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  • A light-hearted rom com that combines elements of "You've Got Mail" (even some camera shots, such as the girl typing at her window) and "Amelie"....or at least tries to. The problem for me was, it tries a bit too hard. It can't decide whether it's your typical "their eyes met and from that day forward he was obsessed with finding her again" comedy, or a platform for social reform.

    Solveig is a young cashier in a superstore. Her father was left in a coma after an accident (and that's all we hear, whether it was a traffic accident or he fell off Everest, we'll never know) and she was left with the care of her little brother. In spite of her degree in literature, cashing up is apparently the only job she can get. She's also a secret blogger whose posts inspire the underpaid employees of hypermarkets all over France to revolt. (yeah. because that's what happens.)

    The person who watched the film with me said, "The little kid is the best actor in the film." He is, too. He doesn't try to be "cute" or winsome, he just acts like a normal 10 year old. Apparently he looks after himself after school and late into the evening, even preparing his own dinner if Big Sis is out. In contrast, the "rich kid" about his age was totally unbelievable in his own part, from his carefully highlighted blonde hair to his overacted scorn of everyone and everything. Even Solveig is a little too sweet, a little too understanding, a little too easy-going to be true--especially the way all her co-workers turn to her for advice and treat her like an authority of some kind. If that's what blogging does to you, I think I'll pass.

    A pleasant enough way to pass 90 minutes, but not at all memorable, unless it was for the spray-on snow that decorated the cars, the digital snow "falling" from the night sky, and the obviously CGI exteriors. Not to mention that the animation accompanying the opening titles basically tells you the story of the film.