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  • niaz_islam31 October 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Vastadu Naa Raju is an odd movie to understand. I will explain it later. First thing first, I like Tapsee Pannu a lot she is one of the reason that I watched this film till the end. But I do not like Vishnu Manchu or his acting. Well that being said let's talk about the movie.

    Here actress loves his brother very much, although he is a known thug, murderer- which does not make any sense. And the entire movie is based on silly logic. Scriptwriter introduced new logic when he needs one. There is no back story. Such as minister's son suddenly wants to marry Tapsee out of no where.

    The entire movie revolves around a misunderstanding which was fine at first but they stretched it too much so it became rather pathetic. All in all not recommended.

    But if you like cheap humor, and movie story does not concern you that much then you might like it.
  • "For a complete comedy entertainer it is important to have a proper screenplay and the right kind of humor that can make the audience laugh. Though the plot is somewhat familiar, the screenplay was balanced and the script got its strength more from the writing and the presence of good actors with their performances. The first half goes with some scenes involving comedy and action but there is also some melodrama. It is the second half when the film actually picks up in terms of its entertainment and gives some enjoyable moments. The fight sequences were good and stunts were nice. Music and Background score are good."
  • Narasimha (Prakash Raj) is a rowdy who aspires to become a political leader with the blessings of home minister (Sayaji Shinde). Home Minister's son Ajay (Ajay) falls in love with Pooja (Tapsee) who is the sister of Narasimha. Home Minister promises MLA ticket to Narasimha if he marries his sister off to Ajay. Narasimha accepts the proposal. Venkatappa Naidu aka Venky (Vishnu) is an aspiring boxer who chills out with his friends. Due to certain misrepresentation Venky's family thinks that he is dating Pooja. Narasimha thinks that Pooja is dating Venky. Once the misunderstandings are cleared, the damage is already done by Narasimha to the family of Venky. The rest of the story is all about how Venky settles the score with Narasimha. Vishnu performance and Dialogue Delivery with timing is good in the movie. The songs are good to listen to and even watch. Brahmanandam resuscitates the happenings all through, and some humour with Prakash Raj also works out well.
  • Venky (Vishnu) is a happy go lucky young man and his dream is to become a Kick Boxing champion. A decent tale, the story begins with the youngster Venky (Vishnu) whose goal in life is to become a National level Kickboxing champion. And then there is Narasimha (Prakash Raj), a close associate to the Home Minister (Sayaji Shinde). Narasimha's aim is to become an MLA and he has a darling sister Pooja (Tapsee). He promises to get Pooja married to the HM's son Ajay (Ajay). The story takes a turn when few incidents happen which make Narasimha think that Pooja is in love with Venky. He attacks Venky's family and this enrages the protagonist. Highlights Songs and music Manchu Vishnu's dialogue on 'Andhra, Rayalaseema, Telangana Debba' during the fight sequence. Taapsee's glamour quotient.
  • Vishnu Manchu has positive body language in the movie and he is looking good. He changed his dialogue delivery a bit to suit the modulation of Mohan Babu. He has tried new steps in Dabidi Dibidi song and he is very flexible with his movements in this song. The fights in the movie are also well performed by him.

    First half of the movie is good. There is good entertainment in the second half which is aided by a few screenplay twists. However, the director goes for a predictable climax. The ending/climax is too lengthy. Plus points of the movie are interesting screenplay and entertainment in the second half.

    On a whole, Vastadu Naa Raju is a decent entertainer with commercial elements packed in it.