Megan Walsh: She better bring fire! She better bring thunder! She better bring hell! Just tell her to bring it before 10:30, I've got a curfew.

Hardman: You're a Prescott. Prescotts don't cry! Why is she crying?

Leonard Steinman: Her struggle to find her own identity? The emotional turbulence of a first crush? Maybe she watched The Notebook one too many times! Adolescence is a very volatile time for a young woman!

Megan Walsh: [crying] He so gets me!

Hardman: 83! You are a rogue agent! This has got to end!

Megan Walsh: Oh, okay, okay, okay. Hold on now. You can't just take me. A missing girl in a... in a small town will throw up all kinds of red flags. Amber Alert, hello? I need to go back and tie up loose ends. At least just...

[shakes her head]

Megan Walsh: say my Grandma got sick or something.

Liz Larson: Stabbing people is fun. Are there going to be more people for me to stab?

Victoria Knox: Still playing dress-up with 007-year-olds?

Hardman: Anyone talks, eventually.

Victoria Knox: I'm not just anyone.

[shakes her head]

Victoria Knox: Am I, Dumbledore?

Hardman: You could have played with the good guys.

Victoria Knox: Good guys? We destroy lives.

Hardman: Only the ones that need to be destroyed.

Victoria Knox: I'm not talking about the targets.

Megan Walsh: [at night, drug's side effects] But I'm fine, no, I'm okay. I mean, look at this, the sun is out, the clouds are shining.


Megan Walsh: You are Parker and you are Liz.

[exchanges glances with Liz]

Megan Walsh: You're scared of me.

Liz Larson: Hell, yes. I am!


Megan Walsh: Not... not just me, though. I mean, you fear the world.

Megan Walsh: How did you find me?

Hardman: Same way I learned to tie a bow tie and slice a pineapple - YouTube.

Gooch: Sure, I'm no Vera Farmiga, but I think I have talent.

Liz Larson: Look, you may have all these people fooled, but you and I both know you are sketchier than a 2 AM waffle house.

Hardman: [image of blonde woman on screen] Meet Victoria Knox, American ex-pat turned arms dealer. If you're a terrorist, and you wanna kill some folk, this is the person you call. Don't let her good looks fool you. She has an IQ of one-forty. And she will use it to kill you. She was last seen in Corsica three years ago. Until she resurfaced eight hours ago, and will probably be gone in eight more. Unless we bring her in.

[sees Megan engrossed in file]

Hardman: Correction. Unless you catch her, Agent 83, and bring her in. Alive.

Heather: Wait! What?

Hardman: Simmer down! You're B team, 84!

Heather: B team? This should be my mission! I studied the case file! She's over there sniffing Ke$ha, the new fragrance by Ke$ha.

Hardman: I said "simmer..."

[grabs file from Megan, she's been surreptitiously reading teen glossy magazine]

Hardman: You need to get your head in the game, Agent 83! Because Victoria Knox... will take it off!

[to all gathered:]

Hardman: If we follow the profile, everyone will come home safely. And remember, we're not...

Megan Walsh: the rescue business.

Hardman: [points finger at Megan] What she said. Gear up! We're wheels up in one hour!

Lucy, the cheerleader: Hey, Megan! I'm Lucy. I'm so sorry about that behavior at assembly. Kids can be so cruel.


Lucy, the cheerleader: Wanna join us?

[the three others in the group urge Megan to join them]

Megan Walsh: Wow! Sure, thanks, but... Pompons, huh? You're cheerleaders, aren't you?

Lucy, the cheerleader: [big smile] Oh, sure, absolutely!

Megan Walsh: [nods] I know what angle you're running.

Lucy, the cheerleader: Angle?

Megan Walsh: Oh, I've seen Mean Girls.


Megan Walsh: Twice.


Megan Walsh: You're gonna invite me to sit, and then weaken my defenses, and then embarrass me in some elaborate prank to assert your social dominance.


Lucy, the cheerleader: [blankly] What?

Megan Walsh: Nice try.

[turns away]

Lucy, the cheerleader: [to the other three] I thought we were nice.

Hardman: One more time. Why did you run away?

Megan Walsh: You deprived me of my childhood. I couldn't just raise my hand and say "Excuse me, Sir, I don't think I really wanna be an assassin. Can I please be excused from this Secret Mountain Killing School?"

Hardman: [as she cries] Wait, wait, please, can we just... stop the waterworks?

[offers handkerchief]

Liz Larson: [while driving, still fretting over drawing made on her face] It's like the pinnacle of high school humiliation.

Megan Walsh: It washed off. Sort of.

Liz Larson: [checks herself in rear-view mirror] Oh, my God! And the photos! Instagram, like, owns them now!

Megan Walsh: Can you just focus on the positive for a minute?

Liz Larson: Abandoning people is not... how you help them. Leaving is what hurts. Trust me.

Megan Walsh: There are vicious, self-absorbed sociopaths out to get me right now, Liz!

Liz Larson: [snorts] Honey,


Liz Larson: you survived high school, right? How bad can these guys be?

Mrs. Larson: [as the girls and their dates leave for Homecoming dance] Remember, boys... Whatever you do to them, I'm gonna do to you.

[fake maniacal laughter]

Mrs. Larson: Not kidding!

Megan Walsh: First Prescott, huh?

[smirks, shakes her head]

Megan Walsh: Never would have guessed.

Victoria Knox: [refrains from shooting] Excuse me?

Megan Walsh: Ha. Prescott probably just had lower standards then, yeah? Taking whatever losers they could get!

Victoria Knox: Wow.


Victoria Knox: Wow! This girl's got a mouth on her. If you wanted a fight, you could have just said so, little bitch!

[puts down pistol]

Victoria Knox: Get your ass up! On your feet! Did I stutter?

Megan Walsh: You came back for me.

Hardman: Actually, we came back for Knox.


Hardman: Plus, the Sweet Sixteen needed some real combat experience.

Megan Walsh: [hugs him] You came back for me!

Megan Walsh: [voiceover, as helicopter takes off] Adolescence is a dangerous time. It's a wonder any of us make it out alive.

[Roger's dad yells up at them]

Megan Walsh: In the end, Hardman was right. Attachments are dangerous. They make you care about something. But the people we care about are what make life worth living. And, hey, what's wrong with living dangerously?

Liz Larson: I am not riding the bus!

Megan Walsh: But it's a quintessential high school experience.

Liz Larson: So is mono.

Megan Walsh: What is mono?

Mrs. Larson: Kids get it from kissing. It's like mouth AIDS.

Parker Larson: [spits out his food in disgust] Thanks Mom... I Was Eating

[last lines]

Heather: [to her cohorts] Find which college she


Heather: is going to... security schools as well

Hardman: Agent Number One


Hardman: Is Done!

Liz Larson: [her brother throws a percussion grenade] Parker that was dumb... but kind of cool

Heather: Come on, Cash, do you want to hang out or bang out?

Megan Walsh: [Roger is with Heather] Your date?

Heather: Paws off!

[shoves Megan away]

Heather: [hunting Megan] We always knew it would end up like this. Me with a knife. You with it in you...

[first lines]

Megan Walsh: [narrating] I never knew my parents. The only thing I ever knew was Prescott. It was a top-secret government-run school that turned little girls into killing machines.

Lab Tech: Not bad. Run it again.