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  • I must say I was not convinced at first when I read the pitch, not sure what to expect really and I will admit after seeing the pilot, I wasn't sure of what I'd seen. But there it was a great spoof, as simple as that.

    Forget you typical buffoon / idiot that you feel sorry for, none of that here. Using the plot device that the "hero" is in fact the villain, you get embarked on a dark comedy where everything he says or does can be "excused" and accepted as the wrong doing of a criminal sociopath. To emphasis the comic effect, his partner is quite the opposite, but never limited to simply be "the" counterpart. This gives us great jokes and we avoid the usual idiotic stuff that is now common in the genre. For that full credit to the writer, Alan Spencer, the jokes are well constructed and don't feel imposed or forced on us.

    The cast is great and really committed, with the exception of Neil Napier's character in the pilot. Don't know if it was the actor or the director's fault but he was all over the place.

    Why not 10 out of 10 ? First, there's the German accent, if you do it for comic purposes, go easy on it. The same could be said for the French accent, but since that character is playing a double role it can be interpreted as device to dissociate her two persona. The other problem was the over usage of a plan where the camera is not horizontal, don't know if it was for style purposes but the faded colors and the dark comic aesthetic were enough in my opinion.
  • Cinnyaste23 July 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    There exists in the comedy universe 'Borscht Belt' humor. It was exemplified by tired comedians telling and re-telling trite and unfunny jokes to bored, captive patrons at Catskill resorts. The writing, both here and in "Sledge Hammer," extends the borscht (and it is, at best, Borscht), but it remains trite and unfunny. In the case of the truly abysmal "Bullet In The Face" add misogyny and a litany of other offenses. Comparatively speaking, the equally unfunny "Sledge Hammer" is a masterpiece. IFC had no idea what they were getting. The story goes the IFC execs freaked when they saw what had been created and burned (televised) the show in two - three episode sweeps just to fulfill contractual obligations. There will be no further bullets - there is justice in the World. The line between edgy satire and puerile, trite and lacking laughs is not all that fine. "Bullet..." does not even approach it. This show is offensive to: women; Catholics; Europeans, particularly Germans; animal lovers and anyone with sensibilities below those of Attila the Hun.
  • In 1986 ABC aired a subversive half hour situation comedy unlike any other called "Sledge Hammer!" A trenchant satire on tough guy law enforcement stereotypes, the young creator Alan Spencer sneakily filled the show with subversive political commentary while maintaining credible mystery plots. The comparisons to "Get Smart!" were well founded, but "Sledge" was darker and more twisted, especially for the times.

    Flash forward decades later and we have Spencer's latest offering, cable TV's limited run series "Bullet in the Face." This is a Canadian production which Spencer was brought in to retool and he took full advantage of the newfound liberties at his disposal. The series is seriously twisted and features a reprehensible main character acting as the hero. The direction isn't very inspired and many of the performances are over the top, but Spencer's wicked wit shines throughout.

    Spencer's scathing voice assails religion, conservatism and even Gilbert and Sullivan in a surreal provocative next to last episode. All those bemoaning how safe TV has become owes themselves to check out this bizarre six episode entry. And be forewarned, this is no ordinary half hour comedy. The violence is extreme and portrayed on par with most R rated feature films. I laughed, but was also disturbed by what I watched; particularly the episode wherein a teenager jacked up on energy drinks becomes a killer. The ending to that one must be seen to be believed.

    With headlines often proclaiming the latest act of violence in real life, it's bold to see a comedy daring to be this incendiary and crazed. While "Sledge Hammer!" is more widely loved, "Bullet in the Face" is the more risky endeavor. For lovers of offbeat TV, Alan Spencer remains someone to watch.
  • I was shown this series by a friend a little while ago and I was instantly hooked. With a quirky and dark humour that leaves me in peals of laughter how could I not continue watching? In fact I have re watched it twice now anticipating the next season to come. The one liners are quick and witty and they come thick and fast giving you a laugh a minute. The entire cast are brilliant in their roles but I feel I must mention both Max Williams and Eddie Izzard deliver their performances in insanely humorous style leaving me in stitches every time without fail. Keep writing Alan because I am dying for the next season and getting to see what my favourite socio- path does next. Full points on my score card for a very original, funny, and brilliantly cast show. If you have not watched this series yet I recommend you do so and prepare for rolling laughter.
  • This series is a MUST HAVE for any cult loving enthusiast...It has the most hilarious one liners . The actors all are perfect for the roles they play and well really there is not much to say but its a PLEASURE in mind sensations :) cant wait for another series of the humble folks in Bruteville <3 .. I myself would love to live within the realms of this once beautiful but now mental city ... the graphics are perfect to the eye, and the actors and actresses alike giving much pleasurable eye candy... It is a sensation for the Grey matter with both wit and sarcasm thrown in and disguised as aromatic humor ... as much like a perfect dinner this show never ceases to provide both tears to the eyes from laughter and wet groins from the increased laughter :) ... simply guys this is a must have for any1 that loves a laugh n great plot .... as for people such as Mr Cinnyaste ... they have no concept of truly great dark black comedy at its finest... as my mother once told me if u have nothing nice to say then keep ur mouth hushed .... THIS MOVIE IS A CULT CLASSIC, N WILL BE AROUND FOR A LONG TIME ... SIMPLE A GEM THAT MUST BE WATCHED
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have to admit - I knew nothing about the show. Had I known Sledgehammer's creator was behind this, I would have watched it much sooner. This show is funny as all get out. Lots of dark humor. I do not see how this could be offensive as another person stated! I registered here just to post this review - a MUST see!

    Basically, a criminal is shot in the face and is saved by the "good guys" and he had a face transplant from the cop he shot and killed. Now he must wear that face and go around as a cop - the fact that he is an insane genius really makes this worth watching.

    I hope it gets more seasons :)
  • BULLET TO THE FACE by Alan Spencer is a work of art, brilliantly written, and magnificently cast. I'm looking forward to more by Mr. Spencer as I grew up watching Sledgehammer, and am equally entertained by his recent work!!! I can't think of any series I can watch over, and over, but this one I can watch a Thousand times and still enjoy it. I have gone as far as to show clips of Bullet to an old friend who has been a main stream movie producer in Hollywood for over Thirty Years, and he agrees Alan Spencer has an incredible talent. I can watch Bullet over, and over so in all this being said I not only applaud the creative talents of Mr. Spencer, but impatiently await the release of his next project.