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  • Excellent movie about poverty and violence in Brazilian Northeastern state of Bahia, centered in the life of two boys, who use to jump in a trampoline in the beach in order to forget the problems of their miserable lives. Family problems, corrupt police, prejudice against poor boys, the attractiveness of a dishonest path for those who lack opportunities, and a rapist and serial killer who attacks prostitutes and girls are all ingredients of the labyrinth in which both protagonists are involuntarily thrown, although they only want to live their childhood. The actors are all amazing, specially the two young first-time actors who play the major roles. Besides that, cinematography is amazing and quite innovative, trying moves, angles and underwater footage with remarkable success; the starting scene represents very well what I am saying. Soundtrack is also very nice and appropriate, and the screenplay works well. This has been an excellent debut for director João Rodrigo Mattos.