JR: Do I look barely legal in a mature way?

Colin: Wanted to do that since I was 11.

Kim Thompson: I've been wanting to do it since you walked in the door this evening.

JR: The teaching is allowing others

JRColin: to fail

JR: while spinning your own wheels.

Zoe: Is your sister here already?

Colin: What! No. No, you just didn't hear her yell out my name. That's just actually what I would like you to be doing during the passion we'll be sharing momentarily.

Zoe: I'll walk you out.

Colin: You're not qualified to teach; you're barely qualified to learn.

JR: Arrgh, thanks I guess.

Colin: I don't know I mean it just felt like it's something that I could do. It's something that I don't have to struggle in. It just seems like an option. But

JR: Yeah, but then what you're like teach for 10 years and then what? What're you gonna do then?

Colin: I don't know you could just fuck your young students and promise them jobs.

JR: Argh, shut up.

Colin: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm in no position to judge.