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  • Sidekicks? Really? That's the best you can do for a plot? Granted, it's somewhat original, but this is as generalized as you can get in terms of creativity.

    As for the main characters, Eric and Trevor, well, they're actually not as annoying as Adam or Rodney, but getting closer to it I'll admit. In fact, they're kind of copies of Flapjack and K'nuckles, but the supporting ones range from strange to just plain annoying.

    Let's start with Maximut, a "angry dog" Are they for real? An angry dog? That's just stupid! Why on earth would anyone think of a character like that anyway? That's like having a character as a dog who's a nuance to the hero. It just doesn't work.

    But the worst character in this show by far is Pamplemoose. The guy who can't stop riding in his chair and making stupid quotes about, "The more points you get!" Ugh! This is just pointless dialog. It feels like after "Will and DeWitt" Toronato dubbing is going downhill, but as time went on, I should of been like, Shut up PAMPLEMOOSE!. Your quotes aren't funny anymore. But no, he just has to go on, and on, and on! Seriously, characters are not supposed to be this annoying, and this one is completely that, and then some!

    All and all, it's not a horrible show, but it's not exactly a slam dunk either. It's a show I could take it or leave it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It doesn't even deserve to be remembered. It is so friggin stupid. Every Episode in a nutshell: The 2 characters are doing stupid random crap, and they mess everything up. They try to hard to be funny with their cheesy jokes, which end up failing harddddd.
  • this show is awesome! It has clever jokes & great stories... There is lots of attention to detail & the voices are done very well...

    i hope they keep this show around for a few seasons... its much better than "total drama action" or "gym partner"

    this show is good humor the whole family can enjoy... seriously i'm 22 years old and i liked this show enough to log into my computer and type a review about it... its been a long time since I've enjoyed a show this much...

    i also recommend "almost naked animals", cartoon network has been doing good work recently
  • It's got its ups and downs. 1/10th of the time it seems that it wants to be Stressed Eric again because its main character is named Eric. But most of the time it is still a funny show. Like Ed, Edd n Eddy or The Loud House, they know when to give main characters the punishment they deserve or else we would really hate their unlikable behavior. Every character is really funny and distinct. I find Eric, Trevor, Kitty, Professor Pampelmoose, XOX, and even Vana on occasion to be amusing. It's not my favorite show in the world, but it's still less annoying than Almost Naked Animals and has better characters than Almost Naked Animals. I want to give it a TV movie finale akin to Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show to make sure its brief final episode ends better.

    Hey, uh, do you think The Ridonculous Race may have borrowed their Kitty from Sidekick? I think so, but since both Sidekick creators used to work on Total Drama Island (Todd Kauffman directed every Season 1 & 2 episode and Joey So animated every Season 3 episode but the last two), they probably gave the Total Drama Island creators copyright permission to use Kitty in The Ridonculous Race. It would be cool if we finally got to see what her sister Emma was doing in Sidekick. She could probably be at a different school.