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  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a refreshingly slick thriller, director Abhinay Deo has quite a cast to work with for his Crime Scene Investigation – 'Game', which keeps announcing that 'it's a game...'. Yes, we get the point. There are shades of the Akhtars being in charge of writing some of the story especially in the second half. While Game offers many twists in its investigative second half that differs from the first (which deals with a conspiring meeting of distinct individuals on a Greek Island), its back stories and meandering sub-plots tend to take the Game all over the place. Nevertheless, it does make up a decent Sunday afternoon DVD rental.

    Four strangers from different parts of the world are summoned by the reclusive business magnate Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher) to his private island in Greece where he offers to help them in their crisis weary lives. After a welcome by Kabir's assistant Samara (Gauhar Khan), they are all greeted by Malhotra who reveals stories about each one's dark past and accuses them of being a part of his daughter's life and death. He also warns them of the impending arrival of the International Vigilance Team that will look into the proofs he provides against each of them the next day. But morning brings with it a shocking event that triggers a series of twists, sub-plots and mysteries that unfold before the intrigued viewer.

    Boman Irani plays the Thai Prime Ministerial candidate Ramsay, who keeps more secrets than the number of pills that subside his high blood pressure. His portrayal as the sinister politician is the film's dark element. Jimmy Shergil plays the popular bollywood actor Vikram Kapoor whose guilty conscience disturbs him enough to cause his films to flop. His is an insignificant character to whom one cannot really relate to or even empathize with. The alcoholic journalist Tisha Khanna (Shahana Goswami) is the other inconsequential revelation as Malhotra's second daughter, the twin sibling of the murdered Maya. One may wonder where she disappeared in the second half. Neil Menon (Abhishek Bachchan) is a casino owner and drug peddler based in stunning Istanbul where he falls in love with Maya and subsequently loses her to an accident. The film's surprise element is Abhishek's character and he does enjoy this exciting twist. Kangana Ranaut as the investigating officer looks determined but hardly credible. Sarah-Jane as Maya plays a brief role, looks good in some scenes but the characterization for her failed to draw any emotions from the viewer.

    With each unfolding mystery, the story keeps throwing more twists that keep the suspense alive. Unlike the C.I.D. Mysteries where analysis reveals all new characters or observation, the story tellers manage to keep it all secretive till the very end while the analysis by investigators reveals facts that were depicted in front of us which we may overlook. This is one of the intriguing aspects of the film's story telling that tends to impress. Surely, it has something to do with Javed Akhtar's skills that gave us so many thrillers in the 70's. Unfortunately, the film is not quite balanced overall. The numerous sub-plots, poorly scripted characters and direction that did not do justice to the story, all bring mediocrity to a well written plot. The film could've been a genuinely fun Game to play along but it simply lost focus in the middle and was left upon Abhishek to hold it together.

    Shankar Ehsaan Loy's score is average with only the end credits song 'Kaun hai ajnabi' being worthy of a download.

    If the story was the backbone of this film, the cinematography was its beautiful face. Istanbul has been depicted in all its splendour with slick shots from rooftops and its Bosphorus strait showcasing the city's fine architecture.

    Game is a slick looking thriller with a good amount of twists that engage the viewer for some time. Its problems of lengthy back-stories and poor characterization tend to disrupt the steady flow of informative investigation but blame that on its inexperienced director. Too bad for Abhishek though as he had a role to capitalize on; had everything else been done right around him. It still is worthy of the home video rental if not the expensive movie theater outing. Watch it for the stylish camera work through Greece and Turkey and to engage your mind into a murder mystery that will keep you guessing.....

    7.011 on a scale of 1-10.
  • If you are an intelligent/open minded person, go watch this is a stunning movie that will keep you focused on the screen. ( relative to bollywood standard)

    Do NOT watch this movie if you fulfil one of the following criterias: (1) You have a very low threshold for humor and find dumb comedies like golmaal 3/ready/tees maar khan funny. (2) You find primitive unoriginal movies like dabangg a superhit (3) You go to cinema just to whistle and dance at every move of your favourite actor. (4) You don't like I am kalam & Chillar party and you prefer "bhoot uncle"

    P.S The problem does not lie with bollywood but with the audience..

