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  • I'll be clear here. . . I'm 24 years old, so I'm not exactly this show's target audience. However, I grew up with 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?,' 'Goosebumps,' 'Tales from the Crypt,' etc. Therefore, when I heard about this show, I thought I'd give it a shot. Even though R.L. Stine usually writes pretty standard fare, I've always enjoyed his work and still to this day have his entire original Goosebumps collection from my childhood.

    My advice, if you're a fan of stuff like the shows I mentioned: Just check out the first story entitled "Really You." Technically it's two episodes, but it's really worth the time. As I'm already creeped out by dolls in general, this was really effective.

    I'm not all the way through the series to date, but I'm still satisfied with what I have seen. Young or old, definitely check this out. There isn't enough good TV for kids these days, but this is something worthwhile.
  • Despite growing up in the 90s, I didn't watch Goosebumps when I was a kid. I didn't see it until Cartoon Network started airing them in 2007. While not the most terrifying show, Goosebumps did do a good job of being creepy and sometimes really disturbing. And now R.L. Stine has brought us a new show, that is just as creepy and disturbing as Goosebumps.

    Each episode follows a different main character as they are either a complete jerk, or know someone who is a complete jerk. They do something wrong, and begin to get supernatural punishments, and most of the time it ends with a twist.

    A lot of the twists are done very well, and I'm not going to lie, this show has both made me jump, and left me in shock at some of the stuff that happens. The show is really good at making the kids jerks, but you want them to make it through.

    The Hub has earned it's place beside Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickeloadean as a great channel for kids.
  • I don't hear this show being mentioned that often, but I'd definitely consider it a success. Why, because it's been on TV since 2010 and as of now it has about 70 episodes. Nowadays, a TV show that's on TV for more than one season seems like a success. It seems like everybody from Generation Y is familiar with the TV show Goosebumps, which aired in the '90s. I didn't watch Goosebumps too often as a kid. I've seen more of the episodes as an adult. R.L. Stine came up with another TV show you don't hear too often called The Nightmare Room, that show only lasted for one season and 13 episodes. Haunting Hour has almost as many episodes as Goosebumps. I've noticed some similarities between the writing in Haunting Hour and Goosebumps and to the people who have read the books or seen the episodes of either TV shows, we know that most of the episodes end in suspense leaving us with an unanswered question. Basically, every episode has different kid actors. We are familiar with some of the kid actors from movies and TV shows. Like Goosebumps, every episode has different characters in it. It's a little hard having episodes with different characters in each episode, I mean I like Spooksville where we know the main characters. I mean in these episodes we get to meet different characters in each episode and we don't get to know the characters as well as we do in the books. We often times want to find out what happens with the characters next, and we might never know. I'll tell you, this show has good effects and some story lines as it's interesting seeing the lifestyle of ordinary characters who have something with the supernatural. I'll tell you, like Goosebumps with the numerous episodes, some of the episodes are really good and scary, while other episodes aren't too good and seem more cheesy. The few episodes I've seen so far of this new season, Grandpa's Glasses, My Old House and Mrs. Worthington were great episodes. The latter two were definitely a couple of my favorite. My favorite episode I've seen in the series would be The Hole. I liked the characters in that episode, Rob and Carrie as they were cool characters and it's nice how Rob and Carrie get along as it's always nice to see brother and sister love. One example of that is when Carrie was scared in the new house during a thunderstorm Rob sleeps in the room with her, how sweet!! To me personally, I think the scariest episode would have to be Dreamcatcher. That episode reminded me a lot of Insidious. Basically, the Haunting Hour is an appropriate TV show without swearing, sexual references, alcohol, or drugs. I think it's supposed to be scarier than Goosebumps, I thought I read that online. But, the Haunting Hour can be a good show for you to watch if you're up to watching something scary on TV. I've seen most of the 70 episodes that have aired. not all of the episodes and I forget what happens in a lot of the episodes, but still it can be a good entertaining scary show to watch. I give this show a 9/10.
  • R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour is an starter anthology horror, Concerning anything from monsters to ghostly ice cream trucks.

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    The good thing about this show is that you never outgrow it. I mean it's got some creepy stuff and some suggested violence, which your basic 7-10 year old can except, but enough creepy and jumpy scenes to satisfy an adult. So far I haven't seen an episode I'd rate under 3 stars, so they are mostly satisfying and fun.

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    QUALITY: 9.5/10, Very good
  • culturedgraffiti4 June 2013
    I rented Volume 1 by chance at my local video store. And all I have to say is WOW. I love Goosebumps and Are you Afraid of the Dark but this show is even better. I can't believe it is not more popular! I blame at total lack of publicity. At least Goosebumps is on Netflix now. Maybe if it gets enough views someone will notice ;) I can't wait for new DVDS for this show. Hopefully they will come out soon! Right now only the first season is on DVD in three volumes. There are still two episodes missing from the 1st season that is still not on DVD. Also Channel 1 does not have any of the episodes currently posted. But it does have a movie that I have yet to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just recently started watching this show, and I have to say it is really good. I mean it, I almost died from fright on that "Really You" episode when Lilly D popped in front of the hidden camera. I highly recommend this to horror lovers, especially these episodes; "Really You" (Part one and two), "Scary Mary" (Part one and part two) and "The Return of Lilly D". (Yes there is a sequel) If it is not on TV(The Hub/9:30 Teletoon Sundays) you can watch it on You Tube. Also, be warned that not much episodes have happy endings, mostly scary endings. Now I tune in every Sunday on Teletoon to watch R.L Stine's The Haunting Hour.(I don't have The Hub). This show is a lot like Goosebumps, but it scarier. I usually don't like horror shows, but this one blows the top.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    After stumbling onto this show on Netflix, I decided to watch it without too much enthusiasm. I assumed it would be similar to Are You Afraid of The Dark - which was a good show when I was a kid, but is much more dull as an adult.

