Roy Mustang: By the way Fullmetal, that wasn't a human transmutaion was it?

Edward Elric: He didn't die. Julia restored him from the tiny bit of life he had remaining, using the Star of Blood and her own body.

Roy Mustang: I see. Life that has been lost cannot be brought back. That very truth is what shows us the meaning and value of living.

Lt. Colonel Herschel: The Star is born. It's finally time to bury this loathsome valley forever. We're standing on the edge of a new world. Alright, Graz, blow the tunnel!

Graz: Right, initializing the explosion.

Lt. Colonel Herschel: The time has come.

[Herschel disconnects himself from his tubes]

Graz: What's that, Colonel?

Lt. Colonel Herschel: From here on out, I'll handle this personally.

Lt. Colonel Herschel: That was an impressive job you did transmuting the star. You asked who I am. Don't you remember me, Atlas?

Melvin Voyager: Can't be. Not you!

Lt. Colonel Herschel: [Herschel reveals his disfigured face to Melvin/Atlas] Yes. Before you peeled off my face, people knew me as Ashleigh Crichton.

Julia Crichton: My brother, Ashleigh?

Lt. Colonel Herschel: There isn't a day goes by that I don't think about what you did to me.

[flashback to years ago]

Lt. Colonel Herschel: You stripped the skin from my face and under my arm. But I found the Sanguine Star that my parents had kept for their research. By using it's power, I was able to survive.

[back to present day]

Lt. Colonel Herschel: You were supposed to protect us, Atlas. instead, you MURDERED by parents!

Melvin Voyager: Damn you, I've come so far!

Lt. Colonel Herschel: [Gripping Melvin/Atlas's face] You can apologize to them in the afterlife.

[Fries Atlas's head with alchemy]

Lt. Colonel Herschel: Well, well, an Amestrian officer has come calling

Edward Elric: Unfortunately for you, the ruins of Milos has been destroyed.

Lt. Colonel Herschel: You've been busy, haven't you. No matter. I've memorized the transmutation circle for the star. All I have to do is rebuild it.

Edward Elric: What are you planning to do with the star? Why do you want it?

Lt. Colonel Herschel: I'll use it to open the Doorway of Truth. And then, I will establish a new order. A world nobody has ever seen before! It will be my ultimate achievement. Truth is the only thing worth striving for, and I shall master it! Now, Julia, don't you want to join me?

Edward Elric: Shut up already! What do you think you've become some kind of god now? You've swallowed the star and in return it's consumed your soul. It's time for you to wake up!

Lt. Colonel Herschel: Hmph! That's rich coming from someone who violated the taboo!

Lt. Colonel Herschel: You fool! You can't possibly understand the unbearable pain I've had to live with!