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  • rednblack10 May 2012
    Like the rest of Ianucci's work, this is a fantastic political satire. The reflexive self-serving sycophancy, the arbitrary nature of power, the automatic deferral to the hidden powers behind the throne, the elevation of random dross above real issues (brilliantly lampooned in the pilot when the use of cornstarch forks in the White House becomes a stumbling block to setting up a clean jobs task force) are skillfully portrayed, showing how the dysfunction of the modern arena (especially the media's eye, usually passive but, as in the second episode, sometimes accompanied by a mouthful of vicious teeth) prevents the exercise of power for actual governmental function. None of the characters are perfectly likable, though all are well-played, but somehow the ensemble is endearing. Watch this if you want to see a sharp commentary on the drunken carousel that is politics.
  • I was surprised to see only one vote in for this hilarious new show,i always assumed HBO attracted a more discerning kind of watcher,ah well I'm sure word of mouth will do the trick.

    VEEP is a deliciously bracing concoction brought to us courtesy of the man behind the similarly themed British TV show THE THICK OF IT and movie offspring IN THE LOOP,Armando Iannucci.

    Like those projects as well as many others(Iannucci often works with those other mainstays of British comedy Steve Coogan and Chris Morris)Iannuccis dry (very)sharp wit is on full display here as he delivers machine gun pace dialog and manages to hit all his targets with a resounding bullseye.

    do yourselves a big favor comedy fans,seek out this brilliant show,tell all your friends because it would be a real shame if this show falls between the cracks becoming the TV version of the real vice-president,you know its out there somewhere but u can never seem to spot it!
  • Br00723 April 2012
    Just saw the first episode of Veep and, if the rest of the series is as good as the opener, HBO has a brilliant series on its hands. Louis-Dreyfus delivers a performance reminiscent of her Elaine days; utilizing every ounce of her talent and pouring her entire body into each moment. It's easily her best work since Seinfeld, and that's no put down of her post Seinfeld work. It's a commentary on just how brilliant she was on that show.

    The supporting cast is up to the task of keeping pace with a comic and actress as strong as their leading woman. Pleasantly surprising is Anna Chlumsky's funny and endearing chief of staff.

    One episode may not be enough to judge a series on but, for episode one I vote 10 out of 10. Smart and laugh out loud funny is a hard combo to come across. I sure hope the rest of the show lives up to day one. I look forward to more.
  • Why are people voting on a show before it's aired? There is no way this deserves a 4.9; however, I'm sure it will go up as actual viewers chime in. I've seen the first episode and I'm hooked already.

    Short and sweet: Louis-Dreyfus is best at characters with an edge. She had me laughing out loud and re-watching line deliveries ("Selena. Hi. I'm melting, I'm melting."). The entire cast is great. Tony Hale does what he does best -- meek, a little dim -- but it works great. Anna Chlumsky holds her own next to Dreyfus. The writing snappy and natural. The direction slick.

    I hope this show sticks around for a bit!
  • For those who gave up after the first episode or two and are writing this off as 'not as good as The Thick Of it', you're doing yourself a great disservice.

    The Thick Of It is brilliant. This is brilliant too, and in parts surpasses the original. The subtlety is still all there, the bullies, the bullied, the excellent dialogue, the jokes that you'd miss if you blinked, and it manages to hold up well even without any Malcolm Tucker character (something I'm not so sure the original could manage).

    The closing title sequences are often hilarious (unlike in the original), and I'm sure Arrested Development fans will enjoy Tony Hale as Gary.

    I know it takes extra effort to to accept a remake of something that's already so brilliant ('why do they need to do remake in the first place?? you think'), but I honestly think the effort is worth it in this case.
  • I waited until after the sixth episode to review the show so it had time to germinate and really show the audience its potential before I made judgment. I liked the show from the start, mostly because I love The Thick of It and In the Loop. Now I love this show.

    Its smart, the dialogue is rich and full. You don't get the crappy, tepidly funny one-liners you get from most comedy series nowadays, you get incredibly intelligent situational humor that really makes you wonder about politics in the US and around the world. The show really highlights the humanity that people often dissociate from politics, a quality Armando Iannucci has always brought to his political humor with wit and vulgarity. Highly recommended.

    This show is only funny if you actually pay attention to the plot of each episode, you simply won't get it if you pay half attention, because every line has a twist of humor, and every line builds on the last, which is so rare in comedy in the US.
  • generationofswine27 March 2013
    This is a great example of how comedy should be written. The humor is dry, witty, and fast paced. By the time one joke is sinking in the next one has already arrived & been delivered by an excellent cast that has the good sense to play it straight. I'm forced to give it a ten out of ten, the writers are brilliant & the cast knows how to handle the script.