    This show is really good. I watch lots of horror, and I'm very aware when a movie or a show is recycling ideas, or an episode is being written like a Mad Libs.

    This show upends some of that. There are some predictable episodes, but the stories are mostly told from the kids point of view. They aren't shortchanged into being caricatures of kids, either. They don't talk like idiots, they have specific concerns.

    There is a wide variety of casting. There are plenty of girls and boys, lots of minorities, and they are careful to not put them into stereotypical roles. This may not seem like a big deal, but it's very refreshing. It injects a little bit of spice into the way these stories play out.

    Where the show really shines is that it isn't afraid to go into dark or weird places. Episodes twist around, many of them don't end happily - although some do. This helps keep the viewer guessing.

    I'm 36, and I've watched every episode. It's solid. And I want to rewatch them.

    I think this is an important series. It's serious enough that it exposes younger viewers to what quality horror can be like, without the episodes being too scary. And that's something that isn't available out there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Growing up there are always kids who can remember horror shows: Tales from the Darkside, Goosebumps, Twilight Zone, Are You Afraid of the Dark, etc. but in today's modern world, where garbage like Family Guy and American Dad dominates television, it's hard to find anything good. The Haunting Hour is a good choice, it's one of the few good shows of the 21st century.

    Each episode features popular actors/actresses that deal with fear; dolls, ghosts, clowns, imaginary friends gone awry, bullying, rodents and zombies, among others. Rather than use swearing and fart jokes as some horror shows do, this one sticks to PG-7 and also has hidden lessons in each episode. The effects of bullying, the needless desire to be superficially beautiful, facing your fears, making and keeping friends, all these are in the episodes. Actors like Bailee Madison, Booboo Stewart and Debby Ryan that kids enjoy seeing are frequently guests in the episodes, such as Pool Shark, Really You and Wrong Number. the actor who played the salesman in the Scarecrow episode was also very talented and effectively creepy. Some episodes are intended to be comedic, like Uncle Howie, Big Yellow and Poof De Fromage, while there are episodes meant to strike fear, such as the Hole and Dreamcatcher. The only issue is repeatedly using actors from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and other popular movies makes the episodes have an unrealistic feel to them, when you watch the Cast or Catching Cold you keep thinking, "hey, that's the Rowley fatty from Diary of a Wimpy Kid!" it's hard to picture them as another character in this show. Also episodes like Pumpkinheads and Dreamcatcher are not scary to adults, but could be very frightening to younger kids. For this reason I suggest if you're a parent, watching the show with your child. Overall a very good show, I wouldn't say the best but in this day and age it's pretty good! I hope it isn't cancelled, it's great that there's a horror show like this on the air.

    (why though, do all the kids on THH have cell phones? Every time I watch this and there's a character texting or chatting on a phone, it makes me want to reach right through the TV, swat it out of their hands and shout, "lose the cell phones, you lot of sheep! Just because it's the 21st century doesn't mean you all have to act like robots and conform to your I-Phone addictions!" Does THH have a contract with Apple Inc. or something?)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What can I say about The Haunting Hour that any other fan has not already said. Yes, the show draws from Canada's ginormous talent pool. fun fact: Our neighbor to the North has some of the best artists in the business. But, getting back to the business at hand. The Haunting Hour has great casting, adequate writers, and awesome production values. What's not to like? As in any anthology series, the hit-or-miss aspect is not forgone; even in Masters of Horror there were quite a few "misses." Some include "Scary Mary", "Walls", and especially "Pool Shark." Some of the biggest hits include "Wrong Number" (left me chilled-not easy to do-I'm jaded) and "The Dream Catcher." Stine should be proud that his product has become so ingrained in the popular culture. Kids love it, and Im not a kid, but I definitely love it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this series. Watching it with the kids in October - a tradition.

    But I saw episode 2.6 (Brush with Madness) with my 2 kids and 3 of my friend's children. One of them, the oldest (aged15) responded, at the end of the movie: "this is more like (the movie) "Saw" than a kid's movie." I totally agreed. The ending was disturbingly violent - disturbing is fine for a children's horror genre; it goes with the genre. But disturbingly violent - not cool. Nope - not cool AT ALL. (Spoiler alert) I was genuinely put off by the ending, in which a teen aged boy and his girlfriend are (off camera) sawed in half. This is not appropriate for any film under an "R" rating, in my opinion. I did not expect this. The film has a warning that the film may not be suitable for children under 7; this episode was inappropriate for any child. Nobody under aged 17 should view this without a parent - and the graphic depiction at the movie's end should have been better warned of in advance. Cool concept. Well acted. Well written. But this was NOT WELL-TARGETED FOR ITS TARGET AUDIENCE OF CHILDREN.