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  • I saw this in a film festival, and i was fortunate to be in a Q&A chat with Lucia Carreras, the director of the film.

    This is a dark film with a sad story about Pilar, a woman whose father just died and has to deal with the depression caused by it. The loss of her father is a deep wound for her, and throgh her memories we get to discover and understand the relationship between the two. Her brother, José is trying to help her feel better and is concerned about the way she is acting.

    The things i liked the most about the film were: the photography, which is superbly done by Germán Lammers; the acting of Cecilia Suarez (Pilar) and how she manages to convey so much emotion with little dialog; and the music, which along with the color tones in each scene, builds the mood perfectly.

    Just a couple of times i felt like the movie was dragging a little too long, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying it and getting involved with the story.

    Is a great first full-lenght film by Lucia Carrera and i'm eager to see what will she do next.