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  • I read the review complaining about this film being boring. And i almost didn't watch this. But I am really glad I and decided to watched it. I suppose I can understand why someone might call it boring. It doesn't have a ton of over the top freaking out. It isn't full of screaming and ranting or constant in your face action. What it does have is an actor able to carry a movie through until the end on his own. And believable emotional stages of such a situation.

    The lack of over the top acting and panicking made this movie believable and intriguing instead of annoying. I really felt for the poor guy. I felt the lack of air and claustrophobia. If you prefer a lot of noise and yelling this isn't the film for you. I gave this film a seven because it kept me watching and made me really feel the subtle panic. Only thing lacking is maybe five more minutes at the end. But that need for more closure is just a personal preference.
  • cerca-sonia28 February 2015
    If you enjoyed Cast Away, 127 Hours, All Is Lost, or Gravity, then this film might be for you. I am always amazed by how strong a human being can be to survive, and this film amazed me.

    Detour is an intense and thrilling story about a literally buried man that puts all his efforts to survive. How did he end up there? Will he survive? If so, how? These are the questions that kept me in my seat.

    Director and co-writer William Dickerson teaches us to appreciate life and what we have. The filming, which explore the small set, is great.

    Whoever wrote The Rat's Rabbits Are Calling song is a genius: the lyrics are monotonous but catchy at the same time, and I can't get this song out of my head.

    Neil Hopkins does an incredible job: he is able to carry the film through until the end.

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  • 3.4 of 10. I nodded off, slept, woke up, backed up to the last scene I remembered, and forced myself to watch it all. Excellent as something to get you to sleep without any drugs. While the ending is technically impressive and the overall story a good idea, it's not executed/produced well.

    Claustrophobia and other confined phobia stories are difficult challenges for film, especially when the entire film is based on it rather than just some scenes. It seems to be catching on as one of the latest fads for directors to try to prove that they can make an entire film about it interesting. As compared to Buried (2010) where the ending rescues the film, Detour's ending only makes it more entertaining and not enough so.

    In short, it's more of a resume film for some technically skilled directors/cinematographers, not something to watch unless you have a job/class that requires it. If you have a class that requires it, consider it a tip to switch schools or at least cancel and opt for a different class.
  • For a movie that mostly takes place in the cab of a car, there is a surprising amount of tension achieved here. The main character goes through all the emotions one would expect if one were stuck under a mudslide. This is definitely not a boring movie. If you let it, it will get under your skin. It was claustrophic at times, as you might imagine. The actor is talented enough to keep you riveted and gain your sympathy. Definitely worth a look.