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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Candidate for Murder" features a rare leading role for actor Michael Gough. He is mainly remembered for his portrayal of Alfred in a few "Batmam" movies and for his horror film appearances. He delivers the goods in this film as a possessive husband who plots to have his wife killed by a German hit man. However, all is not how it appears.... I enjoyed the scene where Michael Gough and the hit man confront each other about the terms and conditions of the contract. The film builds to a respectable conclusion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A man Donald Edwards hires a professional killer Kersten from abroad to murder his wife. Things don't go according to plan. A decent enough film in the continuing Edgar Wallace series made at Merton Park studios. It is anchored by two good performances from the ever watchable Michael Gough as the jealous husband and Hans von Borsody as the icy assassin and the usual capable support from Paul Whitsun-Jones and Vanda Godsell. In a small part is the swooningly gorgeous Anneke Wills.

    It doesn't quite make sense in that there seems no reason for the hitman to keep the target alive but that's only a minor blip in the narrative.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A man arrives in Britain and is taken in charge by a husband - Michael Gough - who wants him to do something...We guess that's it is not the cleaning of his house. The arriving guy is a tough man, with a gun and we find no long after that's the murder of Gough's wife it is all about.

    The crime is made and the following is not so foreseeable for the evil husband - actually widower. A really good UK product, as usual with the Edgard Wallace Mystery episodes, or films.

    I don't know the director; I guess he made many of this kind of stuff for TV.

    Don't miss it.
  • malcolmgsw6 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This Edgar Wallace entry has many plot holes not least is why the hit man did not kill the wife.This rather undermines the whole film.After all he is not likely to get hired again.Having been shot and then run over by a Gough the hit man manages enough strength to get into his car,drive to where Gough is and shoot him dead.This makes for a rather implausible ending