    The only down side is that it's probably too clever, witty, & faced paced for it's own good. In an era with a lot of dumbed down crap--"Big Bang Theory," "Parks & Recreation," "How I Met your Mother," to name a few--"Veep" comes as a warm welcome that reminds us that comedy can be both clever & funny. Intelligent even.

    Unfortunately, that is probably going to be its undoing. It's doomed to go down in history with a small but loyal cult following & an appreciation that comes only decades after it's off the air. Its too smart for its own good, which will probably doom it to an early cancellation.
  • This show communicates well how the most selfish, petty and arrogant of people are drawn to politics. And what makes it work is that it never mentions parties. This show perfectly captures what both parties are potentially like, and also what most global politics are really about. This is one of the best shows of my lifetime.
  • Get the remote, find the rewind button and get ready. Not an episode has gone by where I didn't have to rewind because we missed dialogue over the laughter in the room. In some cases, we just have to re-watch scenes over again for sheer enjoyment of Julia's performance.

    This show is bound to get a bad rap because it comes across as vulgar comedy. Audiences are forgiving when it is delivered by men, but when a woman is leading that charge, there seems to be some rule that it must be respectful or clean. Not here and good for her! This show is just flat out a good time and Julia is at her very best (and I miss Elaine!). The supporting cast is strong and able to respond and react to her every action.

    The dialogue, be it written or improved, is unmistakably honest and delivered to perfection with the timing that hits the mark with almost every line. With each view, i catch comments and reactions that are not visible on the first view because the show moves like a rocket. The moments are fast and filled with the perfect elements of comedy.

    HBO is a good home for VEEP and this show better last. .
  • Initially started watching Veep being a huge fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Season 1 , first few episodes were not so gripping but as the show progressed the plot as well as the comedy quotient heightened.Now cant wait for the next episode.The dialogues are witty and a lot of intelligent situational humor. You might a lot of expletives being used but thats what it more realistic.

    As expected Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a exceptional comic timing and the supporting cast is also up to the task of keeping pace with actress as strong as their leading woman. Every character has his own little quirks

    A must watch
  • nimitberry14 February 2019
    A very smart comedy that I believe can only be understood if you have brains and some knowledge of the American political system. I don't know how people can rate this comedy to be worth 1 star . Probably the above conditions would missing
  • Yes, another HBO serious, another Julia-Louis Dreyfus acting; and here you go; VEEP!

    It is not only funny but also Genius! The acting's are really deserve a big applause! For me the rating for such an extraordinary and astonishing series is really low! But I bet it will be increase! And I also bet, Julia will rock at the Emmy and the Golden Globes!

    The scenario is way much better than those existing comedy-series.

    And please, do never vote a series, or a movie before watching it. Because the first episode showed us, it is brilliant!

  • Having seen all the original aversion in the UK (The Thick Of it) and adoring it... I didn't think it could be topped in sheer poetry of swear words and toe curling insults. Always close to the bone and often vulgar but in the most intelligent and hysterically funny ways - this is absolutely one to binge and turn it up... you will miss some corkers from the deafening laughter in the room if you dont. Not for the faint of heart or easily offended but utterly wonderful right up to the very last episode. It seemed to cram in quite literally every filthy joke and disgraceful insult they'd ever written and not got the chance to use so as not to waste any. And thank God they did!!! No spoilers but just watch it all it's a breath of fresh air in this oh so vanilla TV landscape.
  • Best show ...bunch of new actors who are just soooo great and of course the AMAZING ,JULIA LOUIS _DREYFUS... the queen of comedy of all time and the most emmy winning actress in the same role and the category ....I won't say further ....just mind_blowing_show
  • Seriously, don't bother watching this. It is essentially The Thick of It with all life sucked out of it.

    I guess main problem here is that British ironic attitude towards politics doesn't work in the US. If you try and remember any US show about politics, it's always about higher purpose / moral dilemmas / heroism / etc. It's never an ironic and slightly condescending look at the government. (I heard some good things about Parks & Recreations, which may be an exemption, but I haven't seen it). Anyway, this approach simply doesn't work in the US. Laughable VP is nonsense. And maybe Ianucci felt this too, because writing isn't as good as in The Thick of It.

    So if you like the British series, if you liked In The Loop, don't torture yourself and skip it entirely. This is not Ianucci as we know him. This is toned-down, slightly docile US version of him. And it's not pretty.

