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  • James Rolfe AKA AVGN brings to light every October a tribute to genres like horror, psycho logical and suspenseful films. By giving a light review without spoiling the plot and ending and even giving facts about the film and actors.

    I love how open he is giving us his hilarious opinion on some of the films that really impacted his life even influencing his work, as well as some of us. I look forward every year to watching his list of horror movies. This year he is going through the ages of horror which starts off with the top 10 for each decade starting with the 1930s and continues on to the 21st century. My first memory as a child was watching Night of the Creeps on television back in the 80s. This movie influenced my life in ways I never thought were possible. As a horror fan I would highly recommend watching this series of videos because you will probably find something new with each episode.
  • UPDATE: Terribly sorry that James felt he'd done all he could with this series and that it had run its course, but it was a hell of a great show, and long live Monster Madness!! I really grew to love this series and I enjoy it every year. All the fun of the Angry Nerd character aside, I find James Rolfe's love for horror flicks as genuine and inspiring as his love of video games. Rolfe has an excellent voice and casual attitude for this kind of narrating work and is very easy and fun to listen to, and he pitches his thoughts and synopsis on each film in an enjoyable and frequently funny way. This show has gone through a few interesting phases, there was the Universal Monsters and Godzilla ones, the 80-a-thon, which did not actually have a video for every day of October but that was fine when these guys had other better stuff in the works. I love season 8, which was really well balanced and made me want to seek out and watch Haxan, which turned out to be the only silent movie that I've loved to date. And now in the last series he and Mike Matei have done episodes where they've discussed a movie in person, which I didn't care for as it doesn't work the same without the clips and everything, and they also did two episodes that weren't about movies at all but were about what makes horror what it is, and what the best way to celebrate Halloween is for them, and I can't complain, it's all in the spirit of horror and there's always more films... And regardless to me, Cinemassacre's Monster Madness is a hugely fun annual series to watch that is informative and entertaining and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're a horror movie fan. A s##t-ton of ass-balls it most certainly is not!! Thank you for all the great fun content over the years James. :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pop the popcorn, turn off the lights, watch a series of reviews of some of the best (and worst) monster movies ever made. For 10 years, James created gold - 31 episodes each year. It's a must see for horror movie fans.

    Thankfully, he didn't truly end Monster Madness as promised. Instead, in 2017 he created Son of Monster Madness - 5 reviews and a number of features including compilations of past years' Monster Madness episodes.

    For me, MM is an October tradition just as a Christmas Tree is a December tradition.

    If you haven't seen this, in James' words, "give it a watch".
  • Excellent show from the creator of Angry Video Game Nerd. I look forward to this every October.