublime tightrope of a wonderful engaging, funny and emotional film without turning it into a turgid Hollywood smarm fest. Rami Malek is of course the star and his performance as Freddie is uncanny. Most of the vocals were Freddies originals but he does attempt some of his own,with commendable success, and you quickly forget it's not actually Mr Mercury himself. Unlike some biopics the music itself does by no means fall by the wayside and there is a multitude of Queen classics crammed into the just over 2 hours running time. And with Roger Taylor and Brian May as the executive music producers for the film expect nothing less. I was pleasantly surprised as to how much of the movie was dedicated to the music and if I wasn't in a cinema I would have spent half the time air guitaring and singing at the top of my voice. Of course we have a lot of the film dedicated to Freddie and his declining social life, behavior and ultimately health, and this is handled with so much respect and emotion that at no point does it seem forced or uncomfortable. The film follows a classic rise, fall and rise again formula culminating in a final fist pumping, rousing half hour which sees the band bust out (what some say is) the greatest live performance of all time as they re-emerge for Wembleys Live-aid concert. Realistically the film won't go down as an all time classic and may not be up for any Oscars (except for Maleks performance maybe) but what we do get is a barnstorming, foot-tapping, heart pumping movie which for me is without a doubt one of the greatest Music biopics ever made. Go see it.
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