    If you haven't ever heard of this man, go see In The Loop and then revisit my previous advice.
  • (Updated after Season 7).

    Selena Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is the Vice President ("Veep") of the United States. We see how she and her staff go about their day and the things and people they have to deal with.

    A brilliant, biting comedy on the hollowness, superficiality, manipulation, keeping-up-appearances, lies and deceit that is US politics (and politics in general). Created and written by Armando Iannucci who previously gave us The Thick of It, a similar satire on UK politics and even more over-the-top than Veep, and In the Loop, a great movie spin-off of The Thick of It.

    Everything and everyone are fair game and nothing is sacred, which is refreshing and rare in today's overly-PC age. Definitely not for the easily offended or the fanatical party partisan.

    Screamingly funny, and delivered in quick-fire fashion: the rewind button got quite a workout!

    Amazingly, Iannucci manages to keep up the hilarity, quality and freshness of the show through eight full scenes. If anything, it got even better towards the end: Season 7, the final season, was probably the best of the lot. With Jonah Ryan as a politician, Iannucci turned the amp up to 11.
  • Why is it that American TV always manages to make a feeble version out of a caustic British political farce? Let me answer that one: because American TV networks are not allowed to criticize their politicians. That's why, in a nutshell.

    Of course, I'm thinking also of "House of Cards". What in the BBC version was a vitriolic attack full of spicy flavor toward the Tories' dirty uses (specifically during the Thatcher years), in the Netflix version is only a boring and insipid dish that just took forever to concoct.

    I've just finished the first episode of "Veep". Actually, I didn't know it was the American version of "The Thick of It" until I read Iannucci's name in the final credits. Being a huge fan of the English series and the movie spin off, "In the Loop", it was funny what I said to my wife after the first 5 minutes of "Veep": "Is it me or this guys are copying 'The Thick of It'?". And unwittingly, I was right: Iannucci was copying himself, in a bad sense. First thing I've noticed is that "Veep" lacks the punch of the British original. And why is that?, I wondered. Immediately I realized what was wrong: It lacks the British punch because the Brits are allowed to mock their politicians. As simple as that. Can you make a political farce in which you don't criticize the politicians? No, you can't. The result of that is another lame sitcom in which the most politically incorrect thing you can hear is when someone is told to shoot his dog and bury it. End of political incorrectness of the whole episode.

    I'll finish by copy-pasting other reviewer's comments which seem specially accurate to me:

    "The only people who would think Veep is awesome are people who have either not seen or not understood 'The Thick of It' ".

    "On the Veep, everyone seems to be acting out their lines for laughs".

    "Laughable VP is nonsense. And maybe Ianucci felt this too, because writing isn't as good as in The Thick of It".

    "It centers around the vice president of the united states doing absolutely nothing important and being completely self obsessed with inane rubbish".

    And, last but not least:

    "(...) guess main problem here is that British ironic attitude towards politics doesn't work in the US. If you try and remember any US show about politics, it's always about higher purpose / moral dilemmas / heroism / etc. It's never an ironic and slightly condescending look at the government".

    I suppose Americans have a serious problem when they can't criticize their politicians. Specially in these times.

    My vote is a too low 3-stars because I know IMDb will compensate that with several 10- stars unfair reviews coming probably from HBO employees.

    Wake up America.
  • In seven seasons, Veep never missed a step. Always hilarious, always savagely cynical, always brilliantly acted, this is one of the best TV sitcoms ever made.

    The series is very much in the vein of The Larry Sanders Show, stripping away the positive public facade to reveal a vile mix of cynicism, greed, and stupidity.

    The main difference is the people in Sanders would lie to themselves and convince themselves they were really good people. In Veep, everyone knows their terrible people doing terrible things for terrible reasons and their fine with it.

    There are probably two things you will need to enjoy Veep, an interest in politics and a dark view of the human race. If that fits you then watch this series immediately.
  • Best comedy show ever 10/10! Great characters and excellent writing makes this show one of a kind!
  • I must admit I did once enjoy this show - Season 1 was pretty funny. Now, watching Season 3, the characters have begun to grate on me, like fingernails on a chalkboard. Especially that annoying weasel, Jonah Ryan. The show barely raises a chuckle, let alone a laugh out loud moment. I usually enjoy watching shows on US politics, and understand the context of this show. I think the show has gone down hill from Season 2. The characters have stayed 2 dimensional, rather than being developed into something more interesting, or even surprising. They remain stagnant and seem to just go through the motions. I can't watch this show any more. Sorry.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a previous user wrote, there's no way this series can, after just one episode, get a low rating; I too will give high marks…for the moment. Reviews can be updated and modified in time when circumstances dictate. I'll be revisiting this review in time of course, given I've watched the pilot only. In a recent interview of Julia Louis-Dreyfus by Piers Morgan, she was commenting about this new HBO series. She admitted there might be a slight slant pro the democratic point of view, but she readily also admitted that she had a bone to pick with all politicians, republicans and democrats.

