• WARNING: Spoilers

    When soldier Dave Carew (Darnell Coney) gets discharged from the army, he comes home to a place much different than when he left it. A new drug called Pink Powder has taken over the neighborhood. The supplier of this drug is Pinky (J.M. "Jerkinz" Smith), a menacing character who terrorizes the city.

    Shortly after his return, Dave gets his old job back as a salesman and must sell a product called Erect. Erect is a pink pill used for erectile dysfunction that prolongs erections for up to 48 hours. Dave struggles to sell the product along with finding what he truly wants, his "soul mate."

    As the cops begin to clean the streets of Pink Powder, Pinky must find another way to distribute it. She decides to use Dave as her pawn by disguising Pink Powder as Erect. The more Dave sells, the more harm he causes the neighborhood. This includes outrageous characters, including Litter Box (Pat Augustus Gilbert), an old lady allergic to cats but has over a dozen of them; No Dick Allen (Terron Jones), Dave's best friend, who gets his penis sliced off from an encounter with Pinky; and Lew the Jew (Luis M. Torres III), Dave's spiritual mentor.

    Once Dave finds out what the new Erect really is, he must do what others have failed to do.. Get Rid of Pinky. This hilarious comedy proves that some things are never as they seem.