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  • A lyrical mystery, following Yoo-jin Choi (Seung-Ryong Ryu), a hard-bitten television producer, as he pursues a lead from an applicant for an internship: A death-row fugitive is captured as he eats a bowl of so delicious, so fragrant, both he and the arresting detectives are held in thrall until he finishes and they can capture him without a struggle.

    Choi discovers that the stew was made by a mysterious young woman, Jang Hye-jin (Yu-won Lee), and begins a transformative quest to learn the recipe. No spoilers here, just a recommendation to seek out this movie about true love, honest craft, and the aura of the unique.
  • tears of love

    No one in Hollywood would ever make a movie like this, let me explain why.

    First they would need to have thorough knowledge on how something is made and take time on the acquisition of each item that makes up the whole. A Hollywood movie would not do this, it takes time and research, they would fill that space in with violence and body counts.

    While going over each ingredient, they would have to then come up with plausible ways in which each one is unique and special, more violence over creative script here

    The romance involves two people who are master craftsmen (crafts people I guess), and they combine their expertise knowledge in a way that is an extension of their growing love. Hollywood would fill these minutes in with gratuitous sex scenes, since I guess no one in the USA who does script writing or script reading actually knows what real love is really based on. Well the makers of this movie do

    So thats why I give this a ten, because this movie would never be made as a mainstream flick here in the us, and I appreciate all the thought and research that went into this script, thank U South Korea.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I still can't stop my tears... Just imagining how the most trivial thing - food, can open the most beautiful story of love before the audience's eyes... Two of my favourite actors made this movie unforgettable for me... The style of romance... the director could be only a woman... such soft and tender scenes made me have butterflies in my stomach... And, please, could somebody tell me who is the author of the score and where I can get it from, cause the music is heavenly... And for the last scene... The journalist is telling the audience the ingredients of the doenjang, he lists the food, the flowers... and lastly the tears... The way of making... Waiting and waiting... The last scene... a tear falls and dries... leaving salt... and the music...