    Bollywood wants to take it to the next level but the audience is stuck in its old era.....
  • saba21153 April 2011
    It has become a practice with some of our so-called movie "critics" to pick holes in every movie they watch and critique. This could be a way of justifying what they do to earn their daily bread but sometimes it's for the sake of being "critical". So negative reviews by "critics" have been very irritating because I saw most people in the audience enjoying the movie.

    I am not suggesting GAME is fabulous but I will say it's fun to watch. For one thing it is slick. The frames, the locales, the settings-- all are glossy and very urban (which is why this film cannot be a huge nation wide hit). Abhishek looks very good. I think Gauhar Khan deserves a mention here. She acted well. Kangana needs diction lessons.

    I liked the film because it ran well. I wasn't thrilled by the music (Shankar et al have been churning out lackadaisical music for a while now) but I enjoyed watching stuff that was so un -Dabangg like. I am getting tired of watching that Eastern UP rustic tripe-- a bandwagon that every film maker now wants to climb on, post Dabangg.

    I wish Farhan Akhtar had tweaked the script a little more to make it tighter with no sags. But, no problems. Chalta hai. This is Bollywood and not every film is aspiring to go to the Oscars!
  • Movie is really a blast...

    Bollywood took almost 3 years to produce a good film after 3 Idiots....

    A very enjoyable movie, love the story, characters are placed very well, Abhishek Bachan was awesome in the movie, but Kangna Ranawat wasn't up to the mark, Jimmy Shergil was also quite weak this time.

    Anupam Kher was also not fully into the character but overall great job by Abhinay Deo and Farhan Akhtar and his gang....

    Movie's going to keep you intact till the end of it because of its strong script. If movie wouldn't have been released in Worldcup times, it would have done much better in its opening days.

    I like these kinda movies, don't really know about others.
  • 5/10??? You have to be kidding me.

    I don't write many reviews here, but I have to write this one. This movie is incredibly underrated. Maybe it's because the Indian audience doesn't appreciate this type of whodunit story? I guess this is the reason for this poor rating.

    Because the movie has a nice cinematography and direction, good actors and a very good screenplay.

    Someone here wrote that "It looks pale, boring and even funny in front of today's TV Crime thrillers such as C.S.I". This had me rolling my eyes heavenward.

    "Game" is an Agatha Christie type of mystery, and in this particular genre it is a REAL success. Of course, if you expect something like CSI, you won't like Game, but that's *your* fault, and not the movie's.

    I really hate it when some people don't understand a movie and then write that it's crap. Argh!!
  • Abhinay Deo's 'Game' is just another one of those pathetic attempts at creating a 'stylish' whodunnit. Even though the stupid twists and turns are not as absurd as in the usual Bollywood whodunnits, it's still quite bad. Not surprisingly, it's full of clichés.All the characters are lacking in depth. 'Game' tries to be slick but the pacing is dreadful. There are so many scenes that just drag on and the slow motion, well, Bollywood movies should stop using that altogether. The flashbacks are repetitive and the background score is awful. The songs range from abysmal to forgettable. Abhishek Bachchan delivers yet another horrendous performance. His attempt to play cool, smart and charming is laughable. Kangana Ranaut is just as bad. She's mostly just doing the smell-the-fart act with her lips pursed. Shahana Goswami looks hot but she is wasted as is Jimmy Shergill. Boman Irani is loud and annoying as usual. On the plus side, 'Game' does capture the beauty of the locations it was shot in. Obviously, a lot of money has been thrown into this. Istanbul definitely looks appealing. So Turkey could use this movie to attract tourists.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    -Just saw Game .As a suspense thriller it works only in patches .I could actually predict the killer five minutes after the murder.Also the pacing is quite slow with boredom setting at several points in the narrative .The biggest drawback of the film is its music .It makes the entire film tedious.Yet the film engages you in parts .Especially the second hour is filled with many twist and turns .Like The entire episode when Boman's business gets exposed or when the true identity of Abhishek is revealed .The interaction between Abhi and Kangana is quite subtle yet funny.

