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  • This odd movie of a collection of even more odd people selling their bodies for drug experimentation probably has some truth in it's plot line.

    The big pharma clinic looks like a hospital and experiments on animals and humans. Billy needs cash for debts, others are there for ulterior motives, others are because it's their only way to live. The staff is heartless and uncaring. The director is more interested in his personal project than he is interested in operating 'the clinic'.

    Told in a most surreal way 'the greens' or 'the normals' experience the effects of the drugs - some real others a placebo. Or are they reacting to this confined and bitter environment they must live in. Then the unexpected happens and Billy finds himself being offered a great deal of money!

    This is a fun movie not so much a funny movie. And I dare say in todays world there is most likely an element of truth within the story.
  • ppkbpeskwirlness28 January 2013
    I thought it was pretty good actually, definitely worthwhile. The story wasn't completely predictable which is a breath of fresh air, the characters were interesting, likable and laughable. I particularly enjoyed the oddities, I mean who doesn't find a group of possibly schizophrenic people interesting. The feature that attracted me was the idea of a drug trial. It is not a very focused thing in society despite it happens quite often to many people. I was looking for a bit of insight into the subject, not matter if it was a fact based story or not, it is an interesting idea no matter how presented. Although I didn't leave the movie with a vastly valuable new piece of knowledge or perspective, I did enjoy the ride and found it pleasantly compelling. I would probably watch it again :)