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  • maria-carbune2126 February 2011
    Kimi ni todoke is one of the best animes I have ever seen. It explores the emotional depth of its characters and also adds sparks of humor to its story lines. Albeit filled with hope, it explores the impact of personal experience on the way we learn to communicate our feelings and our thoughts, and the sadness that can occur when we are unable to do so. Sawako is a beautiful character whose altruistic personality and purity of heart and of thought reminded me why the Japanese people never cease to intrigue me, by the subtlety with which they revive the forgotten spirit of human kindness.

    Although to some viewers the sometimes slow rhythm in which the events develop might become tiring, I hope you will have the patience to let the story reveal itself and discover its beauty, the complex mind of the human being portrayed through a brilliant psychological analysis.

    This is my first commentary, I sincerely hope it to be useful :) In other words, the exact "kimi ni todoke", which means "reaching you" :)
  • enyaacraddock20 December 2020
    I loved this show because it had a really healthy relationship in it and it showed a development within the characters.even my sister who does not usually watch romance anime really enjoyed this one!I really recommend it!
  • "You brought color to my life"

    I've been in love with this story since 2011 and first things first - the original manga is far superior, so please please go read it!!!

    But anyway, anime did a great job, it is soooo beautiful, it's a ray of PURE SUNSHINE, literally a roll of happiness and harmony that slowly covers you head to toe, with amazing visuals and voice actors. It sends the most kind and self-reassuring message, all characters are captivating and the music is astounding - I've been listening to its openings and endings for years now. This is a story about real character development, about finding the strength to develop your own voice, to power through, to grasp the life you truly deserve - and never letting go of it. The story about pouring your heart out without expecting anything in return; of outgrowing a love that is detrimental; of distinguishing between what you really want and fleeting emotions; of learning the universal truth that it's all about the timing but if you have just enough luck left - you turn your head and see that your happiness is still waiting right beside you, while you've been looking the other way this whole time.

    For those who know nothing about the plot: remember how everyone is scared of Sadako from The Ring? Now imagine Sadako is suddenly sitting in your classroom - silent, long dark hair, paralysing eye gaze, watering some poisonous plants in the school's backyard... But if you pay just enough attention you'll learn that's actually Sawako, whose name no one remembers, who's very shy, always nervous about doing something inconvenient, and has a habit of planting medical herbs. But no one has any idea... no one but the nice guy she helped on the first day - the actual center of attention. It's a universal understanding that they are from two different planets, Sawako knows that better than anyone, so how can they possibly approach each other even though they desperately want to? That's how it all begins.

    You will laugh, you will cry, you will sit on the edge every time any character tries to reach another with the words that have been burning in their throat for weeks, you'll be over the moon seeing them finally smile - and you'll love every character, even those that a simple story would deem as "evil rivals". Everyone in this story is three dimensional, layered and powerful. Everyone has their own share of heartbreaking moments - and they are all so true to life, so beautiful, so familiar that your own heart skips a beat more and more with each episode. The title of your favourite character will most likely be reassigned several times throughout the series (and maaany times if you read the amazing original manga, for me it has finally settled on Ayane).

    And if you ever feel lonely or sad, you can always go back to this story and remember that there is still hope and you can still feel all the emotions you thought were already lost for you.

    Thank you, Kimi ni todoke, for always reminding me of how I felt when I was 15. I love you so much.

    (P.S. Yanopin forever)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I honestly thought this anime was brillant with having a shy girl and a kind boy matching up together. I was absolutely annoyed that they didn't kiss on Sawako's birthday which was New Years eve! I mean c'mon they were just so adorable!

    This anime really gave you a fuzzy warm feeling! It honestly was so breathtaking!

  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first season of this series should have been the last. I absolutely loathe when writers Rush ideas out. I'm sure that the first season of this anime was well-crafted, well thought-out, and even well-written. The characters that you see in season 1 are the characters that you come to know and love. Keep introducing new characters and you make what was a simple easy to understand story extremely complicated for no reason. Add in a love interest that was defeated in the season previous and it spells disaster. What a lot of anime writers don't understand is that we don't want to see this whole High School drama BS. The majority of the audience of a lot of these animes are young adults and adults and adults, who have actual relationship knowledge, and to be honest who are really adults know that it's either one or the other when it comes to love. Pick one because nobody wants to put up with the BS of somebody who is indecisive about their feelings and cannot control their feelings because they choose not to. Don't make a character turn impulsive in the second season when in the first season they were never like that. I really wish that I could have like the second season of this anime but I stopped watching because it got boring. If you're going to write a story, don't assume that your audience is stupid or under the age of 14.
  • This is going to be my first ever review, and to think a show is so bad I got out of my shell. It would have been a great show if the female MC wasn't so slow, weak and annoying. Ugh! I had to watch at 2× speed and she was still slow. Had to stop watching after the first season because I was tired of screaming. If you like slow, this is the show for you.

    To think the word 'slow was used 3 times. That's almost not enough a 'slows'
  • Yes its slow at first. But this is such an adorable and wholesome anime. I loved it so much.
  • danisbelmm27 November 2020
    This show has become my favorite shoujo anime! Am I the only one that thinks that this is super underrated? This show is not only a love story but a story about how to become a better version of yourself. The art style is BEAUTIFUL!! I just can't stop admiring how unique looking all the character designs and the backgrounds are. Most people would consider beautiful art style as the number of details or vivid colors or how well animated it is. But Kimi ni Todoke's art style helps you connect with the show's emotions uniquely. The music is also very fitting and beautiful.

    The characters are all interesting and three-dimensional. They all develop throughout the show. This show will make you laugh, cry, and scream in frustration. The relationships between all the characters are so cute and will warm your heart.

    If you are looking for a heart-warming show that will make you feel all fussy things inside, seriously, look no further!!!
  • Kimi ni todoke is a marvelous love story with fleshed out characters and near perfect pacing.

    Unfortunately, that doesn't go for Sawako's beloved Kazehaya, as he often is an enigma. Mostly he doesn't say much, and when he says something it's rather hollow. First he is upset that Sawako distances herself from him, only to grow so distant himself. He absolutely doesn't act like you would expect from a boy in love. That irritated me a lot, especially towards the end.

    Most conflicts are rather contrived, and that's okay as the show doesn't dwell on them and the characters aren't overly unreasonable as they tend to be in anime.

    I absolutely love the art style, which changes to doll like animations in comedic scenes, which there are plenty.

    Season 2, on the other hand, is absolutely terrible. The characters haven't grown in any way, there are so much forced and silly conflicts, Kazehaya grows dense and is really annoying, and they shouldn't have introduced more despicable characters. Also season 2 has only half as many episodes.
  • I read many reviews before watching this. At first, I thought the girl would change eventually after few episodes but damn she's slow and annoying till the end. The show shoves down sweetness in such a frustrating manner that at one point I felt like I would get diabetes just by watching it.

    I like more mature work like wotaku wherein communication between couples feel natural and not forced. The mc cries her eyes out all the damn time even if she's happy, sad, embarrassed or surprised. There isn't even one episode where she hasn't cried and I can't take It anymore. Female leads should have more attributes to them. They forcefully want to label it as cute and sweet but it actually feels even more dumb than wolf girl and black prince. Both leads could have confessed on 5th episode itself but even communication between characters is slow, this whole thing could have been completed in 15 episodes without leaving a damn thing.