    The film is fairly stylish with never seen locales of Greece and Istanbul .Abhishek is in form .He looks dashing as well .Kangana is good and the minimal make up is such a huge relief.Sarah Jane Dias does not register much impact.Jimmy Shergill is quite watchable .Boman Irani does well .Overall this is just another Friday release .An average watch!
  • In the present times when we have some outstanding and well directed crime & mystery serials being served in our homes on daily basis, it becomes very tough to come up with an equally great film in the same genre. Hugely famous series such as C.S.I. has raised the standard of this genre to such heights which now seems to be quite unbeatable especially in our part of the world.

    And that's the major reason why GAME the latest flick starring Abhishek Bachchan in lead under the debut direction of Abhinay Deo fails entirely and is a great disappointment from its makers. The director seems to be a big fan of foreign thriller films, their production values and their cinematography. But in his awe of the western film-makers, he forgets about the major basic requirement of his project, which has to be a descent & an engaging script. It's not an easy job to make a Who Done It film today, because the people are so impatient that they at once want to jump to the last page (or climax) of the book to know the secret.

    Moreover a murder mystery has to be fast, interesting, entertaining and surprising all together in its short duration of 2 hours essentially. And in absence of any of these above mentioned elements you cannot win over the audiences, who already have much more solid stuff coming on their home televisions every day.

    Bollywood's old murder mysteries before the 80s had a fine blend of action, suspense, romance and comedy in them which still remain enjoyable till date. But we have lost that golden touch amongst today's glamour and grandeur, which is no doubt sad as well as unavoidable at the same time. So keeping the same framework in mind, GAME also tries to put everything together in one pot which unfortunately makes the dish completely distasteful and a waste. The film neither has got the required pace nor the excitement which is a must for a film made in this particular genre.

    Starting with the same kind of setup as seen in the recent LUCK and the oldieSHALIMAR, it takes off nicely but then goes too slow and becomes boring within the first 40 minutes itself. The story developments are not able to engage you at all and one keeps waiting for something great to happen on the screen right till the climax. In short, nothing in GAME impresses you and post intermission one simply feels like wasting his time in the theater helplessly. The songs are all below average with a little relief provided by the background score. Cinematography capturing all the foreign outdoors is excellent, but if the director thinks that by only showing some great virgin locations and stunning chase sequences he can win over the viewers, then he really needs to work upon his art a lot more. In simple words, we are there in the theater for the film and its entertainment but not for some tourist site seeing on the big screen. Besides the characters moving within Mumbai, Bangkok, Istanbul with such an ease and in a STAR-TREK kind of time frame is quite bizarre.

    Then there are some huge problems in the casting and performance department of the film. Like I simply coudn't understand what was there in the script, especially written for any of its four ladies. First of all Sarah Jane Diaz does nothing other than some Skin Show and changing costumes in her debut movie. Secondly, Kangna as an international police detective looks like a big misfit who overacts and also puts in a lot of visible effort to deliver her dialogues in English. Thirdly, Gauhar Khan is fine but she is only there in the start and end of the movie, taking a leave in between. And lastly Shahana Goswami, the most talented among the four is completely wasted by the director in a very silly manner.

    Coming to the men in GAME, surprisingly here too we have a lot of talent wasted by the writers because they don't have anything great to give to any of the talented males in the script. Jimmy Shiergill is only there for the namesake and doesn't even have some descent dialogues. Boman Irani for the first time does it over the top with a lot of shouting than acting. Both Mohan Kapur and Benjamin Gilani have only one or two scenes.

    Among the big ones, Anupam Kher doesn't get any scope in the script and is only dressed well in his opening scene. But I have some serious advice to give to Abhishek Bachchan. In this competitive world, if you only concentrate on your performance and don't care about the other aspects of film-making, like its script, direction and story progression, then you do need to give it a second thought urgently. Abhishek's performance in the film is fine, but as I said earlier who goes to watch a film for only one performance or for only its cinematography? Yes, In India, we do go for a film if it has some HIT songs, but not if it only has some worth watching solo-act, photography or good foreign locations. So, Abhishek desperately needs to work on his choice of films, his directors and in clear words should stop saying yes to the projects put forward by some dear friends and acquaintances.

