• WARNING: Spoilers

    Anna and Jacob are college students. He's a talented young designer from Los Angeles; she's a gifted writer from London but after Anna makes the nervy first move, they seem to connect at the purest level. When they're together, they feel like anything is possible. But when Anna overstays her American visa, breaking the rules of 21st Century travel, she unwittingly drops a wall between them. Forced by law to return to London while Jacob remains in L.A., they discover the perils of long-distance relationships. Their lives become wrapped up in anxious text messages, missed phone calls and ecstatic reunions that turn to bittersweet departures.

    They also begin to change. Jacob's furniture design business takes off in L.A. Anna is promoted to Junior Editor in London. Jacob seeks solace with his assistant, Sam, and Anna has a fling with her neighbor, Simon. Yet every time they are inevitably pulled apart by circumstance, by Homeland Security, by the clash of inexplicable emotions - something keeps luring them back together, something they cannot seem to hold on to, yet cannot live without.

    Paramount press.