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  • I wasn't familiar with this animation prior to buying seasons one and two on DVD, and I found it for a great bargain price on Amazon.

    Having seen both seasons now, I can honestly say that the series started out quite nicely. Season one was exciting and quite good, especially because of all the fights and huge monsters (Megalos) that were in the first season. And the first season is well-worth watching. But then season two came afterwards, and it was a drastic change of pace and events. Where season one was action-packed and exciting, season two turned into a daytime sitcom instead. In season two gone were the constant fights and huge monsters. Season two is still enjoyable and watchable, but it is a major step down from season one.

    The characters in "Is This a Zombie of the Dead?" (aka "Kore wa zonbi desu ka?") are all lovable, detailed, rich in personality and details, full of energy, individualistic entities and all important to the storyline.

    The series should be watched in the original Japanese language. I never opt for a dubbed language track if the original language track is available. And true to the Japanese Mangas, the language track is as wacky as the animation itself.

    I started out very much enjoying the episodes in season one, but hand on Heart I must say that season two brought the series down into mediocrity, which was a real shame.

    A fun series that has lots to offer, just a shame that season two became an anchor around the series and dragged it notoriously down into mediocrity. There are some great moments throughout the series, both in season one and two. Worth a Watch, for sure, just take into consideration that season two is nothing like season one.
  • "I'm am well aware of the ridiculousness of the situation"

    Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka, or "Is This a Zombie?" has a very strange premise, that consistently mocks how silly it is. Which is half the point really.

    The base premise is a High School student is killed by a murderer by being stabbed with a katana, and is resurrected by a Necromancer as a zombie which is only a zombie in name. Basically, it means he is weak to the sun, cannot be killed in any way (although its assumed disintegrating his body might work) and can release the barriers of the human mind in order to make himself super strong. Soon, a Masou Shoujo shows up, a pun of Mahou Shoujo, meaning Magical Girl, and accidentally turns the zombie into a cross-dressing magical zombie. He soon gathers himself a himself a respectably sized harem and goes to fight demons.

    No really, that is the legit plot; that is entirely the point. The anime revels in how silly the situation for the most part, but eventually spends a few episodes on a far more serious arc which honestly, was the worst part. The anime does not succeed in being serious, but is brilliant when it is being over the top, insane and loaded with fan service. (Guess how many times the Masou Shoujo gets up skirted or a panty shot or goes naked in the first episode)

    It really felt like the writers didn't know what made the anime so enjoyable for the majority of the anime and actually thought the plot or characters were good and well written. (So many cliché Tsundere's)

    In terms of soundtrack, its fairly mediocre, with a pretty boring opening and closing. Animation is alright, nothing amazing, (except on the incredible animation of those highly detailed panty shots) but totally acceptable for whats going on.

    The final episode is a strange one however, as it is basically an episode about shoving as much fan service into an episode as physically possible, and after it JUST ended a dramatic and serious arc, its quite bewildering.

    Regardless, an enjoyable anime that I would recommend if you just want a silly time and some fun, but don't expect good characters or plot. That is nowhere to be found here.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A young lad who is killed by a magical nymph, is revived by a necromancer named Yuu. He is then her guard to protect her at all costs. Yet in his adolescent mind, all he thinks about is how to fantasize about his Savior. But during his revival, he realizes that he is a zombie, and made to combat anything in his path such as Megalos. Spirits who dwell on earth and are drawn to his powers. In the background is a new member named Hanura, a megalomaniac genius who thinks only her power is the best above all others. Except during a fight, Yuu's zombie interferes with her fight and absorbs her power. Now when she tries to transform to her genius stage, all she can do is gaze at her nakedness when her clothes disappear. Seeing as Yuu's zombie now has her power, he also has to wear the uniform Hanura previously had to wear which makes him a cross dressing zombie. This holds all aspects of humour mixing with fight scenes and multiple deaths for the zombie, Aikawa. Seeing as he cannot die anyway, begins to understand his role on how to protect Yuu. But in the midst of this chaotic conundrums, is a vampire ninja who wants nothing more than to wipe out Aikawa, using her special secret sword skills. But Aikawa prevails and defeats her which then makes this new addition to the family even more complicated. Now Aikawa has a house full of girls who are beautiful, dangerous, and most of all rude to Aikawa at any point in each series. All except Yuu. The only thing wrong with this girl is her voice, anything she says would be catastrophic. No matter how trivial. If she says 'Die' you die. Which is why she remains silent at all costs. Her power is so raw and unbalanced, she has to wear Armour to keep it from escaping her body. Yet she still can have fun in her own silent way. Aikawa feels for her, but in a juvenile sense. Still to see this motley crew work together is something of a miracle. Nothing can stand in their way, all except the sun which Aikawa cannot stand. If he stays out too long, he dries like a prune. This is not a series for those under fourteen. It does have some graphic scenes of gore, but also vulgarity to a small point. Yet this adds to the comical sense of teen angst, even among those who are a genius, a necromancer, a vampire ninja, and a zombie. And also a Ramen girl who uses her special blends of Ramen soup to quell the Megalos. All in all, a really good series which can make you laugh and sometimes tug at your heart strings.
  • Sibeck_20 May 2020
    Hell yeah!! I finally saw a male panty shoot in a normal anime. One thing less I have to do before I die.
  • Pure dumb harem show, the jokes were not even funny and the characters were just unlikeable. I only saw this show because Ranker showed this as one of the funniest anime shows out there, they are 110% wrong. It was just diabolical.....
  • fazeelb19 February 2019
    I really love this show , hope ther will be a season 3