    Summing up, I would like to add that don't go for this movie only looking at its inviting title assuming that it will offer some real cunning games for your thinking mind. Instead go for the English Flick with a similar title "THE GAME" starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn which will sure give your grey cells a real tough time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    saw "Game" the movie... its even funnier than "FALTU"... the funniest part of the film is that Kangana is a cop the next level is even more funny... Abhishek is a Casino owner... oops a drug dealer... a person whom Mafia wants to kill... and finally turns out to be a "UNDERCOVER Cop".. ain't that funny now.. the story is pathetic.. Finally the so called suspense of the which you can guess when they 1st arrive at the island is so predictable that you would just like to leave the theater... I had no choice but to sit till the end :(

    This movie was definitely made with an intension to make a better thriller and suspense. But this really turn out to be a disaster and with star cast like Abhishek and Kangana who are still learning needs to have more of better actors like Boman...

    SO here you go... there is a complete NO NO from my side to watch this one.. unlike FALTU... even that has a foolish story line.. but it turned out to be an unpredictable COMEDY...

    So instead inventing such games... please make more FALTU movies going ahead
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I recall this being the in-flight movie when I was on a plane to Bangalore once. It was the longest flight of my life. This film fails on every level. The acting is wooden and over-the-top. The characters are empty vessels that will become anything that the story needs them to become at any particular time. And the plot is one of the most incoherent and nonsensical I have seen in my life.

    The film begins with a wealthy man by the name of Kabir Malhotra inviting several individuals of importance along with a reporter to his home on the Greek island of Samos. He explains that one of them is responsible for selling one of his daughters into child prostitution, which means that the only reason he invited the other individuals is to make sure that the film has the suspense that it needs. In addition he informs us that the reporter who he invited is the twin sister of his daughter. This, of course, is meant only to make the audience gasp, as it adds absolutely nothing to the story.

    This is how the story begins. After this we see the character Neil Menon, played by Abhishek Bachchan, morph from casino owner, to drug smuggler, to undercover cop in a matter of fifteen minutes. He manages to kill of the rest of the rich people who were invited to Malhotra's house for no particular reason other than to add in a couple of action sequences and introduce his cop partner. During this time, the film manages to insert a flashback love story that played out between Menon and Malhotra's lost daughter, which ends up amounting to nothing. We also learn that Malhotra has been killed, which means that the original storyline is just simply dropped so we can find out who killed Malhotra. In the end, the story amounts to the cliché ending of: the guy was killed by his evil twin with the help of the butler. I'm not joking. This is actually what happened.

    This is easily one of the most awful films I have ever seen and is a massive waste of time. Do not watch this!!
  • 'Game' is slick and stylish. The visuals are unusual (Greece, Turkey et al) and cinematography impressive. The only problem is it tries too hard and doesn't have the goods to back up its efforts.

    The biggest shock is the character of Boman Irani- is he the prime ministerial candidate of, did I hear it correctly, Thailand? And that too with a shady past? The tone of the movie is one of seriousness- if that is the case then people would expect you to get such little details right.

    Another problem is poor casting. Abhishek Bachchan sleepwalks throughout the movie. There is a difference between acting cool and being lazy. He needs to work much, much harder. Sarah Jane Dias is simply horribly cast- one needed a bewitching persona to excel in such a role. Kangna Ranaut would have been better in Sarah's role- and ironically, vice versa is also true!

    The director and scriptwriter fail on multiple fronts. There is little surprise and only a handful of suspense for the viewer. The CID series does a better job of maintaining suspense and entertaining the audience, even if at a basic level.

    Overall, a case of promising big, deliver small- and this when I watched it on DVD!
  • manoj_rsb27 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Save yourself some time and watch another movie instead. As others have mentioned, quite wooden acting and amateur have directed edited the movie. Story has LOT of plot holes and audience is thought to be stupid to just buy whatever.. bomb doesn't disappear from the can! Crime scenes are thoroughly investigated, nobody would have rules kabirs death as suicide and posportm would have proved the time of death.. such stupid movie , complete waste of time
  • Very good concept, something new in Indian cinema and the story will keep you engaged. I would have given better stars but the execution was bad. The film had all the chances to be a 9 starer but the final part scenes were poorly executed. The fight against looked so easy.
  • Once again poor treatment ruined this movie which had a very good script. Everything else was very poor.Normally Kangana and Jimmy Shergill put in brilliant performances irrespective of the quality of the films in which they are acting, but even they were terrible in this movie. Anupam Kher and Abhishek were average while the balance of the cast were very poor. Once again unwanted songs along with very very poor direction reduced the quality of the picture tremendously. At best I would give it 5/10
  • 'Game' is A Decent Thriller! It doesn't leave you awe-struck, but its a good one-time watch, that has some engrossing moments & impressive performances working for it.

