Sacha Baron Cohen was the original choice to play Freddie Mercury. He left the project due to creative differences with the band's guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. The deal with Baron Cohen fell apart after May voiced upset after finding that the project would only be a biopic of Freddie Mercury and not the rest of Queen. May felt that it should focus on the other members and the aftermath of Mercury's death. He also voiced his negative opinion of the casting choice of Baron Cohen, whom he felt was too much of a comedic actor who wouldn't do Mercury justice in drama.

According to BBC, film production was rough. The film's producers and lead star, Rami Malek, had grown tired of Bryan Singer's erratic behavior, which saw him routinely showing up late to set or disappearing altogether. In 2017, after Thanksgiving break, Singer disappeared from filming for three days straight, at which point cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel had to step in and direct during Singer's non-showings. Reports claimed that Singer left because of a family matter. A couple of days after this report, 20th Century Fox fired Singer from the film due to his erratic behavior on and off set and clashes with production personnel. Matters would get much worse for Singer as the next day, 20th Century Fox terminated his Bad Hat Harry production deal with the studio. Fox began canvassing for a new director to finish up production with two weeks of filming still remaining, all of post-production, and with potential reshoots. The new director will commence production after New Year's of 2018.

Bryan Singer was fired by 20th Century Fox on December 5, 2017 for reportedly being at odds with his star, Rami Malek. Singer threw an object at the actor when Malek complained to the studio about the director's absences.

Before Rami Malek was cast, Ben Whishaw and Daniel Radcliffe were linked in the media to playing Freddie Mercury.

When Fox became anxious about Bryan Singer's position as director of " Bohemian Rhapsody ", they approached Ridley Scott as a possible replacement.

The Live Aid concert stage is the largest set director Bryan Singer has ever had constructed for a film of his.

The title is taken from Queen's biggest UK hit song "Bohemian Rhapsody," written by Freddie Mercury, the lead singer and pianist of the band.

This project marks the second time Rami Malek and Joseph Mazzello will work in a production together, the first being the HBO mini-series The Pacific (2010).

Whilst this is the twelfth collaboration between director Bryan Singer and cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel, it will be Singer's first film where John Ottman isn't composing the music, though he may be the editor.

Second collaboration between Aiden Gillen and Lucy Boynton who acted in Sing Street (2016) although they never had any scenes together.