    The show, she goes on to say, is no West Wing. After watching the pilot episode, we can see what the theme is about: politicians in position of power have to deal with the most ludicrous of time wasting issues, are overwhelmed by lobbyists, mostly the ones who represent the very issues those politicians despise, and maintaining a politically correct face at all times, except in the privacy of their own office or at home (or in their cars) is to say the least, irritating. The character of Dreyfus, V-P Selina Meyer, brings us that side of the story, namely how the politicians behave behind closed doors, sort of speak.

    As you can no doubt guess, the foul language and the sarcasm abound. I liked that first episode and I'll be watching it again and again. Thank god for the rewind on the TiVo; the pace is fast and I had to go back to check the jokes or puns I felt I had missed. By the way, even republicans can enjoy this show; the ones with a sense of humour will love it.
  • What a smart, snappy show. Every season I think it cannot get cleverer with it's inventively cutting dialogue, and every season it outdoes itself. These characters are devoid of morals, yet somehow are not devoid of heart. I don't know why I want to root for them, but I do. Hats off to the writing staff, I salute thee.
  • Not for everyone. But if you have a mind capable of following the incredible pace, sheer wit, intricacy, and pantheon of character interactions in this series, you will be hugely rewarded.

    Dreyfus is massively talented and energetic as usual. Any actor who can shrug off the indelible legacy of Seinfeld so completely and efficiently is truly gifted indeed. After just one episode she is completely "Selina" and you never even THINK "Elaine" again!

    The cast is consistently brilliant right across the board from the main players to every single lesser role portrayed.

    Chlumsky's "Amy" character is a relative rock of sanity (and absolutely adorable) in an ocean of Beltway insanity. This kitten has claws, fangs and a keen, keen mind.

    Mike: Overwhelmed, inept, out-gunned and hanging on by the skin of his teeth. Quote about Mike: "Mike has a fake dog he uses to get out of working late. We call it a bullshitsu".

    Dan: The Darwinian end-product of millions of years of unprincipled, shameless, insensitive, self-promoting, amoral ambition.

    Jonah: A pariah of EPIC proportions with the self-awareness and social sensitivity of a pig. Not just any pig, but a pig that all the other pigs hate as well. Also, deservingly, the butt of some of the most cruel, most caustic and funniest insults EVER hurled.

    Gary: Wears his heart on his sleeve where it is consistently stabbed.

    Sue: 'Just' a secretary, but a confident, powerful force of nature not to be trifled with.

    Kent: The 'autistic lumberjack', cold and inhuman. His heartbeat would appear as binary code. The ultimate straight man.

    These are just some of the main characters. Every single other character is a comic jewel to be examined in repeated viewings.

    If there were a Nobel prize for comedy, Armando Iannucci (The Thick of It) should be giving his acceptance speech in Stockholm. As far as US comedy serials go, this and 'Arrested Development' stand out as the most brilliant, witty examples of the genre.

    Definitely not for the masses though. Keep up with it if you can.
  • This is just fantastic. I think it starts off a bit rough, but gets better and better as it goes on. The performances are all aces, the writing is on point. It's also incredibly admirable just how the writing is layered out as if it was a drama and never really going for obvious comedy clichés and tropes, and just having the comedy play out naturally instead of like in other comedies. It's all rather well done. Dreyfuss is just perfection here, and like the show always seems to play on the verge of drama. This is a fantastic show that has only gotten better with each season. This is definitely strongly recommended. Go
  • Hmm, so... brilliant! Just so you'd know, I've just finished the first season. I know... it's a bit late, but I've never been so excited to get through the next ones as I am with "Veep"! You have the awesome Julia Louis-Dreyfus, an iconic comedy actress, accompanied by an (in)competent team, who delves into the elusive, grinding and callous realities of American politics... but please, don't let this description holding you back from watching the show! Because it's all too real, albeit the amazing comedic note. Kudos to the writers and the actors, along with the filming style which enhances the deadpan delivery.
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