    'Game' Synopsis: A wealthy man invites four people to his private island to blame three of them for his daughter's sudden death. The next morning, the wealthy man is found murdered. The mystery begins...

    'Game' has an awesome first-hour, which despite being slightly slow-paced, has the power to engage you aptly. Sadly, the second-hour is not entirely impressive. The finale, in particular, doesn't work. The motive behind the villain's deeds, appears bland. How one wishes if the second-hour was as well-done as the first-hour!

    Althea Delmas Kaushal's Screenplay is power-packed in parts, but unimpressive other-wise. Abhinay Deo's Direction is top-class. Cinematography captures the foreign locales, stunningly. Editing is razor-sharp. Art & Costume Design are super. Action-Sequences are average.

    Performance-Wise: Abhishek Bachchan is in good form. He enacts the central protagonist with ease. Kangna Ranaut is perfect. Sarah-Jane Dias looks gorgeous & delivers a fair performance. Jimmy Shergill gets limited scope, but he's remarkable in his bit, as always. Boman Irani hams. Shahana Goswami is okay. Anupam Kher is striking, while Gauhar Khan leaves a mark.

    On the whole, 'Game' isn't perfection, but absorbing in parts nevertheless.
  • nevermind_8718 December 2011
    You will find it difficult to believe that this is from a production house which gave us movies like DCH and Lakshya. This is a whodunit which gets more and more ridiculous as the movie progresses. There is not much of a suspense as the twist in the end is something you guess as soon as the crime happens. Shot well in exotic locations but then that is all about Game offers.

    You have an Indian who owns a large island in Greece calling over an Indian who is a PM candidate in Thailand and an Indian who owns the largest casino in Turkey and 2 others to Greece and then spilling the dark secrets he has on them out. And the premise that movie starts off on ends there as it suddenly shifts track to a whodunit with a murder and the folks on the island being prime suspects. And after that the movie goes downhill and takes unbelievable short cuts. The guys buzz between different cities in the globe as if they are like 20 minutes away.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The script is the key. And it shows here again, that no amount of talent can rescue poor script. The movie has a stellar cast and impressive visuals/techniques and yet it fails miserably due to poor script. Some reviews puts it in to Agatha Christie genre and alleges it to be the reason people hate it. Well I am a great fan of Agatha Christie, and let me break it down - You don't understand Agatha Christie. Her hallmarks are uncomplicated plot, diminutive characters, amazingly simple setting, understanding of human behavior and a very high dose of logic and common sense. This movie on the other hand has a illogically complicated plot, sickeningly boastful and loud characters, incoherent setting, and a bizarre human behavior. Lets not even talk about logic and common sense. I am surprised that none of the people (and big names indeed) associated with this movie bothered to read the script to see how comical (not in a good way) and logically inconsistent it is. This is only possible if they are either stupid or were distracted or drunk while reading the script (if they ever read it). This movie builds an expectation of delivering a smart and suspenseful plot from the synopsis. However, I was surprised how quickly/early that illusion was shattered. And the movie is a comical drag after that. Few of the things that are likely to give you good laughs - 1) The movie gives impression that Hindi speaking Indians are dominating the Thai politics. The fact is that Indians make up just .008% of Thai population. While it may be theoretically possible, its utterly improbable that a loud criminal who plots in Hindi with a side kick would ever do it. 2) International Vigilance or whatever it is seems to be based in every country but has only Indians speaking in Hindi during work. The Police force that has sweeping international jurisdiction does not exist even in theory. Interpol is just an administrative liaison; they have to contact local police force for the actual job. 3) DNA sequencing gels floating around on flat screen panels in cop's office? Well cops just get the drab report. Even technicians in the crime lab don't stare at gels on flat screen. Software does that job. 4) A modern sophisticated police force with sweeping powers cannot determine whether there was firecracker blast in the trash bin???? Firecrackers don't disappear after bursting. Even a kid can detect one. A firecracker blast would not leave a calm burning flame in trash can. It would force the contents out the bin and there would be a mess with no flame in all likelihood. 5) They invoked an evil twin but evil twin does not try to do the obvious, kill and replace replace himself with the billionaire quietly. Well, I can go on and on but its pointless. You can watch the movie and figure out yourself....... Some people may like the movie despite any number of glitches, but please don't insult Agatha Christie to defend it.
  • The makers have ensured "Game" has all the ingredients a suspense thriller should encompass - style, sleek and surprises. Sadly there are not in palatable proportions, therefore as the plot thickens the content starts to give away the weight. The premise perhaps is an interesting read but translating it to a nail-biting viewing experience requires smart directorial sensibilities and precisely here Abhinay Deo spills the beans of a newcomer leading to an amateur end product. Additionally the end hardly makes you jump out of the seat as the breadcrumbs are so prominently highlighted in the narrative that the audience is denied of playing guessing game.

