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  • I feel sorry for talented actor Charles Berling whose parts in the movies are downright disappointing whereas he triumphs on stage .

    This story of an old house full of childhood memories was not worse than countless others :it belonged to the wife's brother who took his own life ;the husband wants to sell it but the woman is not prepared to accept it;it seems that there was more than a simple brother/sister affection between the dead and the living.

    Unfortunately,apart from Berling,the rest of the cast is pretty mediocre and the screenplay leads to nowhere:it even becomes unintentionally funny when the two friends enter the scene ;the open ending has been seen a hundred times or more ;and it's impossible to guess what the young migrant worker is driving at;"your situation is illegal(!) the friend shouts "but I can help you ,I'm a jurist!" Proof positive that justice is not to be believed in France?
  • gadjoproject19 January 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Inevitably, some pretentious hipster film critic will gush over this film.

    Hint: Don't fall for it.

    I left the theater grumbling, "This was the worst film I've seen in a long time".

    At some point the writer gets lost. Is it a ghost story? Is it about a woman breaking down after the death of her brother? Is it something else?

    A couple move into the country, into a house formerly occupied by the wife's brother. Blood stains on the ceiling and floor, along with plenty of photos of the young brother playing with guns leave nothing to the imagination. Brother is dead and gone, but the sister is still living in denial.

    She calls and texts his cell phone and clings and watches as lights flicker and interprets this as her brother coming back. Is the house haunted with the spirit of her dead brother?

    The plot keeps unfolding and there are a few spots of decent acting, but the abrupt random turns keep you wondering where the writer is going with all of this. Save your money and skip this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is a sort of mix up between drama, thriller and horror movie.

    A couple in distress arrive in an old country house, a mansion where the wife's brother committed suicide. And the couple inherit the house.

    It appears that a young rumanian vagrant hangs around the place, breaking into the house, stealing things. And we see a strange relation beginning between the young wife and the young man, while the husband- Charles Berling - doesn't accept him. Of course.

    And that's where the troubles begin. Hard trouble.

    It is rather a short film, only 75 minutes, but it is very surprising and somewhat shocking too. Such a shame so many things are unexplainable.

    A weird film, but worth viewing.