    ᴥ Junior B:: Suave & confident with some great tongue-in-cheek lines.

    ᴥ Sarah Jane Dias:: Her character though central to the premise hardly leaves an impact owing to the soul-less performance.

    ᴥ Kangana:: Attempt clearly inspired by Lara Croft which sadly falls flat. Her body language and expressions don't really pull off the feat. Bipasha perhaps?

    ᴥ Anupam Kher & Boman Irani:: Reliable as usual.

    ᴥ Jimmy Shergill, Shahana Goswami & Gauhar Khan:: Hardly any meat in the role.

    Songs hardly register. The inflated production costs are owing to the unwarranted foreign locales. The best thing about "Game" is the editing which has ensured the length is no more than audience staging a walkout.

    "Race" is an ideal benchmark on how a suspense thriller should be delivered.

    PS: Under the watchful supervision of Mr. Perfectionist it wouldn't be a surprise if Abhinay reclaims lost ground in his next outing (Delhi- Belly).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The presence of some of my favourite Hindi cinema actors (Anupam Kher, Kangana Ranaut, Shahana Goswami, Boman Irani, Jimmy Shergill & Abhishek Bachchan) will not stop me from calling out this film as a major suck- fest with a flashy budget. So what if they got to shoot on a private Island in Greece, got shuttled around in pricey looking speedboats and private jets and some characters got to ride about in BMW sports cars, none of that improves on the fact that the film was poorly written, averagely acted and woefully directed. Don't get me wrong, the concept of a whodunit set in the middle of a scenic private Island in Europe was brilliant enough. I think the writers then got way ahead of themselves and started all sorts of additional senseless sub-plots, twists and turns that in the long run helped turn a great idea on the page into a ridiculous one on celluloid. The normally on-point Ranaut looked in some scenes like she was ten seconds away from actually scratching her head in confusion. Oh! And the dumb love story between Bachchan's character and newcomer Sarah Jane Dias was forced and unbelievably corny at best. Watch this only if you're a fan of one of the stars and you feel the need to say you've watched everything they've ever starred in.
  • This is my first review in imdb, and I had to review this as this is an underrated movie. I watched it today and the story was gripping throughout.
  • Sometimes Bollywood has some good stories to tell. However, most directors mess up the story. Game is one of those films with a good plot but poor story telling.

    Game starts off brilliantly. A billionaire invites 4 people to his island. One is going to be the future PM of Thailand. The 2nd a Turkish drug lord. 3rd..a successful Bollywood actor. And, finally 4th, a woman journalist. Each are connected in some way to the billionaire's illegitimate daughter who is dead. And he wants revenge from the 3 men. But the twist is that the billionaire is found dead next morning. Who killed him is the crux ?

    However, it is from this point that the movie collapses so badly that actors like Bachchan, Ranaut, Shergill and Irani can't save this film. From Kher's revenge story, it becomes Bachchan's revenge story. The big twist of Bachchan as an under cover Interpol officer falls flat.

    And the biggest weak link is the casting of Sarah Dias as the main lead. She is a very pretty lady in spite of her dusky complexion. But man she can't act. You don't fell sorry for her at all.

    The performances are average. Bachchan and Ranaut try to look cool as cops but don't have the charisma to pull it off in this flick. The rest of the cast is serviceable.

    I suggest that this movie should be shown in film schools across the world for film students to learn how not to waste a good story.